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by Sean Wright

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"New Wave of Speculative Fiction" edited by Sean Wright (a collection of new short stories) is brimming with quality writing, speculation about what might be, a mix of horror, fantasy and sci-fi, as well as some new twists on classic themes. "New Wave of Speculative Fiction" has a strong contemporary line up. Many of the authors are known for their vision and imagination, and for the quality of their prose. The stories Sean Wright has chosen for this book reflect the current demand for exciting writers prepared to break barriers and see this and other worlds with a fresh eye. The book has an international flavour with new and award-winning writers from USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the UK. It includes stories from Allen Ashley, Che Ballard, Gary Moeser, Lisa DuMond, Sian Orthello, Jeff Gardiner and Sean Wright. There's P. Grey's atmospheric 'Obituary', a new twist on the collector mentality; British Fantasy nominee Andrew Hook's masterpiece, 'Fen Shui', a disturbing tale of time travellling scientists; Michelle A. Ponto's fast-paced sci-fi thriller, 'Mission Rejected'; award-winning author, Michael Mirolla's 'Inside/Out', a strange, vibrant masterly story of what might be; British Fantasy Award winner for 2002, Paul Finch's suspenseful conspiracy tale, 'And the Rivers Ran Red to the Sea,' and bestselling author, Sam Mills' exquisitely clever 'Tic Tac Man.' Allen Ashley's slick short story "Black Forest Manoeuvres" examines myth and religion's possible importance in the future, Sian Orthello has a twisted take on vegetarianism in a cataclysmic future on 'Treasure Island'; Che Ballard's 'Thirst For Knowledge' brings a wicked note of hilarity and irony; Lisa DuMond dazzles us with her bizarre and beguilling 'Star Child'; Gary Moeser uses his scientific background to stunning effect in 'As Time Goes By', Jeff Gardiner's "The Curious" escorts us on a poetic journey of other worldly exploits, while Sean Wright's "The Numberist" takes God Himself to task.

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I've always cherished Dangerous Visions, an anthology edited by Harlan Ellison. I find it to be an extraordinary accomplishment in literature. I see it categorized as sci-fi, but I'm no sci-fi buff and its stories bear little resemblance to the Space Opera and Fantasy stories that one normally associates with the sci-fi genre. Instead, they are stories that focus on The Premise: a highly provocative and engaging idea that challenges the reader. While the premise isn't enough to carry an entire novel, in the hands of a skilled author it can make for an excellent short story, and Dangerous Visions is filled with just those kind of stories.

But, how to find another anthology in this vein? I came across the term "Speculative Fiction" which I think describes Dangerous Visions and encountered this book with that term in the title.

New Wave does indeed fit the Dangerous Visions mold. A series of stories, each based on a single premise which carries the narrative. Some futuristic (As Time Goes By), some metaphysical (The Curious), some suspenseful (Mission Rejected), some cautionary (The Rivers Ran Red to the Sea).

I was indeed very happy to find an anthology in the style of Dangerous Visions...happy to enough to overlook that the writing isn't up to the same level of its predecessor. Some are very well written (Obituary), others are not at the same level (Star Child). But, ultimately, with a book like this that aims to be provocative, it's important that it include some missteps. If it didn't, then the editor probably was playing it too safe. Any book that includes the mashup of ideas found in Black Forest Manoeuvres, is definitely keeping true to the spirit of Dangerous Visions.

Now at the end of the book, I'm pleased with having read it, in the sense that I feel like some interesting ideas were presented by skilled authors. All in all, a good collection of intriguing stories.
Even though this book was published 13 years ago, the central idea of a new wave of speculative fiction holds up today - 2018. These short stories encompass a wide range of ideas and ideologies, but fit well together as a whole, Allen Ashley "Black Forest Manoeuvres", Paul Finch's "And the Rivers ran Red" and Lisa DuMond's "Star Child" stories stand out for me. It also includes a super tale (Fen Shui) from notable indie author, Andrew Hook, and the 2005 British Fantasy Award short-listed, "The Numberist" from Sean Wright.
New Wave of Speculative Fiction: The What If Factor (Bk. 1) download epub
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