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by Gerald Bordman

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Gerald Bordman's American Musical Theatre has become a landmark book since its original publication in 1978

Gerald Bordman's American Musical Theatre has become a landmark book since its original publication in 1978. Gerald Bordman is the author of many books, including American Musical Theatre: A Chronicle, Jerome Kern: His Life and Music, and Days to be Happy, Years to be Sad: The Life and Music of Vincent Youmans.

American musical theatre : a chronicle. American musical theatre : a chronicle. Oxford : Oxford University Press. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Gerald Martin Bordman (September 18, 1931 – May 9, 2011) was an American theatre historian, best known for authoring the reference volume The American Musical Theatre, first published in 1978.

Gerald Bordman is the author of many books on theatrical history, including American Theatre: A Chronicle of Comedy and Drama, 1930-1969; Jerome Kern: His Life and Music; and the Oxford Companion to American Theatre (with Thomas Hischak). Richard C. Norton, a musical theatre archivist, historian and former producer, is the author of A Chronology of American Musical Theater (2002), an ALA Outstanding Reference Source.

Gerald Bordman's American Musical Theatre has become a landmark book since its publication in 1978. Also included are over a hundred musicals that were turn-of-the-century, cheap-priced touring shows which never played Broadway, but were the training ground for many theatre greats.

American Musical Theatre book. Authors Gerald Bordman and Richard Norton write an engaging narrative blending history, critical Hailed as "absolutely the best reference book on its subject" by Newsweek, American Musical Theatre: A Chronicle covers more than 250 years of musical theatre in the United States, from a 1735 South Carolina production of Flora, or Hob in the Well to The Addams Family in 2010.

American musical theatre: a chronicle. Bordman's exhaustive chronology traces the musical from its origins through the 1989-90 season, providing a delightful mix of history, criticism, and theatrical lore. Tam incelemeyi okuyun. About the Author: Gerald Bordman is the author of many books, including American Musical Theatre: A Chronicle, Jerome Kern: His Life and Music, Days To Be Happy, Years To Be Sad: The Life and Music of Vincent Youmans, and the trilogy comprising American Operetta, American Musical Comedy, and American Musical Revue.

American Musical Theatre: A Chronicle by Gerald Bordman is ready for immediate shipment to any location. Author Gerald Bordman. Publication Year 1978. Publisher Oxford University Press. This is a brand new book at a great price.

Gerald Bordman's American Musical Theatre has become a landmark book since its original publication in 1978

Gerald Bordman's American Musical Theatre has become a landmark book since its original publication in 1978.

This reference book covers all the musical shows ever staged on Broadway. The paperback edition is updated to include the most recent seasons.

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This relatively new book can actually keep me awake. This is a monthly chronicle, so every page has musical theater performances for more than a century. All the ups and downs of the American musical scene are revealed, oftentimes with surprising tongue-in-cheek humor.
Very nice book
Gerald Bordman's CHRONICLES (his Musical Theatre overview was merely the first - there is also an indispensable three volume look at the non-musical theatre in New York from 1869 to 1969; 1869-1914, 1914-1930 - a relatively thin volume but covering a very rich period between WWI and the great Depression, and 1930-1969; all back in the days when Broadway produced at least five to ten PLAYS for every musical!) are among the best light reference books on the detailed products of the New York stage there are. His works are unique in not only giving an assessment of the developing theatre scene, putting shows in a context of the world around them, but giving bare bones synopses of most shows to make them more than just cold titles in a record. Bordman has his biases among the more recent shows he has seen (the first edition of his MUSICAL THEATRE CHRONICLE was infamous for his opinion that it was only the low running cost of the recently opened smash hit A CHORUS LINE which would keep it on the boards since musical theatre goers couldn't be expected to care about listening to other people's problems!) but for the most part he tries for and achieves objectivity and a simple readability which puts him ahead of even the definitive (but long out of print) George C.D. Odell ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK STAGE for the early years of New York theatre (his AMERICAN MUSICAL THEATRE, A Chronicle, goes back to 1753). The chief criticism of Bordman is that he needs another update - to take his NON-Musical books (which only START at the date most earlier texts cite as the beginning of a uniquely American MUSICAL theatre) back as far as his Musical Theatre Chronicle (which only comes up to April of 1985 in the latest edition) and to bring all four books up as close as possible to the present day - or at least to the 2000-2001 Season.
I just finished reading all 821 pages of this book (no pictures), and am very proud of myself for having done so.
This reference book chronicles Musical Theatre in America, show-by-show, starting in 1757 (!) and reaching all the way to 2000. Paragraphs are given for each show and can be found in chronological order of their opening nights. Revivals are also discussed on their opening nights.
Despite the repetitive setup of the book's information, Bordman is able for the most part to write entertaining yet dense descriptions of the show's plot, hit songs, message, and overall run. Although he spends more time on Musical Theatre's great hits (the biggest hits get a full page or two), some of Bordman's best writing moments come during his descriptions of some of Broadway's awful flops.
Other reviewers of this book criticize that Bordman has less to say about musicals since 1960. I find this also to be true in some respects. In Bordman's defense, this is in part due to the decline in Broadway's quality in the 1970s and 80s. Bordman clearly comes from the camp of critics who feel that The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and Cats, while popular, are not as artistically relevant as Oklahoma! and Show Boat. Bordman is also no fanatic of Sondheim, as well, although he recognizes his lyric-writing genius. For these reasons, the book gets four stars.
Having read the entire book, however, I must say that I know a lot more about American Musical Theatre than I did before, and probably know more by reading this book than by reading any other. For libraries this book is a MUST have. It's not cheap, but neither is any other 900-page hardcover book. If you are looking for the ultimate reference on American Musical Theatre, this is it.
In a reference book covering virtually every musical to open on Broadway through the 1989 season, Bordman provides opening dates and theatres for each show.

Unfortunately, Bordman comes across as stuffy old professor who doesn't much like his subject matter. He feels the Broadway musical reached its peak with ROSE MARIE (1924), has little use for the advances in book writing made by Oscar Hammerstein, and has a major dislike of Stephen Sondheim. He downplays the major advances in musical theatre made in the 1970s by Hal Prince, Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett, and others. He also takes an annoying condescending approach to most serious musicals preferring the fun and frivolity of the operettas and musical comedies of the 1920s. Of course the author is entitled to his opinion, but the book would be more useful if he delved more deeply into the reasons why this type of entertainment has changed, instead of just bemoaning the changes.

While it is somewhat useful to have the key data in one volume, the stuffiness or the writing, the lack of insight and the fact that the book is now 15 years out-of-date render it less than essential.
If you love musical theatre works from 1866 thru 1960 - this is the book for you. Exhaustively researched. However, if you never ended the affair, and love Sondheim, Coleman, Fosse, Kander & Ebb, Champion, Lapine, Tune, Bennett, McNally, Herman, Hamlisch, Patinkin, Peters and LuPone - well, this probably ISN'T the book for you. The first 100 years are wonderfully detailed. Six paragraphs on "Show Boat" alone. Great. However, the author seems to have lost interest in his subject matter. The greatest shows of the past forty years are lucky to get a single paragraph. The last sections of the book feel passionless and rushed, the reportage at best perfunctory. It's too bad that someone like Ethan Mordan couldn't revisit and revise these decades. $ - wow! Listen, buy a used copy of the first edition (it goes up to 1978), than look for some of Mordan's books or Ken Mendelbaum's "Not Since Carrie."
Excellent reference work. Norton's update is reader-friendly, erudite and pithy like Bordman's original.
American Musical Theatre: A Chronicle download epub
Author: Gerald Bordman
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Language: English
Publisher: Oxford University Press; First edition (October 26, 1978)
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