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by George Eclls,Anita O'Day

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Wow, this book did NOT disappoint.

Only 6 left in stock (more on the way). Wow, this book did NOT disappoint.

High Times, Hard Times book. Anita O'Day, George Eells. Her prose is as hip as her music.

George Eells, author and playwright, began his career as a freelance reader for Hollywood film studios

George Eells, author and playwright, began his career as a freelance reader for Hollywood film studios. Eells wrote The Life that Late He Lead: A Biography of Cole Porter, for which he received the ASCAP Deems Taylor Award. He went on to write a total of eight biographies.

Written with George Eells, whose other books have included a Cole Porter biography and a collaboration with Ethel Merman, it is one of the most revealing personal histories of the jazz life ever written.

Find sources: "Anita O'Day" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (August . O'Day, Anita; Eells, George (1981). High Times Hard Times.

Find sources: "Anita O'Day" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (August 2018) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Anita O'Day (born Anita Belle Colton; October 18, 1919 – November 23, 2006) was an American jazz singer widely admired for her sense of rhythm and dynamics, and her early big band appearances that shattered the traditional image of the "girl singer". During this time her working trio included Chicagoan George Finley on drums, father of noted performance artist Karen Finley. After kicking the habit, she made a comeback at the 1970 Berlin Jazz Festival.

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High times, hard times. O'Day, Anita; Eells, George. O'Day, Anita, Singers.

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High Times Hard Times. This is jazz vocalist (or song stylist as she prefers) Anita O’Day’s story told in her own words. Although dedicated to her craft and highly respected as an innovator, O’Day’s use of alcohol and marijuana in her early years led to a fourteen-year heroin addiction which played havoc with her life and career. com bookstore provides you with a catalog of 200 books associated with the jazz standards.

Presents an intimate portrait of jazz and big band singer Anita O'Day--the success of her early career, the tragedy of heroin addiction, her painful recovery, and her ultimate triumph

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Although this book has acquired a reputation for frankness and sordid details, it is much more. For one thing, it's an oral history of swing and jazz as seen from Anita's perspective as a big band 'canary' who embraced bebop and smaller jazz ensembles that emerged from that.

What I most love about the book is despite it being a collaboration with George Eells, Anita's voice shines through in every sentence. Most autobiographies that include a collaborator turn out to be ghost written fluff pieces. Not so this one. If you have ever heard Anita speak then will you have no doubt that the words on the pages are her own. While she pulls no punches when it comes to herself - taking responsibility without apology for her own actions - she is kind to the point of being generous when it comes to others who played a significant enough role in her life to merit mention in the book.

Another thing I love is how her story adds another dimension to the listening experience. For example, while I thoroughly enjoy listening to Anita O'Day At Mister Kelly's, it is enchanced by the back story of how she brought in Joe Masters, the pianist, from Boston because she was impressed with his backing a few months prior at a New York date. After the Mr. Kelly's performance she and Masters had a fling that lasted until he got out of control and - believe it or not - John Poole, the drummer, got a less than savory acquaintance to drive Masters to the airport, put a gun to his head and convince him to board the red eye for Boston! Or her comments regarding the clashes she had with Billy May when recording Swings Cole Porter and Swing Rodgers & Hart (Dig). While those details do not change the music itself, they do add a delicious spice to the listening experience - for me at least.

I'll admit that one of my primary reasons for buying the book was to get even more details about John Poole who was her drummer for over three decades. While I am one of Anita's most avid fans, Poole is one of my main influences as a drummer. The details were scant. I did learn a lot about her first husband, Don Carter, who I knew was a drummer but had no idea just how revered he was by other musicians including Gene Krupa. I also knew that Don taught her a bit about drumming, which shows in her impeccable sense of timing and rhythmic approach to singing, but did not know that he also taught her how to read music and a lot about theory.

Anita weaves in personal aspects of her life with anecdotes and impressions of major musicians with whom she worked or performed. The latter is almost in the form of an oral history. Moreover, she was an astute observer whose insights reflect a highly intelligent mind. For example, her personal assessment of the music industry in the early 1950s is spot on. Swing was dead, bebop was not winning audiences and everyone was seeking the next big thing. Of course, her observations throughout the book are of the same caliber of both relevance and astuteness.

One thing that you should know is this book essentially ends over twenty years before Anita's life and career ended, so there is a gap concerning her later life. I highly recommend augmenting this book with a video biography titled Anita O'Day - The Life Of A Jazz Singer. Regarding her music, there are two collections what make this book come alive: Young Anita, which is a comprehensive collection of her word from the swing era, and 8 Classic Albums, which contains some of her best work from the Verve years.

As both a fan and amateur jazz historian I found this book invaluable for the oral history and the comprehensive discography in the appendix. It is also a pleasure to read the words of someone who is open and honest, and who lived a life on her own terms. There are lessons in that as well.
I've been an Anita O'Day fan from the first recording I heard of her (Swings Cole Porter with Billy May). Anita has a great sense of timing and style, and after years of listening to her music I decided I'd like to know more about her life.

Wow, this book did NOT disappoint. Anita's street-smart wit was forged from a hard-knocks childhood, teenage years spent in taverns and other shady places, and an adulthood swinging with big stars, drug addicts, hucksters, and fans (sometimes all rolled up into a single person!)

Written in the first person, the narrative reflects Anita's fast-talking cadence and confident demeanor. Anita opens up about things others would gloss over or hide completely: Rampant drug use, rape, multiple unplanned pregnancies, etc. However, Anita's delivery in the book is anything but sensationalistic. Her matter-of-fact description of episodes from her life makes her seem more accessible and realistic, rather than painting a sanitized picture that her record company might have published.

The only flaw in this book is that it ends in 1980, when Anita was in her 60s. Anita lived until 2006, so nearly 30 years of her life are unaccounted for at the end. It would have been nice to have a first-person description of her later years as well.
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This autobiography is very entertaining. She comes off the pages like a real life character out of a Damon Runyon story. This is how she talked, there is nothing contrived or artificial about her manner. Her comments about other performers say a lot about her integrity. She said that Ella Fitzgerald was "number one" at the time of creating the book (~1980). Her opinion was that Billie Holiday was the best of all time, but Anita regretfully admitted that Billie had no use for her so she never got a chance to tell Billie how much she owed to her and admired her. She talked a lot about timing, and frankly, Anita really knew about timing, not merely a strength she was unequaled then or since among jazz singers. Carmen McRae did everything well in Anita's opinion, she has all the tools. She really liked the quality of Sarah Vaughn's voice. I found her observations about Bix Beiderbecke and Louis Armstrong very enlightening. Anita learned how to play the drums and improve her own rhythmic sense from her first husband, drumming great Don Carter. But she latched onto an even better drummer (in my opinion anyway), John Poole. No wonder she was always right on the beat. She and John Poole collaborated for 32 years and her description of their relationship is very interesting. She spends more time on her 15 year heroin addiction than it merited, but she admitted that most of the time she was "as high as a kite" and didn't remember too much about that period. What comes out loud and clear is her overwhelming joy at being able to sing. Boy could she sing. This book is a celebration of Anita O'Day, a national treasure and worth while for not only her fans.
There are many good jazz biographies out there but this one is the best because of the author's candid view and that it is from one of the premier female jazz vocalists of all time. A lot of the bios on the men are not that revealing on personal issues and many questions are left unanswered; not this one. Anita 'O Day nails all the notes on this and her recollections are fascinating to read. A true survivor in the sense that many of her contemporaries died during the years she performed. She also covers some of the business aspects of jazz that is quite revealing in itself. But the most intriguing aspect of the book is the small, but very important mystical event that happened very early in her career that later on helped her to survive her very tough times. This event saved her life many times and she comes to this conclusion much later in her life as she reveals later in the book. Very hip account of the jazz scene during the glory years of jazz. In my opinion, the best yet.
High Times Hard Times download epub
Author: George Eclls,Anita O'Day
ISBN: 0425052923
Category: Arts & Photography
Subcategory: Music
Language: English
Publisher: Berkley; 1st THUS edition (August 1, 1982)