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by Eric Burdon

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Eric Burdon Rocks as a writer, singer, poet, humourist, optimist, dreamer and believer. i am of course an eric burdon fan. but you don't have to be to read this book and enjoy it. burdon is a survivor and that is what this book is all about.

Eric Burdon Rocks as a writer, singer, poet, humourist, optimist, dreamer and believer. One person found this helpful. many have died but this guy is still alive and making music. he's also a hell of a nice guy, after meeting him. puts everything into his.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Recommends it for: Fans of Burdon and the Animals. Start by marking I Used to Be an Animal But I'm All Right Now as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Burdon's first autobiography. He was a hellraiser and a bit of an ass, but still a great singer, who I think was very under-appreciated.

I Used To Be An Animal is an album by Eric Burdon from 1988. It was his first new album in almost four years. It was recorded in Malibu, USA. Following his autobiography, I Used To Be An Animal, But I'm Alright Now, it was his comeback

I Used To Be An Animal is an album by Eric Burdon from 1988. Following his autobiography, I Used To Be An Animal, But I'm Alright Now, it was his comeback. Going Back To Memphis", "Run For Your Life", "Don't Give A Damn" and "I Will Be With You Again" were released as singles worldwide. Most of the albums' titles are featured on many compilations.

Published 1986 by Faber in London. There's no description for this book yet. Biography, Rock musicians. England, Great Britain.

Исполнитель: Eric Burdon. I Used To Be An Animal. of a new rock generation

The putative soundtrack to the singer's recently published autobiography, I Used to Be an Animal chases that band's career through its own chops and changes, pitfalls and high points, but without ever actually looking back. Situations and ambitions are recalled, to be sure. But the ice-sharp production and soaring, anthemic attack merges memory with modernity, to produce an album that still turns unsuspecting heads around - "what is that you're playing?"

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First of several autobiographies by Burdon, written while he was broke and living back in Newcastle... after a wild career leading one of the most influential bands of the sixties. He's honest, and not shy about revealing the stories rock n' roll junkies want to hear -- right down to the sex and drugs.

Best rock bio I've read, and I read them all. If you liked Keith Richards' "Life", you'll love reading Burdon's view of Swinging London and scary America from the sixties...
Eric writes with colour palet in hand.....its colourful, beautiful, funny, erotic, fantasy, adventurous, amazing and ultimately highly entertaining. If you get a chance to find and buy - then I highly recommend this book - Eric has lived an amazing life without doubt - a life blended in amazing technicolour.

For part 2 - highly recommend Please Don't Let Me be Misunderstood....
Eric Burdon Rocks as a writer, singer, poet, humourist, optimist, dreamer and believer.
The epic autobiography by the legendary figure of rock-n'-roll. Must-have for the true connoisseurs of the genre.
El libro me gustó mucho y llegó en perfectas condiciones. También lo recibí en el lapso que se había prometido. Recomiendo al vendedor.
Stream of consciousness reporting on the life and times of Eric Burdon starting with his early days in Newcastle and ending with the British reissue of "House of the Rising Sun" (1972).
You will find very few verifiable dates, names or facts. Eric describes his story telling technique better than I could...
"Most of what you are about to read are memories, dreams, feelings and even hallucinations, but that's rock'n'roll....My story is true. Everything you read happened, although not always in the right chronological order. There's no way it could be, as even after only one or two weeks on the road with a touring band, life becomes a blur."
Published in 1986, long out of print and very difficult to find.
A must read for any Eric Burdon fan and a nice diversion for anyone interested in the sex and drugs aspect of Rock and Roll. As you might expect though, this is not a source of recording dates, discographies, release dates or useful trivia.

Blessed with the grittiest voice of British blues, he writes of growing up in dreary postwar England, forming and ending the first Animals, and then forming the New Animals.
The music business is rigged to make friends into enemies, as when it was decided that all 5 band members share the royalties of House of the Rising Sun but management decided to put only one member's name as the author. The royalties continue to roll in 50 years after the song's release.
This is a super fun read and it took me long enough to find a copy i could afford. But my recommendation comes with a BIG caveat - read it with a grain of salt. I can say that because me and my friends are mentioned in one of Eric's 'stream of consciousness' stories and what he describes is pure fantasy. The characters are right but what he describes never happened. Well, okay, we did sneak up to the 20th floor of the hotel where the Animals were staying...but the rest is totally made up! Still, i'm sure that there are a lot of stories with more validity. I love Eric and his music and first met him when he played at New York City's Paramount theater. My friends and i were kids but we knew talent when we heard it. He was and continues to be, one of the finest blues musicians out there. For a more recent perspective (his writing has improved tremedously too) read his latest "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". It too is full of fabulous, probably exaggerated, stories, but Eric sure knows how to get your attention. And besides, hearing road stories from a really good racanteur is worth the price of admission. It's like hearing your favorite uncle tell war stories. You know half of it's b*S* but you get sucked in just the same.
This book is important to the proof behind the murder of Jimi Hendrix. Eric Burdon was a client of Jimi Hendrix's manager in the rock group The Animals. Michael Jeffery was a notorious fellow with both mob and MI-5 connections. He ripped the Animals off famously and after many years of success as a band left them broke after his span as manager.

Chas Chandler was Eric's bass player who notified Michael Jeffery of a sensational new find in New York of a talented black guitarist named Jimi Hendrix who Jeffery signed right away. After developing and skyrocketing Hendrix to fame, as he did the Animals, Jeffery then proceeded to rip Hendrix off blind as well. Towards the end Jimi had become a friend of Eric and sat-in on his live act with him two nights before he died.

Because of this Michael Jeffery commonality and friendship it was Eric Burdon whom Monika Dannemann called the night Jimi Hendrix was murdered. Burdon went to the Samarkand Hotel and called Jeffery employees Terry Slater, Eric Barrett, and Gerry Stickells to help clean-up the flat before any ambulance was called.

The reason 'I Used To Be An Animal' is important evidence for Jimi Hendrix's murder is because Burdon admitted, in this 1986 publication, that Dannemann had called him at the crack of dawn and not at 10:30 as she told the official British Inquest. This admission completely destroys Dannemann's account of what happened that morning and draws serious question as to how Jimi died. When combined with recent admissions that manager Michael Jeffery confessed to murdering Jimi, Burdon's admission of the real times involved corroborates the murder evidence. I suppose Burdon was driven by guilt to admit this in 'I Used To Be An Animal', but we thank him for doing so because it is part of the confirmation of Jimi's murder that has yet to be admitted by the British authorities who "investigated" it.
I Used To Be an Animal, But I'm All Right Now download epub
Author: Eric Burdon
ISBN: 0571134920
Category: Arts & Photography
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Language: English
Publisher: Faber and Faber (1986)
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