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Horst Faas and Tim Page's Requiem is a portfolio of work by combat photographers who died in Vietnam and Indochina. The photographers came from many countries. Some were famous, such Robert Capa and Sean Flynn; others will be remembered only thanks to this stunning book.

Horst Faas and Tim Page's Requiem is a portfolio of work by combat photographers who died in Vietnam and Indochina.

Horst Faas and Tim Page, two photographers who worked and were wounded in Vietnam, have gathered many thousands of pictures by those who were killed.

Requiem, which consists of the images they recorded, is a memorial to them. The Communists failed to document their own atrocities, but the South Vietnamese did, and Requiem includes photographs of the torture of a woman and an execution of a VC prisoner by ARVN soldiers.

Horst Faas (28 April 1933 – 10 May 2012) was a German photo-journalist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. He is best known for his images of the Vietnam War. Born in Berlin, Germany, Faas began his photographic career in 1951 with the Keystone Agency, and by the age of 21 he was already covering major events concerning Indochina, including the peace negotiations in Geneva in 1954

Horst Faas and Tim Page, two photographers who worked and were wounded in Vietnam, have gathered many thousands of pictures by those who were killed.

The Vietnam Requiem exhibit opened in 2000

During six trips to Hanoi, Mr. Page scoured archives, digging through brown paper bags with unlabeled contact sheets and tiny prints. The photographs first appeared in a book, Requiem, published in 1997 (but now out of print). The Vietnam Requiem exhibit opened in 2000. For the first 10 years, the photos were shown in a half-open area that had once been a bicycle parking lot. Rotted by bird droppings and humidity, they gradually fell apart.

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Nick Ut left, Dick Blystone Former AP Report Saigon and CNN, Dick died today in London 81, Horst Faas and Richard Pyly AP Staff Saigon almost go, very sad, they are the best Report Vietnam War/ Photo Todd Baxter. The Horst Faas Estate. com. hy-vietna. ytimes. Opinion In Vietnam, Turning a Camera on the War. Horst Faas was the longest-serving foreign photographer in Saigon.

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Between the French Indochina war of the 1950's and the fall of Phnom Penn and Saigon in 1975, 134 war photographers were killed. In this volume many thousands of photographs have been gathered to form a monument to the dead and a record of war photography in south-east Asia.

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As a photographer, I can't say I own "Requiem" out of sheer joy for the greatness of the photographs within. (No one who owns this book will keep it for that reason.) In fact, this is a book that can be at times painful to open up and look at.
Perhaps this reaction is the result of the dual reality one is presented with - not only are the photos depicting (at times) someone being killed, but you also know that the person who took the photograph was also killed. In one photograph you actually see the last photo taken by that journalist before he died.
So why own it? "Reguiem" is a proverbial granite memorial to anyone who was killed in Vietnam - American, South Vietnamese, North Vietnamese, whoever. By showing photographs from all sides it is able to maintain a level of objectivity that you won't find in many books. It just hits you with, "Here, this was the reality. Deal with it." Because of this it also acts as a book of history and not just one about photographers and their work.
But still, I think "Requiem" will particularly appeal to anyone who's interested in photography and photojournalism.
I'm reminded of the book "The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War" which is about photographers in South Africa and the fall of Apartheid. The photographers within that book are driven by excitment and adrenaline. They also want their photography to make an impact, to change the world. (A feeling many photojournalists share.) One of the photographers in that book, a man by the name of Kevin Carter who won the Pulitzer Prize winner for his shot of a dying Sudanese child, committed suicide as result of the desperation he felt.
"Requiem" is in some ways a complement to "The Bang-Bang Club" because it shows the ultimate sacrifice war photographers sometimes make in their pursuit of the craft. This makes the book that much more haunting. While some of these photos did alter our perspective on the world, they didn't really change it. So was their sacrifice worth it? You have to open the book to decide for yourself.
Most people would never think of the Vietnam War as being artistic or the subject of art. Yet somehow in this gripping picture book - the pictures of these photographers transcend the war, and affirm the power and fragility of life. How strange and ironic, but true. Somehow in snapping the moments, something vital has been preserved.

The Vietnam war as Tim Page recalls, was the last war where journalists were free to shoot what they wanted, where they wanted - and this is truly in evidence here. The price paid of course, was their lives. The Vietnam War is captured so intimately and immediately here that other books I perused on the subject didn't quite have the same power.

Such is the testament of the photos selected here. A wonderful effort and I am no war aficionado. Dramatic and moving, with great writing.
Normally I am able to tell a person why I like a book or why I like a movie. However, in this case, I am really not able to say why I thought this book was excellent.

Requiem is a series of photos and stories from various wars in the Indochina region (Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia mainly) from the 1950's to the 1970's. Most of the photos were taken by photographers that lost their lives during the various conflicts. The book reads like a magazine, a series of short stories about the region, the war, or about a deceased photographer augmented by photographs of the subject or by the subject.

I was confused about my feelings about the pictures in the book. I do not find any beauty in death, yet I found the photographs in the book are hauntingly beautiful. The pictures in the beginning of the book show calm, surreal scenes from the region. As the book progressed from the 1950's to the Vietnam war, the pictures became more destructive and consumed with death. Some pictures were unbelievable such as the photo by Hiromichi Mine of the plane hit in midair by an artillery shell. Other photos left images burned in my mind such as the photo of the last rights being given to Dixey Chapelle.

After searching for a few days as to why I thought the book was beautiful, I decided on the following: Personally, I have always been intrigued with war. I was never fascinated with the violence much as I was with the people who fought it and why it was fought. I've read a lot of first person accounts from various wars, but in the end, they were all stories. I believe Requiem and its photos tell the story of the people on both sides as well as the civilians caught in the middle. I thought it brought the concept of war out of the world of words on paper and into reality. The people killed were no longer statistics in an encyclopedia, their pictures shows young people with fear in their eyes. Like I mentioned before, it brought the soldiers from the world of words on paper to reality. It showed soldiers helping one another, fighting, tired after the battle, and deceased.

I would highly recommend this book for people interested in the Indochina wars or people interested in the Vietnam War. I think the book serves its purpose better in the hands of a mature audience, where people can look beyond the blood and violence to its hidden meanings.
This was my husband's birthday present. He had seen it 10 years ago, and then it went out of print. I finally found a used copy on Amazon for a reasonable price, and could not be happier with it. The book itself is haunting and moving. The seller I used was a miracle-person. The book wasn't just new, it was still shrink wrapped! Mint condition. I really lucked out.
I've been purchasing reference materials about the Vietnam War and believe that the story must include the work of the photographers who risked and lost their lives while showing what many people preferred not to see or to believe.
Vietnam Requiem download epub
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