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by Sindiwe Magona

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To My Children's Children book. I had the honor of meeting and having my book signed by Sindiwe Magona. What a lovely woman and this book cemented my love for her work

To My Children's Children book. What a lovely woman and this book cemented my love for her work. I’d definitely recommend this to someone who needs reassuring and is going through a tough time.

This powerful and widely acclaimed autobiography of Sindiwe Magona's early years in South Africa, announced the arrival of a major new black writer. To My Children's Children has been added to your Cart.

History Books African History Books. This powerful and widely acclaimed autobiography of Sindiwe Magona's early years in South Africa, announced the arrival of a major new black writer.

To my children's children. To my children's children. Women Social life, South Africa. London : Women's Press.

Are you sure you want to remove To My Children's Children from your list? To My Children's Children. by Sindiwe Magona, Sindiwe Magona.

feminism and Magona’s refracted womanism in her major. was not marred by dominant feminist discourse’s. Sindiwe Magona’s To My Children’s Children and. Mother to Mother. A Customised Womanist Notion of. autobiographies To My Children’s Children and Mother to. Mother, utilizing the concept of home. I argue that Magona’s.

Den 9 mars kommer Sindiwe Magona och Lesley Beake till Umeå, då inleder vi steg 2 i samarbetsprojektet Books to children, children to books. Det blir besök på bibliotek, bokbuss, Littfest, skolor i länet. Barn och vuxna får möta Sydafrikanska berättelser! Ni som deltar i "Give me five" blir inbjudna till Skellefteå den 21 mars, där berättar Sindiwe och Lesley om arbetet i Red Hill, om Childrens book network, och vi andra som var där berättar också. All Documents from To My Children's Children. Get started today for free. final exam 2011-12-17.

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This powerful and widely acclaimed autobiography of Sindiwe Magona's early years in South Africa, announced the arrival of a major new black writer. Here she gives an account of her eventful first 23 years and tells a candid, unself-pitying story of triumph and endurance in the face of hardships relentlessly reinforced by the apartheid system.

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A good read. Easy to follow and depicts a true picture of apartheid South Africa.
I received it quickly and the book brand new!!!
Excellent read. A personal, in-depth view of a young woman's struggle to rise above her circumstances in South Africa's era of apartheid.
Very moving and engaging.
I purchased this book for my class. It came in and it was in a great condition (until my children got to it). It got to me in a timely matter and I had no problems.
If you grew up in the rural outskirts of South Africa, you'll definitely enjoy this one! It is so real, it felt as if I was reading about my life. The way she writes keeps one turning the pages...btw this was my first book to read right to the last page!
I read it because I was required to for a class I was taking. I would not have gotten past 10 pages if that were not the case.

Sindwe has a terrible habit of over over-explaining simple things and refusing to explain more complex or unfamiliar things at all. She frequently writes in sentence fragments. She frequently uses exclamation points for no reason, and she frequently repeats herself in consecutive sentences to no purpose. For example:

"I went downtown to buy a cow. COW! I bought a cow! Downtown!" etc. It's stupid, and annoying.

She often insists on giving conversations, chants or songs, in parallel in her native language on the left and in English on the right. This is pointless. Often when she does do this, the translation is literal, and not meaningful. For instance, "The praises of the Tolo Clan" is a sentence that she translates. What does that mean? I have no idea. It's not related to the sentence before or after it, that's for sure. What about this one:

"She by whom out of those of Vongothwanes they swear!"

What does that mean? I have no idea. The first part appears to just be poor English. Who the Vongothwanes are, we are never told. Sometimes she will just fail to translate a non-English word at all. We are left to wonder what she's talking about in those cases.

You might conclude from all of the above that maybe the book is just badly translated, but Sindiwe will frequently use an uncommon and somewhat technical English word (like 'fontanelle'), again offering no context or definition, so it would appear that she is actually pretty well-educated in English. I guess she just enjoys throwing in a complete non-sequitur every few paragraphs?

Then, she insists on giving us "country wisdom" in the most stilted and fake way, where she just says something like "kids grow up so fast" in some silly "African" way, like "the grass grows fastest when your back is turned for a moment" or something, and we're supposed to be amazed by it. All too often the thought expressed is trite and unoriginal and almost always it has absolutely nothing to do with the anecdote she is telling anyway.

Speaking of anecdotes, Sindiwe will often start one and then just drop it and start telling another one halfway through. Many of the ones she does tell seem pointless and don't advance the story or plot or whatever in any way at all. Often things that sound pretty interesting to me are glossed over, while things that seem very boring or commonplace are gone over again and again. For instance, her childhood home burns down while she is out and her parents think that she may have been killed. Her being reunited with them, as well as the move to a new home is dealt with in less than 2 paragraphs. Her losing a coin on that same day takes up most of 2 pages. It just seems bizarre.

She tells another story about her brother hiding in a coal sack that doesn't seem to have anything to do with anything, except that it happened. Generally when a person only tells 1 story from 2 years of their life, there's a point to that story or it illustrates or illuminates something in some way, but I'm not sure that's the case with this memoir.

Whatever the case is, this book is alot more work to read than it needed to be. The story itself is actually sort of interesting but you have to wade through all kinds of structural and stylistic problems to get to it and I did not enjoy reading it, at all. I routinely read more than 1 book a day, the weekend before I posted this review I read 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday, and this very short book took me most of 2 weeks to finish. It's just not good.

If you have to read it for a class, I sympathize. If you don't *have* to read it, do not read it. There are plenty of other good African biographies out there, try one of them instead.
To My Children's Children download epub
Arts & Literature
Author: Sindiwe Magona
ISBN: 1566561639
Category: Biographies & Memoris
Subcategory: Arts & Literature
Language: English
Publisher: Interlink Publishing Group (May 1, 1994)
Pages: 176 pages