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by Michael J. Fox

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Published August 1st 2011 by Random House Australia. Published April 2nd 2002 by Random House Large Print. Large Print, Hardcover, 464 pages. Author(s): Michael J. Fox.

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Lucky Man- Michael J. I love MJF all over, for many reasons, but this is the most inspirational memoir I've ever read. Until I read this, I had no idea what a wonderful writer he is! This memoir is filled with honesty and humility - not qualities you typically associate with a very famous actor.

His first book, Lucky Man, focused on how, after seven years of denial of the disease, he set up the Michael J. Fox Foundation, stopped drinking and began to be an advocate for people living with Parkinson's disease. In Lucky Man, Fox wrote that he did not take his medication prior to his testimony before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee in 1999. It seemed to me that this occasion demanded that my testimony about the effects of the disease, and the urgency we as a community were feeling, be seen as well as heard. For people who had never observed me in this kind of shape, the transformation must have been startling. Michael J. Fox, Lucky Man. There are 8 pages in this Thanksgiving book. You can print and use al. autumn activities for kids worksheet). Creative Kids Archives - Page 3 of 7 - Madebyteachers.

Below is an excerpt from Michael J. Fox's memoir, Lucky Man, which was published by Hyperion in April 2002. Fox has donated all of his profits from Lucky Man to the Foundation. Lucky Man. Chapter 8: Unwrapping the Gift. I need to explain the "on-off" phenomenon.

In September 1998, Michael J. Fox stunned the world by announcing he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease - a degenerative neurological condition. In fact, he had been secretly fighting it for seven years. The worldwide response was staggering, particularly to him. Fortunately, he had accepted the diagnosis and by the time the public started grieving for him, he had stopped grieving for himself. Now, with the same passion, humor, and energy that Fox has invested in his dozens of performances over the last 18 years, he tells the story of his life, his career and his campaign to find a cure for Parkinson's.Combining his trademark ironic sensibility and keen sense of the absurd, he recounts his life - from his childhood in a small town in western Canada to his meteoric rise in film and television which made him a worldwide celebrity. Most important, however, he writes of the last 10 years during which - with the unswerving support of his wife, family, and friends - he has dealt with his illness. He talks about what Parkinson's has given him - the chance to appreciate a wonderful life and career and the opportunity to help search for a cure and spread public awareness of the disease. He is a very lucky man indeed.Michael J. Fox began his career as the lovable Alex P. Keaton, the star of the popular sitcom Family Ties. Since then his career has been a nonstop success story, with blockbuster movies like Back to the Future, The Secret of My Success, Doc Hollywood and most recently as the lead voice in the animated film Stuart Little. In the summer of 2001 he was the lead voice in Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Michael has won numerous awards, including four Golden Globes, four Emmy awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, GQ Man of the Year, and the People's Choice Award. He retired recently from his award-winning role on Spin City, where he portrayed Michael Flaherty, New York City's favorite deputy mayor.

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Fox's memoir takes the reader on a journey through a young man's life-- a young man who already has a relationship with the reader through the "magical thinking" that occurs between celebrity and fans. Fox succeeds greatly in drawing the reader into a deeper, more intimate connection with him so that we can come to agree with him that "celebrity" is merely a "funhouse", and that behind all his work as an actor, he is simply a person trying to maneuver his way through the challenges of life, just like the rest of us. Though his challenges are indeed his own, they are brought to a scale relatable and, at times, even recognizable to the average person. You will not find behind-the-scenes anecdotes from his TV and film projects, but you will find how his acting gigs serve as benchmarks, and- at times- causes for other concerns in his everyday life (like after being diagnosed with PD). Fox does this in a way that allows fans to embrace and respect Mike as a man with deep integrity beyond his work on screen. Fox declares, for good reason, why the best personal turning points in his life came after his diagnosis of PD. It is the anecdotes that support this declaration plus the basic knowledge the reader already has of Mike-- his acting roles, and the fact that he has PD- that keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. At the end of this book, it will not be Mike's autograph you seek, but his friendship- his company.
Being diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s changed Michael J. Fox’s life, and not all bad. In fact, he thinks of himself as lucky because in many ways, by pushing him to turn his life around, his diagnosis saved his life. Lucky Man is mostly the story of his Parkinson’s diagnosis and coming to terms with it. He is very honest about his partying, issues in his marriage, and his anger over his body betraying him. It’s an excellent read for any Michael J. Fox fan.
I've always been a fan of Michael Fox's. When I saw this memoir for only 2 bucks on Amazon, I couldn't resist. Boy, am I glad I grabbed it. I learned much about Michael the man, since I already knew the actor.
I thought I knew enough too but soon learned I knew nothing at all. I also got a bigger glimpse into Parkinson's Disease and the effects it has on the person who has it, and the people around them.
It's nice to see a celebrity like Michael using his stature to bring awareness, as well as attending senate meetings on behalf of people with Parkinson's, to try for more funding for research. Being so active in the fight is admirable, especially when you see the extents he has taken.
There were some funny moments too. I loved how he shared his family life, from childhood to now, his stories were heartwarming.
Lots of people will enjoy this read, a fan or not. For those not sure, believe me when I tell you that it's more than meets the eye.
This was an enjoyable and inspiring read. Though he wrote this himself and there may be biases here, Fox comes across as honest and humble. He highlights his life and lets us know what he was thinking and feeling during each of those events. Concerning his successes, he takes you to the point where he got there and then moves on, not dwelling on those high points. He seems to want us to know how he has grown and changed from his experiences.

Early in the book he says that if he could have stayed the person he was before getting Parkinson's, and then didn't get Parkinson's, that he wouldn't go back to that other guy. He feels that he has grown so much in a positive way from his post Parkinson's diagnosis experiences. And I believe him.

I can't say that I was really a Fox fan when I bought this book. I only got it because it was the cheap Kindle deal of the day and thought it would be an interesting read. The most I had seen of him was on Family Ties. I must say I did like that show at the time. I remember when I first saw him on the show (it was the episode where he made some great investments in the stock market) that I thought he did have "something." It seemed like he was stealing the show and of course everyone else thought so too!

Anyway, after reading the book I'm interested in checking him out in other stuff. He makes you feel like you kind of know him and as a result you are curious about his other performances. At least that's how he affected me.

There is a lot of meat in this book. His struggle with Parkinson's is just part of it. I can't really cover all the good things here. If you want an inspiring and interesting read I would recommend this for you.
Fantastic book and highly recommended with a poisitive message to his readers. You enjoy it tremendously. I would probably point more stars if I had the option to. So full 5 stars!

Michael J. Fox is a unique and very talent guy. It was obvious when you watched him acting. And for my opinion, he is still considers as one of the best. He was fast pace and so natural. Never acted from other valance view point. Now that he allowed us to have an insight into his inner world, it was amazing to see what he could do to make things go right and to an end phenomena of a positive point despite his condition. He went into an extreme to entertain us, giving up his health. Which show how much his self determinism view, is so important and above all that he was willing to sacrifice his life. Currently he suffers phisically from PD but spiritually he never changed. The language he uses is literate and reading his book is very enjoyable, leaving us with a message of, no mercy, but "one can always do something about it".

A person lives as long as he strives to help. When he stops, he dies. MJF never stopped contributing to others. Thus, and the Way I see it, his goal of his life wasn't just acting and finance himself. Otherwise we wouldn't continue hearing him to date being out there and communicate. He never rest despite his condition, but continue to operate as a free being.
Lucky Man (Random House Large Print) download epub
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Author: Michael J. Fox
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Publisher: Random House Large Print (April 2, 2002)
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