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Victor Bockris has written a dozen books which form a mythology for the counterculture. His biographies of Andy Warhol, Keith Richards and Lou Reed made his name as the Poet Laureate of the New York Underground

Victor Bockris has written a dozen books which form a mythology for the counterculture. His biographies of Andy Warhol, Keith Richards and Lou Reed made his name as the Poet Laureate of the New York Underground. His most recent books are: The Burroughs-Warhol Affair; and Burroughs Reloaded (photographs).

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The story of an unconventional life looks at rock legend Lou Reed, a chamelion-like figure who suffered electroshock therapy to cure his homosexuality.

Bockris seems especially intent on defending Reed's parents. He wants to convince us that they were perfectly delightful in every way, and that if Reed was ever miserable at home, it must have been because he wanted to be miserable. To support this contention, Bockris relies on offhanded quotes from guests who visited the Reeds' house for short periods. It doesn't seem to have occurred to him that middle-class suburban families aren't always as happy as they appear.

Now discover the true story of the Velvet Underground pioneer in this update of Bockris's classic biography.

A triumph' - Time Out Transformer is the only complete and comprehensive telling of the Lou Reed story, in his own words. Legendary songwriter and guitarist Lou Reed passed away on the 27th October 2013, but his musical influence is assured. Now discover the true story of the Velvet Underground pioneer in this update of Bockris's classic biography. Transformer: The Complete Lou Reed Story follows the great songwriter and singer through the series of transformations that define each period of his fifty year career.

Victor Bockris has written a dozen books which form a mythology for the counterculture. The updated Transformer: The Lou Reed Story focuses on Reed's relationship and marriage to the leading performance artist of our times Laurie Anderson. It celebrates the deep influence these two artists had on each others work during the last 20 years of Lou Reed's life.

However, Bockris appears to lose all objectivity when it comes to the new material. com or call the Guardian Bookshop on 0330 333 6846. He positively gushes over the last 20 years of Reed’s life, going so far to proclaim Lulu (Reed’s 2011 collaboration with Metallica) as the greatest album Lou ever made. From near-hatchet job to hagiography is quite a transformation in itself, but this considerable flaw notwithstanding, Transformer remains a thoroughly engrossing read and by far the best biography of Reed on the market. com or call the Guardian Bookshop on 0330 333 6846

Leading Lou Reed biographer, Victor Bockris - who . Please provide me with your latest book news, views and details of Waterstones’ special offers.

Leading Lou Reed biographer, Victor Bockris - who knew Lou throughout the Rachel Years, from Rock & Roll Animal to the Bells - updates his original biography in the wake of Lou's death. Bockris provides insight into the private life that led Reed to create many of rock's memorable songs, including "Heroin" and "Walk on the Wild Side" - Publishers Weekly. One of the funniest and most memorable time-lined rock documents around" - Philadelphia City Paper  .

There was money to be made in the burgeoning Syracuse music scene, and the Eldorados were soon being handled by two students, Donald Schupak, who managed them, and Joe Divoli, who got them local bookings. I had met Lou when we were freshmen, Schupak explained.

Victor Bockris (born 1949) is an English-born, . based author, primarily of biographies of artists, writers, and musicians. He has written about Lou Reed (and The Velvet Underground), Andy Warhol, Keith Richards, William S. Burroughs, Terry Southern, Blondie, Patti Smith, and Muhammad Ali. He also helped write the autobiographies of John Cale and Bebe Buell.

The story of an unconventional life looks at rock legend Lou Reed, a chamelion-like figure who suffered electroshock therapy to "cure" his homosexuality, toured with Andy Warhol, and led a revolution in rock music. 25,000 first printing.

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Whenever I think of New York and it's artists (music) I think of Lou Reed and Patti Smith. This book gives you an account the man and the times back in the day not to mention the cutting edge lyrics and style that have shaped music as we know it today.
great inside in who is lou reed, the hard copy is a great product and not very expensive, is a really joy to read the book , it starts from lou child hood to almos 2005 i think
It's unfortunate that a really good biography of Lou Reed hasn't been written, since that means fans are left with meanspirited revenge peaces like this one. Not that it doesn't have a lot of good information, but it's interwoven with the author's unmasked hatred, repeatedly calling his subject names ("lizard-like" stands out). I mean, is it really so difficult to understand why even as an adult somebody still might be a bit upset with his parents about subjecting him to intensive and damaging electroshock treatments to "cure" antisocial and homosexual tendencies, no matter how "well-intentioned" they were? I mean, considering that Bockris has written his own "Mommy Dearest," apparently because a rock star was somewhat dismissive of him in an interview (dutifully excerpted in the book, as if in explanation of all that preceded it), I don't know how he can possible fault anyone else's resentment.

And, apparently, he's written a similar hatchet job on Patti Smith (though his biography of Keith Richards was, I must admit, pretty good. Perhaps Keef shared his drugs with poor Victor?)
I'll admit right up front that I don't read a lot of "rock biographies." Many of them are poorly written and too one-sided (the performer must be a saint of sinner with no room in between).

I place this book on similar standing with the Neil Young bio "Shakey" by Jimmy McDonough. The backsstory on that one...briefly...is that it was / is an "authorized" bio, that Neil gave McDonough unrestricted access to his "inner circle," and once he read a copy of the first draft, locked down everyone and everything. That's why it moves along at such a smooth pace and then stops on a dime...Neil stopped it because McDonough told the truth and Neil didn't like seeing it on the page.

So this is not a "tabloid" book where Bockris rips Lou mercilessly to shreds, and it's also not Tiger Beat. I didn't know Lou. There's basically one person who knows how "true" the truth is in Bockris' words and that would be the late, great Lou himself. It FEELS true. If you lived through it, the albums and the backstage / offstage stories and the whole ball of wax, this book FEELS like an accurate document of who and what Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed actually WAS.

You know, it is OK to tell the story of the man and still hold up the music as groundbreaking, legendary, and unforgettable.

Lou had some issues.

So does Neil.

That happens sometimes when you're dealing with a genius.
Heed this, lest ye venture any further in vain. Lou Reed did not participate in this "biography" whatsoever. After reading it, I can't ever imagine why. Oh, I'm sure Louie boy is every bit the egomaniacal jerk Bockris portrays him as. Sharing many similarities in background with Messier Reed, it's often difficult not to be, what with the mass of morons that pollute our common air, coming and going and breeding as they please. Bockris lays on the trashy gossip thick, particularly where it concerns Lou's relationship with transvestite Rachel, and the methamphetamine circle that mocked him as he lapped up the abuse for a hit. There are moments of Lou-ney humor here and there, mostly extracted from interviews dating back to the "Transformer/Berlin" days. Lou envisions Sinatra singing "Heroin" at the Sands, and spins tales of a groupie who complained about Mick Jagger's lack of sexual prowess in the middle of getting it on with him. If that sort of thing amuses you, as it does me, then sure, grab a copy. If you really want to peek into Lou's skull, and few would sanely dare, just listen to his albums. The Rock 'N Roll Animal's music is where his soul is at.
When I finished "Transformer", it leaves me a bad taste that Bockris was kinda foe of Reed, that he really hates him. The book tries to glance Reed from the outside, not getting very involved in nothing, but describing coldly all the bad things that Reed has done. If you dont know anything about Reed music, this book is very boring. If you have enjoyed his work, this books dissapoint you, gives you the impression that Lou is just an asshole with nothing to do but drink or snort drugs. Bockris avoid every sensibility that Lou may put in every one of his albums, just making poor critics of the technical aspects or what the press said. Unfortunately, this is maybe the only biography of Reed, or at least the most complet. So if want to know more about this great poet and composer, you must read this, although it has a great lack of passion and compassion for Lou.
Lou Reed has used his songwriting and sociopathic P.R. persona to tell the world more than anyone could have wanted to know about a middle-class Jewish kid from Long Island who just happened to revolutionize rock'n'roll. So why does the world need another soon-to-be remaindered rock-bio?

Two reasons. One: Reed changed his personalities more often than his underwear, contradicting himself and opening as many mysteries as he solved. Two: Victor Bockris has done a damn fine job of playing Boswell to Reed's drugged-out bisexual Dr. Johnson. Collating endless reviews, interviews, and other views of Reed's life and work, Bockris has used his considerable literary skill to form a coherent, insightful narrative from Reed's often incoherent chaos of a life.

Bockris has an authorial voice that's lively yet restrained; his writing takes a back seat to the biography, but his brisk style and intelligence are worthy of Reed, America's most literary rock star. Rock journalism needs a Victor Bockris almost as much as rock music needs a Lou Reed.
Transformer download epub
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