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by Peter; Jenkins Barbara Jenkins

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Beginning in New Orleans, Peter Jenkins continues his walk across America-with his bride Barbara

Beginning in New Orleans, Peter Jenkins continues his walk across America-with his bride Barbara. Lavishly illustrated with 48 pages of full-color and black-and-white photos. I would eventually love to meet Peter and his wife Barbara and discuss in detail the walk being described in these two books.

Beginning in New Orleans, Peter Jenkins continues his walk across America-with his bride Barbara.

Jenkins, Peter, 1951-, Jenkins, Barbara, Walking. Canon EOS 5D Mark II. City. New York : Ballantine Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. The Walk West is a worthy follow-up to A Walk Across America.

The Walk West is a worthy follow-up to A Walk Across America. Cooper is missed in this book, but Barbara, Peter's new wife makes up for it. Both of these books are a constant reminder of all the truely wonderful people here in our wonderful country. It seemed that every time either Peter or Barbara was down, someone always seemed to be there to rescue them. Lavishly illustrated with 48 pages of full-color and black-and-white photos, here is the story of the journey that captured a nation's heart. Part II of Walk Across America. A memoir about the second half of his trip. His wife helps him write this one! sequel to A Walk Across America. Only Reason it wasn't as good was the absence of Coop. The Walk West: A Walk Across America 2. Peter Jenkins and his wife he met while walking, Barbara.

Continues the Jenkins odyssey across America and celebration.

Clean pages, tight binding, no edge wear, sharp corners. Hardcover with dust jacket. Continues the Jenkins odyssey across America and celebration. America 2 History Books Vintage Books Walking Etsy Jogging Antique Books Walks Hiking. Hardcover book published 1978 by The Detective Book Club features three crime stories: Murder by Proxy by Anne Morice A Murder Arranged by Judson Philips Counterstroke by Andrew Garve Tight binding, nice crisp pages, clean except for a check next to the title of each story, no edgewear or corner.

Two legs and a great view, does the time fly with them or far ahead? . Miss a meal if you have to, but don't miss a book.

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The Walk West is the second half of Peter Jenkins' walk across America. Meet the new friends as they travel across America. Now with his wife, Barbara, he travels from New Orleans on July 5, 1976 to the Pacific off the Oregon Coast. Pictures throughout the book. Title: The Walk West A Walk Across America Author: Peter and Barbara Jenkins Publisher: Morrow and Company Inc Year: 1981 Pages: 367 Binding: Hardcover with DJ ISBN 10: 0688006663 ISBN 13: 9780688006662. Book is in fair condition. DJ is soiled and worn. There is some foxing along the page edges.

A Walk Across America is a nonfiction travel book first published in 1979. It was the first book written by travel author Peter Jenkins, with support from the National Geographic Society. The book depicts his journey from Alfred, New York, to New Orleans, Louisiana. While on his journey of self-discovery, he engaged himself in others' lives, lost his best friend, experienced a religious conversion, and courted a new wife. The book would lead to a sequel, as well as a writing career.

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Let me tell you about this book. I got it solely because of the title (and the dog). I have had my own little rescue for about a year now, and this book pulled at my heart strings. I needed something to refuel my wanderlust and this was just the thing. It inspired me to move across country, focus on myself, and begin my own journey (with my pup). I laughed audibly at this book, cried, and have already reread it. I sent my father a copy to read as well. I can't stress how incredible this book is.
This book was read to us by our fifth grade teacher in the 80s and it had surfaced the adventurer in me at that time. Decided to purchase it and read it myself 30 years later. Still as exciting and engaging as it had been when I was only 10 years old. I would not say that the book had an impact on me as an adult as it had done during my childhood. But it's a great read and a page turner.
I really feel as though I took this journey with Peter Jenkins. He is a hiker who can make you feel as though you're on the trail with him. I fell in love with him and I fell in love with his dog, Cooper. I came to realize why dogs have been referred to as man's best friends. I'd thought from the title that Jenkins would be walking the entire time, not realizing that he would need to stop and work in order to continue to survive. On the whole, Jenkins was treated well. Ask yourself if you ever imagined that a white man in the seventies could move into a black neighborhood, live with a black family, and go to church with them every Sunday and become like one of the family? Or could you imagine a mountain man who raises all his own food, a virtual hermit, welcoming Jenkins into his home and treating him like a son? Still, there are some scary experiences on the road--some close calls--ones that will make your heart pound a little faster.

Jenkins enjoys neighborly love in this book and by the end falls in love two more times (I won't spoil the story by providing details). Let me just say that I feel this book has it all--a little of every type of connection a healthy man or woman needs for the good life. Dog lovers and even those who have never felt a deep connection with animals of any sort (the exception for me would be my brother's dog in recent years) will feel an emotional investment in this story of a man and his beloved dog and the many wonderful, amazing, and occasionally scary people they meet.
I kept hearing about how you just had to read this book so I finally did. I enjoyed it okay. I got a little tired of his highly dramatic writing. Some incidences just didn't ring true for me--seemed like fiction. I don't think it is a hiking must read as a lot of people claim. I will probably read some of his other books since they are pretty inexpensive.

This took place in the 70's. I did like that his goal was to learn more about the U.S. and he hiked with an open mind and was very pleasantly surprised. He decided that this country is a good place with good people. I do think a lot of people who hate this country now days should do the same sort of hiking. I think they would find out it is still a good country with good people.
I found this book at my parents house stashed away somewhere. What a find! It was an original copy from 1979. If you enjoy travel novels (Such as Bill Bryson's a "Walk in the Woods") you will really enjoy this book. The book took me both across the country and back in time.

As someone in his 20s I can identify with the author and the way he felt at the start of his journey. But this book was set in the mid 70s, just under a decade before I was born. It is interesting to hear about all the people he meets along the way, and what America was like in 35 years ago. Jenkins paints a very vivid picture of the places he visits and the people he meets along the way. He also goes on an inner journey of self discovery. From a lost recent college grad disillusioned with the US he gains an appreciation for his country and a better understanding of himself. I really enjoyed it and even ordered a copy for one of my friends.
This book is by far one of the best non-fiction adventure stories I've read in a long time! It makes me want to pack up and Hike the Appalachian Trail!
I love this book , I read it years and it gave me an interest to discover this great country . I have been hiking the AT ever since I read this book and traveling all over the country . I met Peter years ago at a book signing and he is a very remarkable person.
This book held my interest and that of my husband, even though it was written in the seventies and is in ways pretty strange. I am giving it to some camping buddies of ours next time we see them.
The Walk West : A Walk Across America 2 download epub
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Author: Peter; Jenkins Barbara Jenkins
ISBN: 0856483737
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Language: English
Publisher: Ballantine Books (1982)
Pages: 320 pages