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by Bruce Catton

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American Heritage Junior Library. Bruce Catton has capsulized in 109 pages the great three-day battle that changed the course of history for America.

Charles Bruce Catton (October 9, 1899 – August 28, 1978) was an American historian and journalist, known best for his books concerning the American Civil War. Known as a narrative historian, Catton specialized i. .

The Battle of Gettysburg. by. Catton, Bruce, 1899-1978. New York, American Heritage Pub.

Our American heritage is greater than any one of u. Cleveland Public Library. National Book Foundation.

Bruce Catton, who would become the most prolific, popular historian .

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This is supposedly a letter from the author to his brother. It reads more like a novel. The author, an officer of the Union Army, refers to himself as vain and egotistical. I have to say I agree. However; his accounts of the battle were from his personal experiences. He doesn't attempt to surmise or guess what was happening between armies in other places. It is felt that he, being intelligent and well schooled, didn't suffer fools.

"The red flags wave, their horsemen gallop up and down; the arms of
eighteen thousand men, barrel and bayonet, gleam in the sun, a sloping forest of flashing steel. Right on they move, as with one soul, in perfect order, without impediment....

These Rebels are accustomed to hunger and nakedness, customs to which our men do not take readily." "Tradition, story, history—all will not efface the true, grand epic of Gettysburg."" -Frank A. Haskell
This is a frontline view from a union officer. He was close to the generals involved and he understood the overall strategy at Gettysburg. He was instrumental in stopping Pickett’s charge and was in the thick of battle. His account is first hand while other books are written years later. While his account may not be totally accurate it is not based on hearsay. It would be hard to believe that a Gettysburg author would not have read this.
Those who read of 19th Century battles will appreciate the detail and exacting picture given of the Union lines and leadership. A pivotal battle with horrendous casualties fought for no strategic end. The writer is clearly a valiant hero and who among us can glimpse what he went through?

The clear advantage of defending a position as opposed to carrying a position foreshadows WWI.
I read this book prior to going to Gettysburg. The way this book is written you actually feel like you are on the battlefield. The description of the battles, the soldiers, the pain and suffering is, well it left me speechless and in tears many times. When we arrived in Gettysburg and went to the museum, then walked the grounds I could actually picture what was described in the book and almost hear the sounds he described and smell the gun powder, it gave me chills. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a first hand account of actually being IN the battle and the somber and painful reality of the brutality and sad endings that so many met.
Outstanding!!! Haskell was an Aide to General Gibbon, Second Corps Army of the Potomac and had a large part in stopping the charge of Pickett's Division at the climax of the battle. Written during the subsequent campaigning as a letter to his brother, this has the passion and immediacy not attainable by non-participants. He truly makes a magnificent case for these men, on either side, as the Greatest Generation. Also note that this was only a portion of the butcher's bill paid the save the Union and end slavery.
A very interesting, personal view of the battle through the eyes of an actual soldier who participated in the battle. It is very well written in the period phrasing and words of the times. I though it was concise and reminded me of the book "The Killer Angels" with its daily description of the battle. It is well worth the read and I was very surprised that it was a free book.
I found this book informative from the young officer's passionate descriptions of his part in the three days of battle. Haskell had a dramatic sense about what he seeing, and used great descriptive language to demonstrate his impassioned recounting of his actions and those of the generals he served under. His descriptions of his actions on July 3 near the clump of trees gives new meaning to the horrific hand to hand combat that won the day for the Union.
Well known and excellent account written by an officer serving on Gibbon's staff. It was originally written as a letter to his brother and is very personal. Full of excellent detail, especially about Pickett's charge from the Union perspective. One event in the work was heavily cited during the controversy regarding the placement of the 72nd PA monument near the wall.
Battle of Gettysburg (American Heritage Junior Library) download epub
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