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When 71-year-old Ambrose Bierce disappeared into revolution-torn Mexico in 1913, he probably had more enemies .

When 71-year-old Ambrose Bierce disappeared into revolution-torn Mexico in 1913, he probably had more enemies than any man alive. This was only fair; he had labored long and hard to make himself hateful, and in the end he succeeded all too well. Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Certainly, that is how Bierce spent the majority of his days

Certainly, that is how Bierce spent the majority of his days. Born in Ohio to a large fundamentalist religious family in 1842, Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce received his unusual first name through his father’s odd custom of inflicting names beginning with the letter A upon all his children. By the time he got around to his ninth offspring, the best his father managed to come up with was Ambrose.

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Ambrose Bierce: Alone in Bad Company. Christopher K. Coleman uses Ambrose Bierce’s few autobiographical writings about the war and a deep analysis of his fiction to help readers see and feel the muddy, bloody world threatening Bierce and his fellow Civil War soldiers. Across the Tennessee River from the battle of Shiloh, Bierce, who could only hear the battle in the darkness writes, The death-line was an arc of which the river was the chord.

Roy Morris does an honorable job in putting forth whom he believes Bierce was and consequently why he wrote. Morris is certainly sympathetic but by no means gushy. Although some might be distracted by his psychoanalytic queries, they are important questions in understanding literature and authors. His persuasiveness is due to his ability to convey factual content without boring the reader; and there are plenty of facts concerning Bierce, his family, friends, contempories, as well as the social and political atmospheres over his 7 decades. Finally, the books organization saves discussion of Bierce's mysterious disappearance for the last - where it should be.

OUR NEW NEIGHBORS AT PONKAPOG BY THOMAS BAILEY ALDRICH When I saw the little house building, an eighth of a mile beyond my own, on the Old Bay Road, I wondered who were to be the tenants.

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Ambrose Bierce Alone in Bad Company.

A lively and compelling portrait of one of the most acerbic and distinctive voices in American literature, Ambrose Bierce: Alone in Bad Company is a clear-eyed but sympathetic account of a complex individual at odds with his country, his family, his times, and himself. The only American writer of any stature to fight in and survive the Civil War, Bierce discovered in the conflict a bitter confirmation of his darkest assumptions about man and his nature. Profoundly disillusioned, Bierce spent the next fifty years struggling to disabuse his fellow Americans of their own cherished ideals--be they romantic, religious, or political. His groundbreaking short stories of the war, including his most famous work, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," have had a lasting influence on every subsequent American author dealing with war. And the heartless, hilarious aphorisms in his caustic lexicon The Devil's Dictionary have entered, often uncredited, our national consciousness. In this insightful, critically acclaimed biography, the first comprehensive study in almost fifty years, Roy Morris, Jr., accounts for both the influential art that Ambrose Bierce made from a harsh and unforgiving vision--and the high price he had to pay for it in loneliness, rancor, and spiritual isolation.

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Throughout this biography, there is a parenthetical dialogue between author and reader. It is as if Mr. Morris wants not only to share the facts of Bierce's life but also engage the reader. Granted, books are generally not about conversations, but this style of writing, with humor and analysis, is what made me give five stars to the book. And as a relatively new student to Bierce (my loss, not Bierce's), I finished the book feeling like I had a new friend, dear Ambrose. I believe the author was fair in presenting both the positive and negative aspects of Bierce's life and literature. My special interest was in Bierce's experiences during the Civil War, and I did gain a better appreciation of his stories by reading this biography. Whatever your opinion may be on politics, religion or satire, this book (this man Ambrose) is bound to give your views a slight nudge. And as a glance back into an earlier time in American history, it might also give you a chuckle or two.
just one girl
Morris' biography of Bierce is thorough and has a lot of insight, but one thing that irritates is the implication that Bierce is not a "major" writer. There's even a a blurb on the book jacket from some critic at the Washington Post referring to him as a "lesser" writer.

Are you kidding? Bierce wrote at least four or five of the greatest short stories in American literature. He pioneered the idea of showing readers that they weren't paying attention; he explored near-death experience masterfully in "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"--as well as delivering a scathing criticism of war; he wrote the most riveting Civil War story of all time, "Chickamauga," and he inspired dozens of modern and postmodern writers--Hemingway through Joseph Heller.

Yes, Bierce's work was inconsistent. But so was Twain's, Crane's, and the work of dozens of other "major" writers.

The best Bierce criticism is Richard O'Connor's _Ambrose Bierce: A Biography_, published in 1967. If you're interested in Bierce, read that one first.
It's difficult for a biographer to be objective about a subject. They carry their own personality and experience into each work. This bio comes pretty close to an even-handed look at a very controversial figure.

If you are looking for one book on Bierce, buy this one. It's the best of the lot to date.
Clear, excellent writing, multiple points of view, no halo. You may however like Ambrose Bierce less after reading. Well done.
The definitive work on an often overlooked writer.
This book gives insight into one of the American literary greats. There are times that the book drags, but I think this is due as much to the author as to the fact that some moments in Bierce's life are so interesting that when you read about the "average" moments in his life, you are left, well , bored. This is a good book for a Bierce fan or someone that would like to learn about an American writer who, deservedly, lived in the shadow of Twain.
Bierce was a tortured genius and the father of the twisted ending. His Civil War stories are exemplary accounts he lived and survived. The Devils Dictionary is a laugh a minute.
I obtained this for my husband. He devoured it, stating it was an excellent read and very informative.
Ambrose Bierce: Alone in Bad Company download epub
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