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by Isabel Allende

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Isabel Allende (American Spanish: (listen); born August 2, 1942) is a Chilean writer. Allende, whose works sometimes contain aspects of the genre magical realism, is known for novels such as The House of the Spirits (La casa de los. Allende, whose works sometimes contain aspects of the genre magical realism, is known for novels such as The House of the Spirits (La casa de los espíritus, 1982) and City of the Beasts (La ciudad de las bestias, 2002), which have been commercially successful.

In those three months, Paula had left childhood behind and become a beautiful young girl obsessed with learning: she got the best . As so often happens when one follows the road indicated in the book of destinies, a series of coincidences helped me put my plans into practice.

In those three months, Paula had left childhood behind and become a beautiful young girl obsessed with learning: she got the best grades in her class, studied guitar without the least aptitude for it, and, after mastering English, began on French and Italian with the aid of records and dictionaries. Meanwhile, Nicolás had grown a span, and materialized one day with his pants’ legs at midcalf, his sleeves halfway up his arms, and with the self-same bearing as his grandfather and father.

In December 1991, Isabel Allende's daughter Paula, aged 26 fell gravely ill and sank into a coma. A Study Guide for Isabel Allende's "Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses" by Cengag.

Paula, Isabel Allende Paula is a 1992 memoir by Isabel Allende. Woven throughout the book Paula, Isabel Allende writes of Paula, the beautiful child that she was, and the courageous and giving adult that she became. She intended to write a straightforward narrative about the darkest experience of her own life. But the book is a tribute to her deceased daughter Paula Frías Allende, who fell into a porphyria-induced coma in 1991 and never recovered. It is very much a process of the stages of grief and letting go of someone that we love, as she embraces Paula's new husband and the process where together they realize that they must let Paula go.

Author Isabel Allende. Short Title SPA-RETRATO EN SEPIA.

Chilean author, storyteller and activist in support of women and children.

ISBN 10: 840137541X ISBN 13: 9788401375415.

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This story was written to honour the life of the author's young daughter who suffers from a life-threatening disease. Allende follows the family history through the turbulence of the military coup in Chile to their struggle to adapt to a new life in North America after their escape. The central character is Paula, her daughter, but each member of this eccentric family plays his or her part in this engrossing, emotionally charged story of love, loss, courage and fear. It a pean to the special love between a mother and daughter, and the triumph of the spirit. Compelling reading. Highly recommended.
Wow que historia fascinante de amor, dolor y éxito. La agilidad de Allende para describir sus emociones causan que el lector se apropie de ellas. Su abilidad para entretejer la historia de Chile y latinoamericana durante esos años conecta a cualquier latinoamericano que vivió esos años con ese pasado común que enfrentamos en las décadas de los sesentas, setentas y ochentas. Años de dolor pero de cambio que nos inspiran a apreciar la herencia que podemos transmitir a nuestros hijos nacidos en Estados Unidos. Gracias Isabel Allende por expresar con tus propias palabras todos mis sentimientos.
deadly claw
An emotional, endearing and wonderful read! I enjoyed following Isabel Allende's path through the most painful experience a parent can have: the death of her 27 year old daughter of a terrible, unusual and strange genetic illness: porphyry. Her heartbreaking road takes her to tell the story of her family and her own in a humorous, entertaining and at time painful way. I read the book in Spanish, which is doubly rewarding as the richness of Allende's communications skills in her maternal language become outstanding following colloquial Chilean expressions that can be absolutely untranslatable funny. With "Paula" the reader will enjoy a taste of Chile's tragic history especially during the 60s and 70s, of the country's amazing geographical beauty, customs and the resilience and richness of the people. I loved it!
This book will make you feel you belong in Isabel's own family. You will laugh, cry, feel joy, and never want the book to end. At least all of this happened to me. I have read various Allende books (she is my favorite author btw) and this might be my favorite book of hers. It's a tough statement to make because all of her books are incredible and so rich with detail and always contain strong and interesting characters; but this particular book was very emotional and felt extremely personal and for that it made me love it even more. Once you read this I strongly urge you to read The Sum Of Our Days. I think the two should be read close together to get the full impact of this time in Isabel's life.
A writer who can make you laugh, smile, and cry in the same chapter is indeed a writer to be cherished. Such is the case with Allende's Paula. As a mother, I suffered with Allende's description of her struggle to keep her comatose daughter alive, yet amid the tragedy she could digress and recall earlier periods of laughter and funny irony. Even in the midst of the anguish of trying to find a way to communicate with her inert daughter, she found comic relief in the drama of the lives of other patients in the hospital. The author provides compelling stories of her early childhood, great loves, and introduces a parade of interesting characters. All these are gently interwoven with a description of historical events and political turmoil in Chile creating a provocative glimpse of an era which I suspect most US readers were probably unaware. A tender and sensitive description of loss, tragedy, and of finding peace, Paula is indeed one of my more revered reads for this year.
I am a huge fan of Allende’s writing had read several other of books before this one. “Paula” is a powerful, achingly honest account of a mother struggling to deal with her daughter’s living death. As Isabel chronicles her own life to try and hold onto sanity while keeping vigil, she gives her readers great insight into her novels.
I loved this novel because of the way Isabel Allende used to communicate with her dying daughter. It made me think in the way mothers try to console their kids when they are sick. Most of the time we try to entertain them to keep them away from their pains. She does something similar telling her all her past. Even though Paula cannot hear, she continues talking and talking about their past. Isabel Allende is a great story teller, she transport you in space and in the journey you cannot avoid laughing or crying. I like her as a writer, she opens her heart and invites you to participate in the story. I also admire her because most of her novels are based on true stories and many of them. are personal stories. She is not afraid to be judged or criticized.
Wow. That's all I have to say. Wow. Also, I learned a lot about South America in the 1970s, and that was a plus. But for Isabel Allende to share something so personal, so raw was extra-special for me, because someone very dear to me also is in a long coma, as Paula was.
Paula - Bolsillo (Spanish Edition) download epub
Author: Isabel Allende
ISBN: 9500720426
Category: Biographies & Memoris
Language: Spanish
Publisher: Sudamericana (July 2001)