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Pendle, George, 1976–. Strange angel: the otherworldly life of rocket scientist John Whiteside. Parsons, George Pendle. 1st ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index.

Pendle, George, 1976–. Although charges of strange cultism were not substantiated, they had been noted.

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times (Top-left) Parsons at the age of eighteen. He would be a lifelong fencing enthusuast. Reprinted by permission of the agent for the estate of Frank R. Paul The Suicide Squad rests from its labors. From left: Rudolph Schott, a student assistant; Apollo Smith; Frank Malina; Ed Forman; Jack Parsons. Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society convenes at Clifton’s Cafeteria. A young Ray Bradbury sits two from the left.

George Pendle (born 1976) is a British author and journalist. He was educated at Stowe School and St Peter's College, Oxford. After working at The Times from 1997 to 2001, Pendle wrote his first book, Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons (2005). Pendle’s second book – The Remarkable Millard Fillmore: The Unbelievable Life of a Forgotten President (2007) is a faux-biography of the unlucky thirteenth President of the United States of America, Millard Fillmore.

Praise for strange angel. Pendle weaves a fascinating yarn. As a history of space travel, Strange Angel is a cornerstone. This is your book if you want to start reading up on the space age. he deftly and seemingly effortlessly leads his readers through the technical aspects of Parsons' work. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy it. -The Seattle Times. Pasadena's famous Craftsman mansions disgorge their ghosts in this rambunctiously funny, deliriously weird, and incredibly true story of a space-science pioneer turned lustful witch. Mike Davis, author of City of Quatrz. As a history of space travel, Strange Angel is a cornerstone

George Pendle is an author and journalist. He writes about contemporary art, historical fiction, imaginary countries, real monsters, mad scientists, sane occultists, and the color blue

George Pendle is an author and journalist. He writes about contemporary art, historical fiction, imaginary countries, real monsters, mad scientists, sane occultists, and the color blue. He has written for the Economist, the Financial Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Times (London), the Guardian, the Observer, frieze, Cabinet, Bidoun, Modern Painters, and Icon.

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Город: DC, USAПодписчиков: 380О себе: Writer "Strange Angel","Death: A Life".

Город: DC, USAПодписчиков: 380О себе: Writer "Strange Angel","Death: A Life","The Remarkable Millard Fillmore" found ire, @ft, conomist, ailweekly, etc.

Strange Angel has found its Aleister Crowley. Created by Mark Heyman and based on George Pendle’s book of the same name, Strange Angel explores the bizarre true story of Jack Parsons, a man who straddled the worlds of science and the occult, pioneering America’s rocketry program while simultaneously practicing sex magick rituals and living by the creed Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

BRILLIANT ROCKET SCIENTIST KILLED IN EXPLOSION screamed the front-page headline of the Los Angeles Times on 18 June 1952. John Parsons, a maverick rocketeer whose work had helped transform the rocket from a derided sci-fi plotline into a reality, was at first mourned as a tragically young victim of mishandled chemicals. But as reporters dug deeper a shocking story emerged. Parsons had been performing occult rites and summoning spirits as a follower of Alesteir Crowley, and he was promptly written off as an embarrassment to science. George Pendle tells Parsons' extraordinary life story for the first time. Fuelled from childhood by dreams of space flight, Parsons was a crucial innovator during rocketry's birth. But his visionary imagination also led him into the occult community thriving in 1930s Los Angeles, and when fantasy's pull became stronger than reality, he lost both his work and his wife. Parsons was just emerging from his personal underworld when he died - aged thirty-seven. In Strange Angel, Pendle recovers a fascinating life and explores the unruly consequences of genius.

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Well-written and thoroughly researched, "Strange Angel' connects the dots between occultist Aleister Crowley, JPL rocketeer John Whiteside Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in the 1940s during the existence of the OTO lodge in Pasadena. Absolutely riveting tale not only of the relationships these men had with "magick," but also a great story about one of the founding fathers of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Cal Tech. Pendle has given the reader a historical sense of old Pasadena in the 1930s and 40s that is hard to beat. Couldn't put this one down.
I've been fascinated by Jack Parsons since first reading about him in Mark Frost's THE SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS. George Pendle's SECRET ANGEL delivers a full payload of the true history of Parsons the pagan rocket man in this well-written and engaging book that fills in all the blanks and connects most of the dots. The basis for the CBS All Access series of the same name, Pendle's book can be read as a companion book to the show or as the excellent stand-alone biography it is.
Well researched intriguing and ultimately tragic story of jack parsons, inventor of solid rocket fuel and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A genius self made scientist, he was also an occultist and crowleyite. Beautiful and evocatiive description of the Golden Age of Los Angeles. Imtesting sharply drawn cameo appearances of Hubbard, Heinlin and many others. Explores the connections among futurism, science fiction, the military and the alternative religions ( cults) that flourished in LA. If Parsons had lived, and been able to free himself of the so called freedoms oc Crowley, space exploration might have been far advanced. Unique look at this man and this time.
I'm a Russian Occupant
The history of the development of rockets is interesting, but this book is much more than that! It is about the early 20th C in the US's scientific, political, economic and social history. All of these are presented through the life history of one central character, but we also get to meet many other players.
I first read about John Parsons in a science magazine (title forgotten) and the short article gave me enough curiosity to seek out the book. This is a true tale of American genius and insanity rolled into a character that helped change the world. Well written, easy to follow and creative enough to make you hate to put it down, if you enjoy American stories and tales of the times before OSHA, government regulation and other constraints that damper discovery and true genius, this book is for you.

America is dominant in space technology, military superiority and world economic position today because of unique individuals like John Whiteside Parsons.
I live in this area and had no idea of the amazing history around me. A superb read. The Parsons building still stands in Pasadena.
Fascinating biography of a fascinating, eccentric, even deviant occultist man whose advances in rocketry took us to the moon. The writing could be a little better, but the book is well researched.
Strange Angel was an angel of a surprise. Based off of the description I knew that I would have an inturests in the subject matter but I wasn't fully prepared for the sheer delight I got from this work. The writing was good, the research sound as far as I cared to check up on it, and the tone was appropriate for the subject matter.

Probably the best part of reading this book was the broad range of subjects that the subject of the book and myself have in common - why was this so delightful? Because this book interacts with people and movements that I care quite a bit about but don't see interact very often. Would recommend this book to fans of silence fiction, occultism, freedom culture, the history of science and anyone who enjoys a good old fashion slice of Americana.
Strange Angel download epub
Author: George Pendle
ISBN: 075382065X
Category: Biographies & Memoris
Language: English
Publisher: Phoenix (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd ); New Ed edition (April 6, 2006)
Pages: 376 pages