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by Joan Collins

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Published December 31st 1985 by G. K. Hall & Company. Large Print, Hardcover, 524 pages. Author(s): Joan Collins.

Published December 31st 1985 by G. ISBN: 0816137706 (ISBN13: 9780816137701).

Title: Past Imperfect: An Autobiography (.

Past Imperfect: An Autobiography Mass Market Paperback – March 1, 1985 . by. Joan Collins (Author). from Hollywood to Europe and back, three broken marriages, the struggle to save her daughter's life & her many love affairs. Joan Collins remains one of the most beautiful and sexy lady of showbiz!

Past Imperfect: An Autobiography Hardcover – April 1, 1984. This is a well-written dishy autobiography that delivers.

Past Imperfect: An Autobiography Hardcover – April 1, 1984. Her humor shines through and I laughed many times.

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The beautiful, talented actress recounts her professional and personal life, from her childhood in England, through her three broken marriages and love affairs, to her daughter's accident and recovery

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Delicious, candid autobiography from great beauty, actress and author Joan Collins. It's delightfully written and Joan puts it all (well, perhaps not ALL but certainly enough) out there--from her relationships with everyone from long-time love Warren Beatty to love turned husband turned ex-husband, the brilliant Anthony Newley to behind the scenes dishing about actors, producers and the ugly realities of Hollywood. Her writing is honest, straightforward with that quintessential British self-depracating humor often present. I was particularly drawn to Joan's disclosures over financial worries, relationship difficulties, her constant concerns about doing right by her children and balancing being there for them with having to work, and how she's had to "find it within herself" to pick herself up, dust herself off and start over time and time again. She "reinvented" her life and herself and managed to keep herself relevant and working long after many of her actress contemporaries had hung up their wigs, foundation and heels. Well worth the time and money, "Past Imperfect" is as entertaining as it's author's roles in TV and films; Joan Collins is actually a very good writer which also helps make this book so hard to put down. I genuinely enjoyed it and highly recommend it!
It's been almost thirty years since Collins wrote this memoir, at the peak of her fame on the TV series "Dynasty". Since then, the culture has become so coarsened and vulgar that her story of life on her own terms (with more lovers than some women would have claimed at the time) seems less shocking and more playfully honest. Collins had a spotty career, with some big (but unimportant) films in her stunning youth, then a series of "B" pictures such as "The Bitch" and "The Stud" which cemented her reputation as a powerful and sexually overpowering presence. In the book, she speaks frankly (but without being trashy) about her husbands, including Anthony Newly, her relationship with her work (she was a better actress than many gave her credit for) and the curious double standard that seems to be disintegrating between men's and women's sexual appetites and conquests. What may once have seemed sensationalistic doesn't anymore, which makes the book a more accessible, historical, and engaging read. Collins spoke about things which, thirty two years ago, might have raised a few eyebrows. Today, more people may have a greater interest in her thoughts on such films as "Land of the Pharaohs," (See it, damn you!) and "The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing." That's all here as well, thankfully, as is the story of a harrowing accident survived by Joan's then young daughter. "Past Imperfect" isn't the notorious bed-hopping autobiography it once was considered. In fact, it's well written, candid, funny, and sincere. Recommended.
Joan Collins does come across the pages of this 1978 memoir as a diva, Alexis Carrington- personified, ever the coquettish man-hunter with a calculating mind. The book is impossible to put down. It details her youth, her loves and marriages, her children, and her acting career which peaked in "Dynasty." It's all fascinating, often shocking stuff with her life careening at breakneck speed, always chasing the next big job or true love.

She readily admits most of her movies and TV guest roles were less than challenging and often downright abysmal. (Her description of filming "Empire of the Ants" is a hoot.) It's too bad there is so little about Dynasty here...just a few pages added in haste for the 1984 re-release of the book. The book is as full of energy as she is. Recommended for her fans.
Wish I had read this book before reading the biography of Joan Collins by Lord Graham. (He practically lifts whole sections out of Past Imperfect without any additional information. And what he does add are his own opinions of Dame Joan. Rather then perhaps interviewing the people involved with her life, Lord Graham does his mightiest to portray Joan Collins as a carbon copy of her Alexis role on Dynasty, to ridicule & scorn & judge. And even deigns to know what her true thoughts and feelings are )Ms. Collins' life during this time was quite turbulent but she rolls with the punches & comes up on top again & again. Dishy & frank. Her sense of humor & big heart is clear throughout. Would have loved to have pictures accompanying this autobiography.
I like the book. Joan Collins is a real star, a big star and a good story teller.
But there are many digital errors in this edition, such as lots of hyphens instead of commas, and hyphens instead of blanks+dashes+blanks.

The second problem with this edition is here: it contains no pictures. No illustrations at all. The only image is the cover of the book.
Maybe Amazon sent me an incomplete version, because I see here in the Product Details: "File Size: 1608 KB". And in my Windows File Explorer I see that file B007TCQGSM_EBOK.azw is only 852 KB (872 656 bytes) in size. I got the file two times smaller.
I read this book right away and it was very interesting. I was not especially interested in Joan Collins, but I enjoy reading biographies about celebrities, etc.
I'm pleased I took the time to read this book, as sadly a lot of us believe what the media write about stars. Joan is the type of person I would have liked to be friends with. She writes well, taking the reader through her good times and bad. While I wouldn't trade places, she does have an interesting and fun packed life. Thanks for sharing, Joan.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Very interesting from start to finish and well written. There were a lot of typos though in the online addition. I fell in love with Joan Collins as a person after reading this book. Very well done.
Past Imperfect: An Autobiography (G.K. Hall Large Print Book Series) download epub
Author: Joan Collins
ISBN: 0816137706
Category: Biographies & Memoris
Language: English
Publisher: G K Hall & Co; Ex-library edition (February 1, 1985)
Pages: 524 pages