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Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett, 2007 International Edition ( 2 Volume Set) download epub

by Andrew Kilpatrick

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Of Permanent Value book. A good book to start, at times tedious but very thorough book on the character and business behavior of Warren Buffett.

Of Permanent Value book. The first chapter makes the case that Warren Buffett's Berkshire. Great anecdotes by the author about Warren Buffett. A great way to know the greatest investor of all time in person.

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and from which we can all profit.

Release Date: January 2007. Publisher: Andy Kilpatrick Publishing Empire (AKPE). Weight: . 5 lbs. You Might Also Enjoy.

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BufFett and Gates Merge to Back Worldwide Charity Efforts. Of Permanent Value10000 into More than 450 MillionAFTER TAX. 21. Whos Warren Buffett?

BufFett and Gates Merge to Back Worldwide Charity Efforts. 11. Iscar Metalworking Companies of IsraelBerkshire Goes International. 15. Whos Warren Buffett? 39. What Buffett Was Reading on August 30 1930.

Chapter 173: The Wisdom of Warren Buffett - "The Fact that People Will Be Full of Greed, Fear or Folly is Predictable. The Sequence is No. Chapter 174: Lunch with Warren Buffett - I'll Have a coke.

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Alex Bossert was featured in chapter 201 of Andy Kilpatrick's book; Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren .

Alex Bossert was featured in chapter 201 of Andy Kilpatrick's book; Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett. THE STORY OF ALEX BOSSERT ately, one of the first people to show up at the Berkshire annual meeting is Alex Bossert, an 18-year-old student at Cathedral High School in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Arriving at the site around 4:00 . Bossert makes a day of it. The meeting in 2009 was his fourth one. Ive been investing since I was 10 and read my first book about Buffett when I was 13, he said. When I was 13, I was at Barnes & Noble and the first book I pulled out was How to Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett by Timothy Vick.

by Andrew Kilpatrick · data of the book Of Permanent Value: The Story o. .by Andrew Kilpatrick. ISBN: 978-1-57864-401-8. ISBN-10: 1-57864-401-1. Andy Kilpatrick Publishing Empire (AKPE · 2006. Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett.

The first chapter makes the case that Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, although based in Omaha, has emerged as a truly international company. Chapter 2 explores Buffett's extraordinary gift of the bulk of his fortune to the Gates Foundation. Chapter 3 reveals what Gates gave Buffett as a thank you (surprisingly, Gates gave Buffett a 1776 first edition of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations). And Chapter 4 tells of Buffett's purchase of Iscar, the precision tool company in Israel, and tracks BUffett's visit to Israel to visit Iscar's facilities and to meet with the Israeli prime minister. Also, there are chapters (among the 335) about Buffett's wedding on his 76th birthday, Berkshire's stock price surpassing $100,000 and Berkshire's bid to bail out the Lloyd's of London "Names." The fully revised book has more than 1,200 photos. The back cover photo is of Buffett and NBA's LeBron James.

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I’ve read most of the biographies of Warren Buffett, but I consider this to be the definitive biography. There are several reasons. This book has been developed over a period of many years (around 25, at this point) and is the result of dedicated research and writing. The author has access to Mr. Buffett that most writers do not, and you can see this in the various letters and documents that Buffett has provided for publication. Each year, Buffett personally selects a group of books to be sold at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha and every year this book is chosen. This kind of endorsement by Buffett is probably the only reason you really need to pick up a copy.

At the 2016 meeting, one book was selected for “super highlighting” by creation of a giant version of the book cover for display. This is that book. Although I think I keep up with everything going on with Buffett, I am always amazed when I read the updated version and discover new facts. This latest version contains a nice recap of the premiere of the HBO Documentary Becoming Warren Buffett. The insight provided by Mr. Kilpatrick is available because he was there. You probably don’t get invited to a premiere like that without being fairly well-connected. It is this connection you can take advantage of by reading (and re-reading) this book.

There is great humor, insight and information in this book. You'll learn about an incredible personality and be truly entertained in the process. My bookshelf has several books on Warren Buffett, but Mr. Kilpatrick's is my favorite.
Buffett warned in 2003 that mortgage-backed derivatives were "financial weapons of mass destruction" and that, while the Federal Reserve system was created in part to prevent financial contagion, "there is no central bank assigned to the job of preventing the dominoes toppling in insurance or derivatives".

In his letter to shareholders in March, 2005, Warren Buffet predicted that in another 10 years' time the net ownership of the US by outsiders would amount to $11 trillion. "Americans ... would chafe at the idea of perpetually paying tribute to their creditors and owners abroad. A country that is now aspiring to an `ownership society' will not find happiness in - and I'll use hyperbole here for emphasis - a 'sharecropper's society'."
Kind of dissapointed after flipping through the two huge volumes. Nice pictures (but many of them not that clear)through out the book, and seemed to keep up to day with most of the recent events related to Warren Buffett. But the events has not much to read about. For example, about Buffett's purchase of USG stocks lately, only simply mentioned the fact without any background or related story (but the table of contents sure seemed to suggest otherwise). The older one-volume version of the book seemed to have more stuff to read then the new two-volume version, even the older text-only cover seemed to be nicer than the colorful picture-jammed new cover. The new 2 volume version seems to be a chronicle album rather than a historical book. Usually less really means more. Ballooning a book's size with air would only send the disappointed readers away.
If you want to gain insight into what makes Warren Buffett tick and what Berkshire Hathaway is really all about -- you NEED to get Andy Kilpatrick's Of Permanent Value. I have nearly every edition, and this 2007 International Edition, a two volume set, is superior to the past editions both in the extended quality of its content and in the upgraded physical quality of the book. The paper stock of this OPV is glossy and it is much "richer" than previous editions -- much more befitting the man who is it's subject. OPV 2007 IE is simply an essential part of anyone's library. I buy two -- one for home and one for the office. Every time I pick up the book I learn something new about Buffett, Berkshire and the businesses and people that make up this amazing story. A great gift for that Buffett-phile who has everything or the student who wants to learn more about this interesting and complex man/business.
This is a spectacular book. While the Lowenstein and Schroder books are both excellent, this brings a different perspective altogether: A view of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett from all the available source matierials. It gives a fresh and raw feeling to the story that is really wonderful. Thank you Andrew Kilpatrick for an excellent job and extraordinary dedication to this project over the years.

Also, see my video comments here: http://tmblr.co/Z7nErw1_XEgzC
How much more can be written about Warren Buffett? Apparently quite a bit. This cumulative anthology continues to build in content and background. There was another Buffett biography published last year which focused a little more on personal relationships. Kilpatrick targets more of the factual history as Berkshire Hathaway grew to become one of the worlds leading companies, all from a start of $10,000. Along the way Buffett drove a Volkswagen, invested 50% of his net worth in one company and probably had more fun than any other CEO in the Fortune 500. If, like me, you enjoy anecdotal tidbits as well as comprehensive writing, you'll enjoy this very thorough look at Buffett's life.
Great Book on Buffett by Andrew K. The 2000 pictures alone are worth the price.
Great detail to Buffett's life and accomplishments. Wish the book is in 3 volumes instead of 10 lbs in one volume. I could barely hold the book.
Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett, 2007 International Edition ( 2 Volume Set) download epub
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