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In Ma Duncan, Jim Barrett recounts the shocking true story of Elizabeth. When I first started reading this book, I understood Ma Duncan's loneliness, felt sympathetic for people pleaser Frank, and loved Olga.

In Ma Duncan, Jim Barrett recounts the shocking true story of Elizabeth. However, reading today made me realize that "cold-blooded" is an understatement to this murder that didn't have to happen. Evil is more like it! Who hires two men to kill their daughter-in-law and unborn grandchild? Also, I have never seen a book's dialogue so colorful.

107 beğenme · 1 kişi bunun hakkında konuşuyor. Russell Beggs - It has been years since I read "Ma Duncan" excellent book! 25 Nisan 2018 · 4 Değerlendirme. My unofficial New Years resolution (unofficial because I won't feel so badly if I don't do it) is to actually try harder to market the books I have written. To further that goal, I have set up this FB page. I guess we'll see how it goes.

After publishing several books in collaboration with other authors, he published his first solo book, Men of Letters, in 2014. Barrett also works as an actor and theatre director.

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Deadly Women Himself - Author of 'Ma Duncan' (2011). We Quiz Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes on Each Other.

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In this episode we explore the shocking true story of the last female executed in the state of California. More from Nancy's Bookshelf.

James Duncan "Jim" Hansen is an American attorney, Ada County Highway District Commissioner and former Democratic politician from Idaho. Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, United States of America. He was the 2006 Democratic nominee for Congress in Idaho"s 2nd district, but was defeated by four-term incumbent Mike Simpson. was elected to the Ada County Highway District in 2012 and is serving a four-year term. is a 1982 graduate of the College of William and Mary and earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Idaho College of. Law in 1985.

Elizabeth Ann Duncan was a future daughter-in-laws worst nightmare. Filled with deep-rooted instability, jealousy and obsession toward her son Frank, an obsession that far surpassed normal motherly love, Ms. Duncan, known to the world as "Ma Duncan," planned the murder of her pregnant daughter in law during the 1950s.

Detailing this heinous crime, Jim Barrett delves into Elizabeth Duncans turbulent past, reflecting on her numerous marriages, financial fraud, suicidal tendencies and above all, her unnatural obsession toward her son and her hatred toward her daughter-in-law. As the story is revealed, Barrett creates a work that is frighteningly captivating, emphasizing the fragility of the human mind and the extent to which one woman went to fulfill her obsession.

Written with vivid details chronicling this infamous murder, "Ma Duncan" not only uncovers gaps that have been left exposed in Elizabeth Duncans story, but incorporates interviews, pictures and Barretts own expertise in criminal law enforcement to complete the whole story.

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I am so glad a book was written about the horrendous murder of Frank Duncan's wife and child. I was a child living in a small town outside Camarillo, California. I remember the story on the news and in the papers. I was all of 8 years old. It was just impossible for me to understand a woman hiring 2 men to murder her daughter-in-law and her unborn child. To this day it boggles my mind. As a young adult a woman friend of mine told me she knew Gus Baldonado and brought up the murder and said she was not surprised he was a part of it. I told her I remember the murder case but said no more. I knew Mrs. Duncan and Baldonado and Luis were convicted and executed. But I wondered about the background of all three killers and also of Duncan's son frank. I knew there was something odd about him and his mother but my parents did all they cound to keep that from me as a child. Mr. Barrett's book is excellent. And I am so glad the story of such a ruthless crime was finally told. I recall reading somewhere that Frank remarried and wondered if the marriage lasted. I for the life of me cannot understand his standing by his mother. Obviously he cared little for his wife or unborn child. Thank you for such a great book Mr. Barrett. I am glad the 2 victims had their stories told.
lets go baby
A facinating true story of a mother totally obsessed with jealousy over her own son. The last woman to be executed in California and feel the sensation as you are right there with Ma and her hired killers in the gas chamber, their last expressions. Great physcholical profiles of the hired killers and the woman who hired them. I often wondered what makes someone so cold about killing another and this book gives you some insight into that issue. The law in the 50's was certainly not what it is today, hopefully! Unbelievable how she masterminded this brutal crime, just a little old lady she was. If you like true crime stories, this is it! Could not put the book down to the very last page. Where is that meek son of hers today, I wondered. I don't like him very much!
It has been a while since I have read a book that I literally could not put down. This was masterfully written, kept me on the edge of my seat,
even though I knew how the story ended. I hope Mr. Barrett writes more books like this. I find the psychology of people like Ma Duncan fascinating
to read about. I highly recommend this book! I thoroughly enjoyed every page!
Great read!!!
This book is a must read with so much to the story. It is a true story and nothing was fabricated in there.It was a great read I could not put the book down.It went in to details through interviews and court transcripts of the actual events leading up to this horrible Murder to the Trial and after.
I would like to comment on the poster below. The posters name is Steven E. Kroll and I would not pay attention to his post.I don't believe him. After reading the book things that he is saying is quite absurd.
I do not believe he was at the trial. It was standing room only and I certainly did not read that teenagers were given seats. And this poster would be in his 70's now and how sharp is his memory about this standing room only trial 56 years ago?? I will also add that we see his memory is not very sharp as he is comparing this to the Sam Sheppard crime. Sam Sheppard's son has been fighting to clear his Dad's name and through his fight, they have found evidence that Sam sheppard was not guilty. I have not heard anything about new evidence that Ma Duncin is innocent nor have we heard that her son has been looking or fighting to find evidence to clear her name through the years. He knew she was guilty.

The poster went in to a rant with his made up post, because he is against the death penalty.

Read the book it is a true story and you can't put this book down.
Once I read the back cover, I knew this wasn't going to be ANYTHING like that made for TV movie with Rick Schroder and Judith Light. Sure enough, the things this mother did to screw with men's lives and keep her son at arm's length are unbelievable. Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction! I wish there were more details regarding the prosecution's cross examination. I'll bet that would be a book in itself, showcasing all the scams this woman has pulled off.
I have not been so engrossed in a book in a long time. It grabbed me from the start and I couldn't put it down. Jim has a great flare for telling a tale that seems unbelievable, even knowing that it is true. I felt as if I was there experiencing the events as they occurred. Excellent writing style that doesn't get muddled with too many details to keep the story advancing at a good pace.
I found the book to be an easy and enjoyable read. Many years ago I saw old newspapers which mentioned the trial of Ma Duncan. After seeing this I've often wondered what acctually happened. Now I know.
Captain Barrett does a wonderful job of bringing the people to life and giving the reader insight into each of the characters involved. A very thorough account about the killers, detectives and Ma Duncan, herself. Captain Barrett masterfully guides the reader into what motivates all of the players and describes, in detail, what drives them to become involved in this horrendous murder.
A very well researched book; one that I also had trouble putting down after starting.
Ma Duncan download epub
True Crime
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