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Dr Leandro Herrero is a psychiatrist by background who, after medical practice and academia, spent many .

Dr Leandro Herrero is a psychiatrist by background who, after medical practice and academia, spent many years in hands-on leadership positions in global companies. Alongside his medical and psychiatric qualifications, he holds a Master’s in Business Administration and is a Fellow of several management bodies. As an author, he has published several books on management of change and leadership, including Viral Change; Homo Imitans; Disruptive Ideas; New Leaders Wanted; The Leader with Seven Faces and However – Work Could be Remarkable.

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Most conventional 'change management programmes fail. This is mainly due to the fact that they are often based on wrong assumptions such as

Most conventional 'change management programmes fail.

An excerpt from the book Homo Imitans by Leandro Herrero: It should be clear by now that while world I is a conveyor of important and vital . Leandro Herrero - Consultant : Author : Speaker. What is Viral Change (TM). Viral Change (TM) in a nutshell

Leandro Herrero - Consultant : Author : Speaker. Viral Change (TM) in a nutshell. VIRAL CHANGE™ is the alternative to slow, painful and unsuccessful management of change in organisations. The traditional model is linear: big change needs a big set of initiatives cascaded down via big communication programmes.

Viral Change: The Alternative to Slow, Painful and Unsuccessful Management of Change in Organisations (Paperback). Herrero Leandro (author)

Viral Change: The Alternative to Slow, Painful and Unsuccessful Management of Change in Organisations (Paperback). Herrero Leandro (author). Please provide me with your latest book news, views and details of Waterstones’ special offers.

Most conventional 'change management' programmes fail  . Details (if other): Cancel.

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Most conventional 'change management' programmes fail. This is mainly due to the fact that they are often based on wrong assumptions such as: . When we change the process/system, people will change their behaviour . Changes need to come from the top and filter down . Big changes need big actions . Cultural change is a painful, long-term process with no short-term results Viral Change(TM) provides a completely different framework for change. It is based on recent 'discoveries' across disciplines such as network and behavioural sciences. It shows how a combination of the right language and frame, a small set of non-negotiable behaviours (all spread by a small number of activists) and the creation of 'tipping points', creates lasting cultural change in organisations. Unlike conventional methods of change management, Viral Change(TM) is faster, far more effective, potentially more inclusive and certainly long lasting. Since change is constantly present in any organisation, this book will appeal to people at different levels of management or leadership, who want to reshape their culture through the power of internal social networks and aim at greater organisational effectiveness in day-to-day organisational life (not just during change initiatives).

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I am a change management professional. In the course of providing our clients with the best in forward thinking on change we internally review many many books, TED talks articles, paid-for psych research, you name it; in so doing we're always looking for an edge on behalf of our our clients. Over the last four years, I have read and synthesized 32 change management books for our company's associates. Two books have actually met the grade of even genuinely guiding a reader on how to 'do' change. Only one (this one) actually drills far enough down to challenge a number of important assumptions and behaviors to a degree that should leave you unable to slide back to your old 'change' ways with any comfort whatsoever - and isn't that at the heart of it all? If we The Drivers don't change first, why on earth should we hold expectations that others will transition into our envisioned 'brave new world'?

There's a simple test - if the book, article, whatever, does not allow you to tangibly answer the question of what you, as a driver of change, need to do differently tomorrow (as a precisely described action), compared to what you did yesterday - it's fluff. There are many big name firms who at this point of a conversation benignly offer a knowing smile and attempt to disguise their inability to define the 'how' to do change by cranking up the so-called strategic picture of change (aka 'BS'). Never let yourself be put-upon in this way. If any company's representatives taking your hard-earned bucks can't answer the earlier 'tomorrow vs yesterday' question or guide you rapidly to a client-specific answer (my company included) fire them immediately. Viewed against that suggestion, Herrero's book will get you a lot further down the correct path at a cost less than 5 minutes of a typical consultancy's billing rate.

The purpose of cultivating deep change expertise is always to place your organization's results at the top of its class - it's not so one can look/sound smart. As smart as he is, Herrero has an unashamedly and unrelentingly practical perspective on change (as should you). Throughout the book he brings the reader back again and again to the rapid identification of falsehood, and an equally speedy path to practically-focused results. His grasp of human behavior is excellent, but instead of drowning us in psycho-babble and debate between schools of thought - he applies that knowledge to tangible activities that will put you in the driving seat faster than anything else I have read.

If you're into change as a discipline, yes, there's a place to debate Kotter vs Bridges vs PROSCI - as most methodologies have a place in the Great Scheme of Things and offer some tools and guidance that can be applied to some degree of advantage. But they all come with significant downsides too and require care in their application/adoption. Herrero's insights too carry a down-side from my perspective in that whilst they are well-proven, they are frequently counter-intuitive and run up against the grain of the many false assumptions that we have so easily embedded in our day-to-day thinking. That, in fact, is the challenge I referred to earlier - and one which we should embrace.

I am strongly of the view that if you take the opportunity to consider Herrero's ideas with care, you'll not only be a superior practitioner of change, but a better management professional in a wider sense. Since becoming familiar with his work, we have taken to advising all of our clients to read the book. It has always been the case that it takes a smart buyer to get the best from a consultant, and with a clients grasp of Viral Change practice in hand, we anticipate being in a position to provide even better (more nuanced) services to clients who become familiar with this thinking - we see our future as providing far less 'change 101' and instead offer a more acute focus upon truly superior business outcomes.

If I would have anyone read only one change title - be they a business leader, sports coach, teacher, or community leader - it would be this one.
As someone involved in change, I found this book to be quite useful. Herrero takes on several sacred cows involving the 'change business' and I believe successfully makes his case. Earlier reviews get into the things that make Herrero's approach different, so I won't repeat those here. I found the book a little on the academic side. Plus, it's too long. I would have liked to have heard more war stories from Herrero's experience in the trenches using Viral Change. His examples were fine but they didn't seem to have the specificity that would normally come from a practitioner with his experience. Herrero advances a big idea (an important one). Those involved in change efforts will be well served by understanding Herrero's point-of-view.

Bill Wiersma, Author--The Power of Professionalism
Written by a formidable gurus --- Leandro Herrero (@LeandroEHerrero) --- confronting the challenges with organizations and advancing the practice of change!

Leandro is an Architect of Organizations who focuses on organization change (orchestrating large scale, grassroots, and behavior change), culture, leadership, and innovation as he champions the quest for Building Remarkable Organizations. Leandro embraces “shaping tomorrow’s organizations today” and “making today’s organizations remarkable” — “We don’t do ‘small difference’ – if this is what you have in mind, don’t hire us.”

Absolutely a must-read --- again --- “shaping tomorrow’s organizations today” and “making today’s organizations remarkable”!
I found this book to provide a great deal of simplicity on the far side of complexity!

We use this book as one of the text books for our certification course in Practicing Perfection. It is typically cited as the favorite read by our participants.
too much cheerleading and corporate-speak for me. It was like listening to a vendor pitch to a room full of middle managers. The idea has value; I fled the presentation style.
Viral Change download epub
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