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Winning the Job Race: Pathways Through Transition download epub

by Scott Kane,Jack Heyden

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Winning The Job Race book. Scott Kane, Jack Heyden

Winning the Job Race book. Winning the Job Race - Pathways Through Transition is a tool for the. Scott Kane, Jack Heyden.

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Did you mean: jack hayden & scott kane. Winning The Job Race - Pathways Through Transition. by Scott Kane and Jack Heyden. by Jack Heyden & Scott Kane and Paul Kelly. 1. 6 (3 used & new offers).

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To complement the Pathways Through Transition programs, Jack and Scott coauthored and published an insightful self-help book for the job seeker, Winning the Job Race: Pathways Through Transition. com and in our own Gray Hair Management web store. In 2004, Zeno Wisniewski joined GHM as a partner to further help expand the GHM model.

Jack Heyden and Scott Kane are executives with over 60 years of combined experience who, in early 2000, were out of work, did not . Lessons learned from this book: 1. You're going to be "in transition" for the rest of your career. 2. Get over it. 3. Take control.

Jack Heyden and Scott Kane are executives with over 60 years of combined experience who, in early 2000, were out of work, did not know each other and who were.

He also coauthored with his partner, Scott Kane, Winning the Job Race: Pathways Through Transition. With his rich background in human resources, consulting, coaching and business leadership, Jack provides Gray Hair Management s coaching clients with the successful combination of experience, direction and personal attention to help them win the job race.

Jack Heyden and Scott Kane are executives with over 60 years of combined experience who, in early 2000, were out of work, did not know each other and who were forced to reinvent themselves to survive in the 21st Century workforce. Scott created Gray Hair Management as a networking tool for his job search, and eventually grew it to a network of over 4,500 senior managers and executives worldwide, all with a common interest and goalfinding a new opportunity in a very difficult job marketplace.

In 2002, Jack joined Scott as a partner in Gray Hair Management and expanded GHM to include coaching, mentoring and networking services to business professionals to help them understand and capitalize upon the job race game in the new Millennium.

Winning the Job Race: Pathways Through Transition is a tool for the job seeker who needs to understand the rules of the game, to reinvent him or herself in order to articulate the value and currency he or she brings to the table, to capitalize on current and future networking contacts, and to ace the job interview in order to win that next great opportunity. If you're looking for a new position and are having difficulty getting on track in your job search, then this book will provide you with the strategy and techniques to win the race.

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This is a great book for someone looking for a job. I have been out of the market for 16 years and it gave me a great deal of advice. Every chapter gives advice that most of us really can use. Chapter 3, Packaging Yourself For Job Success, I believe is the best and most useful chapter in the book.

I would recommend this book and the Grey Hair Management network.
I read this book with great interest. I tried some of the action steps that felt appropriate for me and found myself getting interviews. Not only that, I had my choice of offers. Read and do and you will regret not reading this book sooner. It is a must read for anyone who wants to improve their career status.
Based on GHM's reputation in the US, I had great expectations from their GHC Israeli website- "GRAY-HAIRED CLUB" ([...]),
which has the same concept and similar services as their US. .com website.

Unfortunately, the Israeli .org website's members profiles are not avialable free of charge.

Also, the translation from English into Hebrew is sloppy and comes out slurred.

It seems as if their Israeli version is based on the assumption that the good-name that they had established in the US, is sufficient for aquiring clients in a small province ,without additional efforts.

My review reflects my dissapointment with their conduct in my country.

Therefore, I will not purchase a gift book (as intended) from someone who clearly does not value my people.
A lot of people what to write a book to boost their credibility among with potential clients. Winning the job race is such a book. More fluff than substance.

On the positive side, the writing is OK. On the down side, back in 2005, when the book was written, the book was dated. Now, almost ten years latter, the world has changed.

For example, today, almost every company want to know your past salary BEFORE you interview - yet the book assumes that you can hold off compensation negation until after an interview or two. Not so anymore, unless you really stand your ground.

Mostly the book is about personal branding - which is fine if you like that. But there is no evidence that this strategy works to get hired.
From the perspective of the first time unemployed, this book addresses emotional states from the initial shock of losing your job to the Olympic athelete in training mentally to land a new job. The book stresses the importance of networking, not just to land a job, but as an important tool to continually use throughout your life to maximize what you're doing. They package the job search and networking experience to be just as professional as the effort you will expend in the position you land. Professional, common sense approach to one of life's most stressful experiences.
just one girl
This book is named wrong ... it should be named Marketing "My Personal Business" Company for Dummies.

The concept of MyPB is not new, it's not revolutionary, but for technical people like me the idea of marketing oneself was foreign and scary. Jack & Scott have boiled the rhetoric down to simple to understand, and simple to implement concepts. Every page is filled with content that is both understandable and useful in this race for employment. While the book is written for and references executive level job hunting, the concepts can and should be applied to all levels.

For the price of a chain store meal you can gain advantage by leaps and bounds above your competition (assuming they don't buy this book). Compared to all the other "HELP" that is out there for us, the $20 spent on this book will be the best ROI you've seen in a long time.
I wanted to let anyone thinking about buying this book, to move forward with confidence. Winning the Job Race includes key information every job seeker must have to be successful in finding the right job. The chapter on networking alone is worth it's weight in gold. They describe how connections are made through networking that had never seemed possible before.

I highly recommend this book and Gray Hair Management for all job seekers or anyone who is thinking of changing careers.
Winning the Job Race: Pathways Through Transition download epub
Job Hunting & Careers
Author: Scott Kane,Jack Heyden
ISBN: 0976610906
Category: Business & Money
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Language: English
Publisher: Gray Hair Management (March 1, 2005)
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