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Generating Buy-In: Mastering the Language of Leadership download epub

by Mark S. Walton

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Walton applies timeless wisdom to today's business world and, most importantly, shows how to take action

Walton applies timeless wisdom to today's business world and, most importantly, shows how to take action. You will be a more effective leader if you follow the steps in this book" -Frank T. Morgan PhD, Global Director of Leadership Development, Dow Chemical Company. Those who seek to inspire employees will find the author's advice a timely reminder of what they must continue doing.

The need to generate support .

The power not just to persuade, but to inspire.

He took up the challenge and this book is one of the exceptional results.

"This book unlocks secrets top leaders have applied through the ages. He took up the challenge and this book is one of the exceptional results. We are living in an era that might be called the Negotiation Revolution.

You’ll follow the process from start to finish in classic business scenarios to which everyone can relate.

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The author: Mark S. Walton is chairman of the Center for Leadership Communication and a professor of leader-ship in the . Navy’s Advanced Management Program.

What You’ll Learn In This Summary. The author: Mark S. He also teaches at the University of North Carolina.

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Foreword by William Ury, coauthor of the bestseller Getting to Yes.

Buy-in can be defined as the understanding, commitment, and action of people working to achieve strategic objectives. In 21st-century business, buy-in has become a crucial asset, and the ability to generate it has emerged as the leadership competency. The achievement of buy-in depends heavily on the communication skills of the seller, the executive, or whoever is asking us to believe, to act, to buy.

Generating Buy-In presents a language of leadership common to the most masterful influencers in business, politics, law, and other arenas. The author describes how to use this language to build strategic stories that project a positive future, even when the immediate news may be less than ideal.

Generating Buy-In offers examples of individuals and organizations that have used this method, including Jack Welch, Ted Turner, several U.S. Presidents, Coca-Cola, and the U.S. Army. These and other examples, plus exclusive interviews, illustrate how powerful leadership communication can bring unprecedented buy-in throughout any organization.

The book features valuable tools, including sample business scenarios, a full chapter of Q & A, and a design process for creating custom buy-in exercises and transferring the lessons of the book to actual workplace settings.

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I picked up my first copy of Walton's "Generating Buy-In" several years ago and have since purchased copies for several of my employees. It is singlely the most actionable guide to dealing with the politics of change and buy-in that I've read, and is especially helpful to new managers and group leaders.
Very engaging, well written and concise. (Just) the essentials required for anyone to successfully generate the buy-in needed to achieve your vision and goals. Order is large quantities and distribute freely if you're a sales manager looking to empower your team.
good book
My initial sense when I picked up this book is that is was thin, perhaps lightweight. In pounds, it is lightweight (good to stick in your briefcase for that next airplane trip). In content, it's heavyweight.
The premise of this book is that leaders send their messages, inspire their followers, and achieve results by using a particular type of language. The secret is astonishingly simple: tell stories, strategic stories. The key is to share a vision that people can buy into and they'll follow you to the ends of the Earth.
This disarmingly short book provides the insight into the technique, explains how this approach works, shows you how to use it, and encourages you to use the system. It seems so easy...one of those things that's right there in front of us, but we never saw it. Walton, a former CNN journalist, reports what he's learned, citing examples from the strategies of well-known executives.
Readers will benefit from clear explanations, how-to advice, and a sort of combination of enlightenment and inspiration. This book will stimulate your thinking and change the way you communicate. The illustrations, a glossary, and index provide added value.
Steel balls
Effective communication of the intended message with the objective of ensuring buy-in is a key requirement for leaders at all levels today. This book is an easy to use toolkit for performing this effectively.
The framework ( if I can use the word) for generating buy-in, is simple and powerful. Having determined the buy-in objective, it is important to establish a strategic story line. Humans think in pictures and images, and it is an appealing story that can capture attention about the vision and a positive future. The next step is to have three targeted chapters (based on the theory of Trilogy of Persuasion) , each directed at fulfilling the audience's future needs, wants and goals. Here the leader aligns his goals with that of the audience. Each targeted chapter is followed by supporting evidence to substantiate the statements in the targeted chapters. Buy-in is almost complete at this stage and now is the opportunity to call for action.
Each of these steps is clearly explained through very relevant examples. Excerpts from President George W. Bush's address to a joint session of Congress , September 20, 2001( to rally the nation in the wake of September 11 attacks), structured on this framework , is the best take away from this book.
A chapter at the end of the book is devoted to some FAQ's on the language of buy-in.
This is not a book that discusses theories of leadership and communication, but a practical guide for achieving results.
Highly recommended.
The need to generate support, understanding and commitment is the general definition for the jargonesque term of "buy-in." It seems you can't attend a business meeting these days without half the attendees blathering about some burgeoning brouhaha about "buy-in." But talking about "buy-in" and actually securing it are completely different. Former CNN senior correspondent and anchorman, Mark Walton has taken on the assignment of trying to capture a formal process for "Generating Buy-In" which is the title of his book. Soundview likes this work because it aptly discusses the fact that buy-in doesn't happen by accident and Walton offers a compelling framework, coupled with a step-by-step process, to achieve it. This book will benefit anyone seeking to accomplish a goal with others - so it basically can help everyone.
At first I thought the author was Ury - seeing his name prominently displayed on the cover. Anyway, I bought and finished this book during a 2 hour plane ride. It is simple and to the point, helps you get the essence of what you should be doing to get buy in. No deep psychological dialog here - just tips that any one and everyone can put to work.

When dealing with rather sophisticated audiences - these techniques can fall short; so one needs to carefully study the audience first.

The author has done a good job of laying out his message in an easy to understand format, and the aesthetics of the book are pleasing as well. That made the read all the more enjoyable.

Good value for money...
Great basic message, but it is not a book. The message is that you should deliver a story that connects emotionally to get buy-in. That's it, everything else is just plain filler material. And the filler material is just brainlessly useless.

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Generating Buy-In: Mastering the Language of Leadership download epub
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Author: Mark S. Walton
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