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by Harvard Business Review,Alvin J. Silk

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Alvin J. Silk, the faculty advisor on this volume, is the Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at the Harvard Business School.

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Harvard Business School Press. Author: Alvin J. Silk. This book explores what marketing is and how an enterprise can differentiate itself from others in attracting and retaining customers. The book is organized according to the design of the first-year marketing course in the two-year MBA program at the Harvard Business School. Each chapter of the book is written by HBS faculty and used by MBA students in preparation for classroom participation. The book consists of three parts: the analysis of marketing opportunities, the formulation of marketing strategy, and the execution of that strategy.

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Author Alvin J. Silk Publisher Harvard Business Press Publication Date 2006-10-01 Section Business & Management

Author Alvin J. Silk Publisher Harvard Business Press Publication Date 2006-10-01 Section Business & Management. Type New Format Paperback ISBN 9781422104606. Each chapter of the book is based on materials written by HBS faculty and used by MBA students in preparation for classroom participation.

Alvin J. Silk is Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at the Harvard Business School

Alvin J. Silk is Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at the Harvard Business School. Alvin J.

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What is the market potential? Is it technically feasible? . In reality the design or development of the product or service will continue into subsequent stages as the product or service is refined to the point that is released to the market.

What is the market potential? Is it technically feasible? What are the timescales? . Silk’s most popular book is What Is Marketing?.

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Sometimes you need more then a one-sentence answer. While the term marketing generally refers to what a company does to create value for customers, practicing marketers know they have a major role in setting their company’s strategic direction. Successful marketing requires a deep knowledge of customers, competitors, and collaborators―and great skill in serving customers profitably.

The book provides the foundation for developing those skills and insights. It’s organized according to the design of the first-year marketing course in Harvard Business School’s MBA program. Each chapter was written by HBS faculty and used by MBA students to analyze marketing opportunities and develop and execute successful marketing strategies. Areas covered include:Consumer behaviorBusiness-to-business marketsThe four P’s-product, placement, promotion and priceMarket segmentation, target market selection, and positioningUnique value propositionsThe design of new products and servicesProduct line extensions and repositioning of exciting businessesBrand valuation and brand equityFulfillment and after-sale serviceDirect, retail, and wholesale distribution channels and networksMarketing communications and promotionsAdvertising, public relations, and choice of mediaPricing for profitabilityPersonal selling and sales managementCustomer relationship management and customer privacyCustomer acquisition, retention, and dismissalBasic math for making marketing decisions

Timeless yet timely, this book provides valuable background information for understanding and interpreting business and competition from a marketing point of view. That makes it useful in both formal and informal educational settings, including on-the-job training. Simply put, it’s required reading for marketing students and a must-have recourse for marketing professionals.

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The book, What is Marketing, is from some Harvard Business school professors, they provided techniques to understand marketing and learn how to use the skills to handle marketing easier. The book was originally designed for MBA students to analyze the opportunities in the market and use the opportunities to design and implement their own marketing strategy.
The word marketing usually means how much a company value to their customers and how can the marketers increase the company’s value during their marketing strategy making process. A good marketer needs to be familiar with all the information about their customers, competitors and partners, and have a basic understanding of Customers’ behavior analysis, Business to Business marketing, four Ps – Product, Promotion, Price and Place, Marketing segmentation, target market and product positioning, product and service designing, repositioning and product line extension, advertising and media, clients’ extension and elimination, and the basic math of marketing strategy. Those knowledge in the book is going to help the readers to learn how to be a good marketer.
I think the book explained everything the readers need in a very specific way, the explanations are in details and from surface to innate characteristics of what kind of techniques should people use and why should people use those techniques. For example, in page 25, the book explained about Channels. It talks about that channel is a mechanism or network to flow the products or service from producers to customers, from demand generation to physical delivery of the goods, is a connection between the company and the clients. As long as customers needed, channel sales person have to do whatever they can to fulfill the requirement. A marketing specialist Kasturi Rangan from Harvard Business school identified eight general functions of channel, in order to fulfill most of the requirements from client. Those are Product information, customization, product quality assurance, purchasing amount or power, product line’s width and length, availability, Service, and logistics and streams. He also explains why can’t people just cancel one level in one of the channels – you cannot just cancel the responsibility even if you cross out the level. And he also explained the advantages and disadvantages of direct distribution and indirect distribution. Therefore he suggests building a customer-driven system in order to make sure no matter what happens, marketers can still manage and maintain the functions of the channels.
The book What is Marketing explains trade and competition in the aspect of marketing, provided valuable background information. They shared the experience they got from the past and that information can be really useful for a long time. The market keeps changing all the time, what we can do is learn the lessons from the past and improve the market bit by bit.
Another useless MBA scam textbook. The authors of these books, the administrators of these useless MBA programs and thousands of other higher ed charlatans are in the business of ripping off naive students.
This book is just a compilation of outdated class notes that are usually assigned by the instructor or can be found on the internet. I was looking for material to supplement those assigned HBS course readings. Kotler & Keller Marketing Management, 14e is a better supplement. I do not work for Prentice Hall publishing and did order that book recently from Amazon.
Whether you've done marketing work before or have never experienced it, this book does a good job of giving a very high level formal introduction to the things that marketers care about. It is a good starter to spark some interest in specific areas, like new product development or messaging/advertising, which you should then dive deeper into in other books.

Don't expect to get very granular detail in any one marketing discipline here!
Bad Sunny
Easy read, practical application and a few gaps that can be supplemented with a good strategy book.

If you want to be a better marketer it understand marketing - buy this book.
I love Mercedes
Terrible book, extremely repetitive. The author's writing makes a simple subject unreasonably complicated. I read a few chapters and decided I found more value in my lecture notes. This book should be considered supplemental only, and not required for a marketing class.
This is one of my introductions to marketing. It has a lot of information and reads like a textbook. Chapter 2 was by far my favorite. It explored the importance of using modern psychology and neuroscience to understand markets.
Pages were old inside, but the book was still in good condition.
What Is Marketing? download epub
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Author: Harvard Business Review,Alvin J. Silk
ISBN: 1422104605
Category: Business & Money
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Language: English
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press (October 1, 2006)
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