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Essentials of Business Communication (6th Edition) download epub

by Mary Ellen Guffey

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Essentials of Business Communication.

Essentials of Business Communication. Business Communication: Process & Product.

This item:Essentials of Business Communication by Mary Ellen Guffey Paperback .

Ships from and sold by RAREFINDBOOKS. I absolutely LOVE Mary Ellen's Essentials of Business Communication textbook and how it relates to student learning.

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Mary Ellen Guffey, Dana Loewy. I really love Essentials of Business Communication for my students. Print ISBN: 9781337386494. I’m always alarmed at how poor their grammar and writing skills are, and this is one of the few books that addresses those skills effectively. As an experienced instructor teaching business communication for the first time, I want to praise the layout and clear instructions provided for Essentials of Business Communication.

1. 4 Mb. Business Communication: Process and Product (with meguffey. Mary Ellen Guffey, Dana Loewy.

ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION provides a four-in-one learning package: authoritative text, practical workbook, self-teaching grammar/mechanics handbook, and premium Web site.

This cost-effective ndbook presents a streamlined approach to business communication that includes comprehensive Web resources and unparalleled author support for instructors and students. Essentials provides a four-in-one learning package: (1) authoritative text, (2) practical workbook, (3) self-teaching grammar/mechanics handbook, and (4) premium Web site (www. meguffey.

Essentials of Business Communication book. instructional book for students or anyone who. instructional book for students or anyone who needs to learn business communications.

This text-workbook is a streamlined, no-nonsense approach to business communication. It takes a three-in-one approach: (1) text, (2) practical workbook, and (3) self-teaching grammar/mechanics handbook. The chapters reinforce basic writing skills, then apply these skills to a variety of memos, letters, reports, and resumes. This new edition features increased coverage of contemporary business communication issues including oral communication, electronic forms of communication, diversity and ethics.

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Amazon's listing is incorrect. We ordered this and received paperback instead of hardcover. Also, you'll likely receive the 9e or "enhanced" edition versus the plain old 9th edition. We had to confirm the editions were essentially the same at the campus bookstore and ensure class requirements would be met. Hope this helps any potential buyers and prevents surprise when you receive the item with these two variations.
The actual content is great and informative. The downside is the missing page numbers for my Kindle Touch. As I'm writing this, my grade is dwindling because I cannot locate "page 144-147" to work on my assignment. I wish I could get a refund, but all I'll be getting is a failing grade for $140 worth of digital disappointment.

I've spent many hours of research to find if this is common for the Kindle Touch. To my dismay, there is absolutely no solution if the book does not include the actual page numbers. Even the Kindle App for PC and Android won't interpret the page number. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about here's a brief description:

Kindle Touches use 'location' not 'page numbers'. If you have font size 14 and small margins, your total location count may be 20,000+. If you shrink the font size, the total location count might be 15,000+. It adjusts itself according to the digital format; not paper-back page numbers.

I understand most books support page numbers, but THIS does not. For the students out there, just pay the extra cash to get the paper-back copy or page number supported digital copy online somewhere else.

I am very unhappy about this purchase and wish digital refunds were available. I am willing to change my review if given a chance to buy a non-digital copy.
It's the 9th Edition it has a lot of funny cartoons that 10th edition didn't have but touches more details on some topics that 10 leaves out. Unlike other books that change a few things 9th Ed and 10th are night and day. Depends if you are looking to improve your online present don't use this one. Otherwise,it's great. ​
This book only comes with an access code for Cengage Brain and not it's partner site aplia.com this is the site that happens to have what seems like most/all of the assignments like study guides, quizzes and things of the like which means you will have to buy access to aplia which cost as much as this book. Complete bull and another way to scam people out of their money by withholding information that may have resulted in them making a different decision until it's too late and they are over a barrel.
I retired from full-time university administrative work and returned to my university as a part-time lecturer, teaching "Communication for Management." I picked Dr. Guffey's book because it was in use in my department and looked perfect for what I needed. Her textbook is outstanding. She covers the key learning objectives, including: writing emails for persuasion, presentations, resume and job application writing and informal and format reports. She also delves into business etiquette and social media. The book is a bit longer than it needs to be with some repetitiveness. However, she's just proving the point, "Tell them what you will say, say it and then tell them what you said." With 40 years of communication and management experience and degrees in Journalism and Business, I found myself disagreeing with her now and then. But overall, a great book that I plan to use for several terms.
Very good textbook for learning all forms of business communication! I bought instead of renting the textbook on suggestion of my professor, she stated it came in handy years after taking the course.
Showed up in good condition, only a few pages loose. It saved about $50 dollars buying an the 9th edition over the 10th edition rental. However, make sure that the older edition will be OK with your instructor.
This was hard to review - the book itself content wise is good. The quality I got it in from seller, awful!
Essentials of Business Communication (6th Edition) download epub
Author: Mary Ellen Guffey
ISBN: 0324185359
Category: Business & Money
Subcategory: Skills
Language: English
Publisher: Cengage Learning; 6th edition (February 27, 2003)
Pages: 1 pages