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by Paul Howard,Joan Aiken,Ursula Moray Williams

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Gobbolino The Witch's Cat book.

Gobbolino The Witch's Cat book. Ursula Moray Williams no doubt inspired many of our more well known children's authors to write about cats and magic etc etc. One could easily draw a line from Gobbolino to The Worst Witch to Harry I can recall little about this story, read around the age of 7, except that it was a fun read. I was a voracious reader then as now and books raced through my brain like water to the thirsty. Sadly have little excuse to re-read with no grandchildren on the horizon yet but hey, who needed an excuse ?

Ursula Moray Williams (1911-) was born in Petersfield. Gobbolino the Witch's Cat followed, and the two characters were later brought together in The Further Adventures of Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse.

Ursula Moray Williams (1911-) was born in Petersfield. She started writing soon after she was married and began work on Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse, perhaps her most famous work, while expecting her first child. Ursula Moray Williams lives in Gloucestershire. Paul Howard studied at Leicester Polytechnic where he gained a first-class Honours Degree in Graphics.

Contents Foreword 1 Gobbolino in Disgrace 2 Gobbolino is Left Alone 3 Gobbolino Finds a Home 4. .But one book I didn’t have was Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat, because it came out just after I had left school and was reading adult books.

Contents Foreword 1 Gobbolino in Disgrace 2 Gobbolino is Left Alone 3 Gobbolino Finds a Home 4 Hobgoblin 5 The Orphanage 6 Gruel 7 The Lord Mayor’s Coach 8 Th. I had never read it until I was asked if I would like to write a foreword. Always happy to read a new cat story, I said I would love to, and read it in one joyful gulp.

Gobbolino the Witch's Cat by Ursula Moray Williams (Paperback, 2005). Foreword by. Joan Aiken. Pre-owned: lowest price. He has illustrated many successful children's titles, including Walker's Classic Poetry collection, and A Year in the City, winner of the Primary English Book Award. His recent picture book interpretation of The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark (Egmont), has been highly acclaimed. Paul Howard lives in Belfast.

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Ursula Moray Williams. First published in the 1940s, the story of Gobbolino the witch's cat with one white paw and bright blue eyes, has been delighting generations of young readers. First published in the 1940s, the story of Gobbolino the witch's cat with one white paw and bright blue eyes, has been delighting generations of young readers

Ursula Moray Williams was born on 19 April 1911 at Petersfield, Hampshire, ten minutes after her twin sister, Barbara. She wrote and illustrated over sixty books for children with the most notable being Gobbolino the Witch's Cat and The Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse. After her husband's death in 1974, Ursula Moray Williams remained active, writing, gardening, giving talks and visiting her family in various parts of the world.

Why was I ever born a witch's kitten? Why - oh, why?" With his bright blue eyes and sparky magic whiskers, no one could mistake Gobbolino for a kitchen cat, but that's just what he longs to be. So, while his sister Sootica learns how to ride a broomstick and turn mice into toads, Gobbolino sets off to find a nice warm fire and a family to care for him. He has many adventures along the way and makes many friends, until he finally finds the home he dreams of. First published in 1942, Gobbolino the Witch's Cat continues to delight children - a true modern classic.

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The story started on a dark and cloudy night, when Gobbolino found himself the odd one out amongst witch's kittens - he had one white paw, blue (not green) eyes, and a hint of tabby on his coat. His appearance disqualified him to be a witch's cat, also his heart was too kind to be one. He wanted to good, not bad; he wanted to be a kitchen cat. After being rejected by the crowd he was born into, he embarked on a journey to find the home he would belong. Along the way, his magic and kindness brought happiness to many, yet his own happiness never really lasted.

Like many good children's tales, the story of Gobbolino will give younger readers cheers and make them wonder. There are all the necessary characters that make a fairytale work: wicked witches on broomsticks, an ill but kind princess, a dragon in the tower, a kind woodcutter and his vain granddaughter... However, reading the story as an adult, I couldn't help seeing where the story was coming from: the misfit, disconnection, abandonment, and loneliness. The reader was taken on an emotional roller-coast of repeated anticipation, hope, then disappointment. The world Gobbolino ventured into was not ready to accept him as who he was; in that world, he could either be a witch's cat, or a kitchen cat, not something in between.

A similar journey was taken by The LIttle Prince (de Saint-Exupéry) but with a different ending. The Little Prince became a myth; he remained who he is, yet he also remained alone. *SPOILER* Gobbolino eventually found a home, yet he was rid of his power. Williams might have believed that the only way to make Gobbolino "fit" into the world, is to magically alter the root of misfit. *END OF SPOILER* Whilst this ending was realist and logical, it left me feeling unsatisfied. What made most of this story fun to read was the somewhere-inbetween-ness of Gobbolino, the kind-hearted witch's cat with blue eyes and one white paw. By conforming Gobbolino, Williams asked the reader to accept the world (which is often judgemental, cruel, black-and-white) that he lived in, rather than Gobbolino himself. I agree with a friend of mine who said the ending can also be read as a tale of trade-offs and concession. My feeling of dissatisfaction is probably more with the similarity between Gobbolino's world and the actual world we all live in, rather than the story that pointed to the similarity.
Gobbolino, a witch's feline endowed with unusual powers, is a charming little kitten who faces an identity crisis. Can he choose to be other than what he seems born to be, or does destiny mold him? Is compromise possible, or must he conform to others' expectations? Is appearance more important than reality?

One hardly expects most children's books written for this age level to grapple with such weighty issues, but Ursula Moray Williams's book does just that. Gobbolino cannot accept his destiny as a witch's familiar, and so he goes in search of a family that will accept him both for what he is and what he would like to be: A cat that leads an ordinary domestic life.

During his search for unconditional love and acceptance, Gobbolino meets primarily with bigotry and prejudice, although he encounters many kind characters, as well. Each chapter is a self-contained little adventure, which ends in a "cliff-hanging", suspenseful way in order to segue into the next chapter. Perhaps most poignant is the little tale of Gobbolino's adventures as he impersonates Toby the Dog in a traveling Punch-and-Judy show.

Perhaps the one flaw of the book is that it is difficult to see how anyone could fail to love this little fellow. Nevertheless, circumstances conspire to deprive Gobbolino of a happy home until the very end. SPOILER ALERT: Another flaw, I feel, is this very ending. His supernatural powers finally removed, Gobbolino finds himself reunited with the very family whose father wanted to drown him at the beginning of the book for being a witch's cat! Now that Gobbolino is shorn of his powers, however, he finds acceptance within that family.

I am not certain that this message of extreme conformity is what Williams intended. I prefer to believe that she simply failed to think through the unpleasant implications of Gobblino's contentment at fitting in with a family whose head wanted to destroy him merely for being what he was born to be, through no fault of his own.

Still, the charm of Gobbolino and the interest of his varied adventures, as well as the deep questions that the book raises and embodies, are more than enough to compensate for the equivocal ending. I heartily recommend this book to parents of children in the appropriate age range, as well as to adults who retain their own childlike sense of adventure and love of animals.
This is a cute story about a small kitten who was born in a home that he didn't choose to be in, to a lifestyle that he didn't want and to an inheritance that he doesn't want. While his sister chooses to continue with her inheritance and to become the best that she can be on that path Gobbolino chooses that he wants to live a more simple life that is contrary to the path that he normally would take.

The book takes you into the adventures of this special kitten from being abandoned by his mother and his mistress to finding so many good homes but being chased out from each due to the bias of what he was born as even when he shows to be anything but the "normal" witches' cat. And of course by the time Gobbolino comes full circle back to where he started he is also denied by the witches due to his gentle loving ways.

This story will definitely reach the heart of any child who has been seen different since of the background or life they didn't choose since no matter the struggle they don't fit in if they try to escape that first life.

The only thing that stopped this from being a 4-star book for me is the fact that even though I can related to Gobbolino the ending was a bit rushed while not having been the best ending that it could be. Still all in all it was a good general read for a younger audience.
This book was read to my class in England, when I was 15 years old. I'm nearly 40 now, and this delightful story has stuck with me for 25 years, until I could read it to my own child. Gobbolino, is a misunderstood soul, a character that all children can asociate with! I now live in Canada, and have spent several years trying to track this book down. Not all stories can drive a mother to these length's, to pass them on to their children. Its a special book!
Gobbolino the Witch's Cat (Kingfisher Classics) download epub
Author: Paul Howard,Joan Aiken,Ursula Moray Williams
ISBN: 0753412098
Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Classics
Language: English
Publisher: Kingfisher Books Ltd (July 18, 2005)
Pages: 224 pages