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by Kathleen O'Dell

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Ophie Out of Oz book.

Ophie Out of Oz book.

Ophie Out of Oz. Written by Kathleen O'Dell. But now Ophie has moved to Oregon. No glamour, no magic, and no Lizzy. Ophie Peeler has always considered herself to be a Dorothy type, a girl destined for a glamorous adventure. And her life in fun and sunny California seemed to have an Oz-like magic. She was in every play, she sang "Over the Rainbow" to a packed school auditorium, and she had Lizzy, the best best friend ever.

Welcome, About Me, The Aviary, Agnes Parker, Ophie Out of Oz, Bad Tickets, American Girl, Homework Fairy. Ophie Peeler has always considered herself to be a Dorothy-type, a girl destined for some kind of glamorous adventur. omeda. omeho. omewhere. Praise for ophie out of oz. "Ophie's sparkle and depth of character at the author's hand make this an engaging look at the issue of pre-teen identity crisis.

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Ophie's family has just moved again, leaving behind Ophie's cherished best friend.

Ophie's family has just moved again, leaving behind Ophie's cherished best friend. Believing she looks and sings like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Ophie blunders the very first day at her new school by stating that the two popular "TV Girls" don't sing all that well. Ostracized, Ophie finds herself paired up with the "cootie catcher," Brittany. Throughout, Ophie is both misunderstood and reckless and only makes things worse as she tries to raise her status. She, does however, finally nab the attention of the snobby "TV Girls.

Like Dorothy, Ophie is on the yellow brick road to a glamorous, adventurefilled life. But all of that changes when Ophie and her family move to Oregon, trading in the California sunshine for a dreary, rain-soaked life. The popular girls at school shun Ophie, Brittany Borg (the class oddball) follows her around, and to top it all off, Ophie outgrows her treasured ruby slippers. Will Ophie find a way to fit in, or has her one chance at happiness just sailed away over the rainbow?

Fourth-grader Ophelia Peeler has always felt that she was just like Dorothy in Oz, skipping down the yellow brick road, until a move to Oregon, away from her best friend, sends her on a different path.

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I am [..] and in the [...]and love this book. It is infact one of my favorites. When Ophie Peeler moves from sunny california to rainy oregon and goes to a new school where she wants to show her talents and fit in,the two popular " T.V. girls" are stealing her stardom and making her life difficult.,and her precious ruby red slippers dont fit her anymore! Yet she meets Brittany borg and her little sister Tana who are nice and accept Ophie for who she is, even though brittany is the weird girl in the class ,ophie becomes her friend. When the T.V girls finaly let Ophie into their group only because of one reason, Ophie will have to choose between Brittany,tana and the T.V. girls. Will Ophie ever feel at home? This is a must read book for most kids in 3rd to maybe [...]rade. You must get it!
"Ophie" is a funny book about Ophie Peeler and her journeys through friendship. When moving to a new town, she finds herself stuck with a girl called Britney instead of the TV girls, who are popular and star in TV commercials. When one day she finds out that a present from her dad will make the TV girls talk to her, she breaks off her friendship with Britney to be popular. Finally she realizes what a true friend is- someone who likes you as you are (Britney), not someone who likes you for your belongings.

I'd say the book was written for 3rd-5th graders though Ophie herself is in 4th grade, but I'm going into 7th grade and it's still funny and enjoyable for summer reading.
If you liked Judy Blume's book, Otherwise Known As Shiela the Great, you will love Ophie Out of Oz! Ophie's Secret Self is Dorthy of Oz no matter where she goes, and she is such a fun, unique character. She wears Ruby Slippers just like Dorothy, and I would follow her anywhere! I love her excited approach to life, like when the teacher gives them an assignment to write a poem about the seasons, and instead of writing some dull poem about snow or falling leaves, Ophie writes a poem about a boa constrictor squeezing somebody to death called Amazon Winter!
Lonely at her new school, Ophie wants to get in good with the fabulous TV Girls who sing commercials for a Cadillac dealership. Instead she has to put up with Brittany Borg, one of the funniest characters you will ever read in a book!
Brittany is hilarious, especially when she thinks she is an EMT and driving an ambulance! I would tell you more about her but I don't want to spoil all the fun! Get this book and see for yourself.....
it was an average rated book for me it was a good book buy it a good book for children about staying tre to your friends
I read it as a child and i loved the character. its a good chapter book for people looking for advanced reads for thier kids.
Ophie Out of Oz download epub
Growing Up & Facts of Life
Author: Kathleen O'Dell
ISBN: 0803729308
Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Language: English
Publisher: Dial (May 24, 2004)
Pages: 192 pages