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by Anita Jeram,Amy Hest

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2003) by Amy Hest, Pictures by Anita Jeram, Fiction

2003) by Amy Hest, Pictures by Anita Jeram, Fiction. This story is about an adorable bear named Sam and his mom, Mrs. Bear. The two of them spend time together by baking cakes and delivering them to friends on Plum Street. When Mrs. Bear and Sam pull up to drop off the cakes, Sam is surprised to learn that his mom will be staying in the car and that he will be going to each door alone. I bought this book when I bought Don't You Feel Well, Sam, but it didn't hit the same sweet spot DYFWS and Kiss Good Night did - that is, until my daughter hit the "I can do it myself" stage. Since then, she has enjoyed it quite a bit more.

Of her inspiration for YOU CAN DO IT, SAM, she says, "I love snowy days! I love being out in the snow. and coming in from the snow. and the wonderful smell of something baking in the oven on snowy days. Anita Jeram is the illustrator of GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU by Sam McBratney and KISS GOOD NIGHTand DON'T YOU FEEL WELL, SAM? by Amy Hest. She is also the author-illustrator of I LOVE MY LITTLE STORYBOOK; BUNNY MY HONEY; and ALL TOGETHER NOW. Of YOU CAN DO IT, SAM, she says, "One thing my kids have taught me is that parenting is a process.

And now D encourages me by saying, You can do it, Mummum . Until this book came along. Jeram dedicates the story to someone she addresses as the Queen of Cakes.

And now D encourages me by saying, You can do it, Mummum! especially when he sweetly asks me to help clean up after him! Holding within its pages a simple story about a little bear Sam and his mother Mrs. Bear baking cakes to deliver to their friends on Plum Street, this book fast became D’s favourite a few weeks ag. Because Sam and Mrs. Bear bake 12 cakes and put them in 12 red bags. Best dedicates this story to a Sam and recalls a once-upon-a-time walk in deep snow on Broadway.

by Amy Hest & illustrated by Anita Jeram. A warm gesture of generosity has Sam and Mrs. Bear up before dawn, baking, wrapping, and delivering small cakes in red gift bags to the sleeping neighbors’ doors on their snowy street. Sam’s exuberant impatience in the kitchen- Come on, cakes. is tempered by his shy demeanor when encouraged to walk alone from mom’s truck to each house with his savory treat: Go, go, go!.

AUTHOR: Hest, Amy. TITLE: You Can Do It Sam. BINDING: Hardcover. Acceptable - Very well read. One winter morning, Mrs Bear and Sam bake cakes for all their friends on Plum Street

AUTHOR: Hest, Amy. One winter morning, Mrs Bear and Sam bake cakes for all their friends on Plum Street. And who do you think takes the cakes up to each doorstep, all by himself? Parents and children will recognize the first brave steps of any child doing something by themselves for the first time. Walker Books LTD. ISBN-10.

Hest, Amy; Jeram, Anita. Bear and little Sam deliver the cakes they have made for their friends in the neighborhood, Sam carries the cakes all by himself, through the snow and up to the front doors. This book doesn't have TOC and page number.

In their third story about Sam and Mrs. Bear, Amy Hest and Anita Jeram capture a. . Bear, Amy Hest and Anita Jeram capture a child’s simple joy of giving - and a quiet moment of confidence that will warm the coldest winter da. It happened one winter morning, when the moon was still up, making moonbeams and shadows on Plum Street. Amy Hest is the award-winning author of many books for children, including KISS GOOD NIGHT and DON'T YOU FEEL WELL, SAM?, her first two books about Sam and Mrs. Bear; WHEN JESSIE CAME ACROSS THE SEA, illustrated by . Lynch, which received the Christopher Medal; and the beloved Baby Duck series, illustrated by Jill Barton.

By Amy Hest Illustrated by Anita Jeram. People Who Read You Can Do It, Sam Also Read. Inspired by Your Browsing History. By Amy Hest Illustrated by Anita Jeram. Category: Children’s Picture Books. Aug 14, 2007 ISBN 9780763636883 2-5 years.

By (author) Amy Hest, Illustrated by Anita Jeram. Of her inspiration for YOU CAN DO IT, SAM, she says, "I love snowy days!

By (author) Amy Hest, Illustrated by Anita Jeram. Of her inspiration for YOU CAN DO IT, SAM, she says, "I love snowy days! I love being out in the snow.

"Endearing characters add to the sweetness and fulfillment that younger children will identify with, making this third Sam and Mrs. Bear story quite a delicious morsel." — KIRKUS REVIEWS"Little ones will find this both a suitable precursor to nap time and a spur to be brave and act generously — just like Sam." — BOOKLIST

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We checked this out of the library today. We've had to read it to our two-year-old son probably 12xs already. It combines two of his big interests -- cooking and trucks. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is lovely. Highly recommend!

FOLLOW UP: We bought this book in hard cover from an independent seller, since the hard cover isn't in print. We received a smaller version of the book that seems to have been put out via a Kohl's fundraising campaign. It is not nearly as nice as the original hard cover version we checkout of the library. Buyer beware / clarify if you are interested in a hard cover copy!
I had to buy this book after my then-4 year old made me check it out from the library 3 times. He calls it "the Sam Cakes book," and whether it is the cozy atmosphere, the warm, encouraging mother, the I-can-do-it-by-myself... with a little help from Mommy, the cake, or the primary colors (likely a combination, right?), he LOVES this book and wants to re-read it again and again. And I truly don't mind, because it's very sweet.
Favorite of all my preschool groups. Ordered extra copies.
We love the Sam character.
I don't know what it is about this book, but my almost 3 year old boy loves it (and it doesn't even have one dinosaur in it!) We checked it out from the library and renewed it for 2 months, but I finally pried it out of his hands to return it before the late fees mounted- so now I must buy one of our own. The illustrations are bright and attractive making self reading as fun as when mom/dad reads it.
This is my sons favorite book. When i tell him he can do something because he’s a big boy he says “i can do it like Sam?”
I LOVE the other two Sam books, and I really want to love this one, as well. The characters are SO sweet, and the illustrations are beautiful. The adventure, the sharing, and the step-by-step excitement of everyday things are all wonderful.

But the book just sits on our shelf, because it's miserable to read. The same adjectives are repeated over and over, and apparently Sam "whispers" ALL THE TIME. Mrs. Bear says "Of course" too much, the punctuation is stilted and strange, and some of the phrases almost seem to have been written out of order. It's honestly just annoying.

I love the illustrations and the concept, and the characters are already dear to me based on their other books, but something went really wrong with this one.
You Can Do It, Sam download epub
Growing Up & Facts of Life
Author: Anita Jeram,Amy Hest
ISBN: 0763636886
Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Language: English
Publisher: Candlewick Press (August 14, 2007)
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