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Quentin has written or illustrated over 300 books, and this number is still growing. 100 Figures: The Unseen Art of Quentin Blake.

Quentin has written or illustrated over 300 books, and this number is still growing. Have a look at some of the latest releases, and find some old favourites too! Newest Books. An Anthology of Readers. Oxford Roald Dahl Thesaurus.

Quentin Blake's 'Clown - Thrown Away' crowd-funding appeal now on Kickstarter. The team at independent Italian design studio Arteprima hope to bring Quentin Blake's much-loved story 'Clown' to the screen as an animated short film, launching a crowd-funding appeal on Kickstart. Follow Quentin Blake.

Quentin Blake's CLOWN. The short film adaptation of Quentin Blake's beloved children's book, CLOWN. This is a special message from Quentin Blake! ww. etsmakeclown. What a wonderful project! Learn More. Quentin Blake's CLOWN updated their cover photo. 2 May 2017 ·. Thanks to everyone!

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. One day, Clown is thrown into the trash, but he doesn't stay there long. He tries to find someone to take care of his friends.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Sir Quentin Saxby Blake, CBE, FCSD, FRSL, RDI (born 16 December 1932) is an English cartoonist, illustrator and children's writer. From 1999 to 2001 he was the inaugural British Children's Laureate. He is a patron of the Association of Illustrators. Noka -. Quentin Blake. What others are saying. Clown by Quentin Blake tells the story so beautifully expressively without any words. Women Holding Strange Creatures.

Clown by Quentin Blake tells the story so beautifully expressively without any words.

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Clown by Quentin Blake is a wordless book about a stuffed clown who comes alive after being thrown into the trash with his stuffed animal friends, and has an adventure trying to find a home for himself and his discarded friends. After Clown and his stuffed animal friends are tossed into the trash, Clown finds shoes and runs around the city trying to get help for his discarded friends.

One day, Clown is thrown into the trash, but he doesn't stay there long.He tries to find someone to take care of his friends, but no one listens.Then Clown finds someone he can take care of, and together, they make a home for everyone.Follow the fortunes of Clown-- who starts in a garbage can and ends up in a happy family-- in this perfectly pitched picture book.Master illustrator Quentin Blake has created an irrepressible character, an action-filled plot, and an eloquent story that can be read on several levels-- all without the use of a single word.Best Illustrated Book of 1996, New York Times Book ReviewHorn Book Fanfare Book

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A toy clown and some other toys are thrown away. The clown comes to life and ventures out into the city to find someone to save the other toys-- but no one seems to want old, worn out toys. Clown is not discouraged. His determination and devotion to his friends is inspiring.

Blake's squiggly ink lines and water-colored illustrations are not only brilliant but are fascinating enough to capture the action, emotions, and message of Clown's story without words.
This is a classic wordless tale about a thrown-out toy clown who ventures out to find a home for himself and his discarded comrades. Full of humor, and feeling, and a very happy ending - who can not love it?

Some people object to wordless picture books on principle, because they are unfamiliar with them. This is what I have to say to that:

Wordless picture books are PERFECT for pre-readers. It gives them the ability to read a book - REALLY own the experience instead of just "playing" as they must do when they can't understand the words - on their own. It gives them practice in putting together stories and working out details from context. And it allows them to be the expert at some activity that is usually restricted to adults and older children in their life - reading a book.

By that same token, they are also ideal for early readers. It's non-threatening, and yet it's still a way to practice following a storyline. Reading is more than just mechanically putting together sounds and reciting them, after all. Many people are impressed by a five year old who can say, word-perfect, some complex piece he or she "reads" from a page, but later they find out that the child has no idea what they just read and wasn't thinking of reading as an exercise in gleaning meaning from text, but merely as reciting memorized sounds and letter combinations. Working out the story for themselves from a book with no words is a wonderful way to practice this sort of "reading for meaning".

But what of the child who stumbles in reading? Well, the child who stumbles when reading but can tell you WHAT they read is light-years ahead of the one who sounds pretty but doesn't grasp the meaning. At any rate, this child is still getting much needed practice in the conventions of reading without the letters to stress and trip them up.

Of course, you don't want the only book in your house to be a wordless picture book, I understand that, because children do need print to practice reading, but a few are a WONDERFUL thing for a child. And who has just one book, anyway?
I was expecting a book with words. It's a picture book - false advertisement- had I know I definitely wouldn't have bought it and didn't feel like going through hassle to return it so I kept it -
Silly Dog
This is a wry, funny and wonderful book. Quentin blakes water colours are the best I have seen and the story he tells is amazing. A family dump their toys in a rubbish bin. A clown doll comes to life. He has lost his feet so he finds a pair of shoes, and then goes off searching for someone to save him and his friends. This is the story of his trip, the various people he finds, and the reasons he can't be saved. It is really beautiful and it works on many levels. You can talk about processes of following a story, there is the discussion of what is happening and why. There is the simple narrative you can make, you can get the children to talk about the story (and about the emotions) Overall it has a wonderful happy ending where everything turns up right.
I've been reading this captivating story to my 4-year-old daughter for about a year now, and we are both quite fond of it. I think it's one of the easiest wordless picture books to "read" because there is an illustration to depict every little event, so you don't have to rack your brain for words to describe what is going on--I find that the words just flow. The expressive characters seem very real, and the compassionate clown will easily find a place in your heart.
Marvelous book. Great for the 4 to 5 year old set. Quentin Blake really impressed me with his skill and great wordless storytelling. Glad to have stumbled across the book.
Clown download epub
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Author: Quentin Blake; Quentin Blake
ISBN: 0099493616
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Publisher: Random House Children's Books; New edition edition (April 2, 1998)
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