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by Philippe Mignon,Joseph Kessel

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Le lion (Folio Junior Textes classiques t. 1733). Author(s): Joseph Kessel, Philippe Saglio (Illustrator). ISBN: 2070580253 (ISBN13: 9782070580255).

Le lion (Folio Junior Textes classiques t. Published September 10th 2015 by Gallimard Jeunesse.

The Lion (French: Le Lion) is a 1958 novel by French author Joseph Kessel about a girl and her lion. The novel was translated into English by Peter Green and was made into a film starring William Holden in 1962. Patricia has a rare gift to communicate with animals, and thinks she can control everything. She is popular with both animals and people. The story is narrated through a French man on a visit to Kenya.

By (author) Joseph Kessel. Free delivery worldwide.

My French class is reading this series. We have not started this book yet, but I am sure we will enjoy it based on the other two we have read

My French class is reading this series. We have not started this book yet, but I am sure we will enjoy it based on the other two we have read. The books are written well with much humor and clever illustrations. We plan to read all of the series. Download (djvu, . 2 Mb) Donate Read.

ISBN 10: 2070331482 ISBN 13: 9782070331482. Publisher: Continental Book Co Inc, 1982.

La renaissance en poesie - folio junior. Black Beauty - Anna Sewell - Folio Junior 1996.

Folio junior Arrou-Vignod, J-P: Le college fantôme. By Jean-Phillipe Arrou-Vignod. ISBN: 9782070619467 (replaces 9782070544301).

Illustrated by David Lupton. Illustrated by Neil Packer.

Gallimard, Paris 1958, 12x19cm, broché. A good and rare copy of one of the masterpices of Joseph Kessel. 7 500 €. Réf : 55293.

Le Lion (Folio Junior) (French Edition)

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So thrilled. I read this novel as a young girl and loved it. I wanted a copy for my own daughter. However, my copy is lost somewhere and I specifically wanted the same copy. The black, sketch interior drawings are fantastic and the cover is great. I emailed the seller to confirm that the book I was purchasing was indeed the one show on the website. They were awesome. They got back to me the next day, and I placed the order. When it arrived it was in perfect condition. Just perfect. I am so happy. Great service and a fantastic product.
Having just returned from a Kenyan safari, I was yearning for a book that might describe some of the sights and sounds we experienced while there. THE LION did just that. It was a fun, fantastical story about a young girls relationship with a lion and her life in Kenya in the 1950's. I loved the descriptions of the landscape, the animals and the cultures of some of the native people, the Maasai. I recommend this book for anyone who loves Kenya and can appreciate the authors imagination.
lets go baby
Life,death,love.very difficult knowledge.Fantastic lesson.
Beautiful description of Africa landscapes,and peoples.
May be we all need a King,sure a mother and father
I was so pleased to find this book, I'd been wanting a copy for awhile!
Ce livre etait merveilleux quand j'avais 12 ans et est toujours merveilleux. Lire en Francais m'aide a continuer de parler Francais.
Great copy
The Lion follows the path of a nameless narrator, who has traveled to a game preserve in East Africa. While there, he encounters a young girl, Patricia Bullit, who not only seems to understand wild animals but also seems to have power over them. The narrator's fascination is kindled at his first meeting with the young girl. Later he meets her family and witnesses the tension between them; the father, renowned hunter turned game warden and protector of animals, and the mother, the nervous Sybil, who hates Africa about as much as her husband and daughter love it. Sybil wants Patricia out of Africa and away from a danger she constantly senses.

The tale opens with quite a bit of foreboding. From the animals the narrator encounters alone, one can sense a melancholy, unhappy tone creeping into any space that might allow happiness. Before even this, though, a short introduction is given which hints at some sort of negative climactic event taking place during the story. So, let it be known to all readers that The Lion is not a happy story. It's nostalgic, atmospheric, rich with language and scenery, exotic, and about as wild as the animals featured along the way. There's an ever-present longing within the words, for the wonders of Africa and the fascination with a thing completely wild, yet tamed by a mere child.

And while all of these things kept me reading, I was a little put off by Patricia. She is feared by natives for the very reason the narrator feels irresistibly drawn to her. Patricia's uncanny ability to communicate and even command wild animals lends her a respect among numerous characters, but this has also shaped her into a person who longs for more power. She is not satisfied with simply controlling animals. She must go farther. And sometimes this desire leads her to do awful things. Just as the narrator did, I found Patricia fascinating at first. Yet, the farther I got into the story, the more I disliked her and realized what a danger she posed to all around her. She is self-absorbed, cruel hearted at times, unthinking and uncaring of others (most of the time), selfish yet alone, and power hungry. For numerous reasons, it's a shame the story ends the way it does. I could identify with her love of animals, but I could not identify with her as a person or her actions. Patricia and the ending, which feels...empty, kept the rating from being any higher.

Because the narrator remains unnamed (which is fitting since the story is not his; it's Patricia's) and because the story is told the way it is, it feels like a dream, though one that is not altogether pleasant.

All in all, I would recommend this book, but something was missing for me. I will say that there is something wonderful about this author's writing style, and I will definitely look for more work by Joseph Kessel.
This is a great book once you get into it. The first part is a little boring but keep reading, it gets really good, adventurous and on the edge of your seat with suspense. You become very close to the characteurs and find links to our society we live in today. It's a great book for older teens
Le Lion (Folio Junior) (French Edition) download epub
Author: Philippe Mignon,Joseph Kessel
ISBN: 2070612562
Category: Children's Books
Language: French
Publisher: Gallimard (March 30, 2007)