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by Pamela Allen

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This book was one of my all time favorite childhood books. It is cute and funny with wonderful illustrations. I bought it to share with my 7 year old son and it inspired him to research and learn more about Archimedes. Any book that is both entertaining and inspires learning is an A+ in my book.
Only because I can't give it zero. I had to draw swimming trunks over every picture that exploited Archimedes' flabby bum. I can't read this to little children! I want them to know him as one of the greatest minds that ever lived, not an old naked guy who bathes with his animals. What on earth was the author thinking?
When reading this to a small group of children, some of them enjoyed this, others thought it just silly and a couple thought it to be on the lame side. So a very mixed reaction.

Those that liked it got a kick out of Mr Archimedes trying to figure out what was happening with the bath water. One child kept laughing because the man is naked (and if you do not want your children seeing a naked cartoon guy avoid this book) and sent the kids on some giggle fits. Others were bored with the repetition. The really little kids (age 3-4) seem to be most likely to enjoy but by age 5-6 they lose interest.

What I din't learn was there are a lot of accusations flying around about who is responsible for the bath water but when the answer is found no apology or anything. This could have been a great opportunity to teach kids that when the accuse or say something that isn't true and later learn they were wrong, they should be able to admit that and apologize to those they wronged. So a perfect lesson opportunity lost. And in this day and age, being sure to teach children about manners, responsibility and respect seem crucial.
By the author of 'Who Sank The Boat?' This is a fun way of learning about Archimedes Principle. He hops in and out of a bath with, variously a kangaroo, goat and wombat, examining the water level each time, and trying to understand why when ALL the friends are in the bath it always overflows.
Well illustrated. And, yes, he shouts "EUREKA!"
At first, this book seems sensible. The bath keeps overflowing and Mr. Archimedes wants to know why. So he measures the water before taking a bath. Then he has one animal at a time get out of the bath to see who is causing the overflow. He remeasures the water each time.

But pretty quickly we are introduced to Mr. Archimedes' very gross naked backside. I could not think of one reason why this was necessary for this story. And why was he taking his bath will all of his animals? The math lesson of water displacement is a good one, but the story is accusatory (who is making all this mess?) and the naked man disturbing. This book could have been written with just a bathtub full of animals and it would have made sense and would have taught the lesson in a more fun way.
I would not recommend this book for children.
Mr. Archimedes' Bath download epub
Author: Pamela Allen
ISBN: 0688519199
Category: Children's Books
Language: English
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books; 1st edition (March 1980)
Pages: 26 pages