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by Baker Publishing Group

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Baker Publishing Group. I received my brand spanking new copy of the (black) Morocco Leather NKJV Pitt Minion Bible today.

Baker Publishing Group. NKJV Wide Margin Reference Bible, Black Calfsplit Leather, Red Letter Text NK744:XRM. Baker Publishing Group. However, I am hardly disappointed; the quality of Cambridge Bibles is unsurpassed in my considerable experience.

NLT Pitt Minion Reference Bible, Blue Calf Split Leather . It is printed on high quality India paper and bound in burgundy French Morocco leather. It IS magnificent and I have no regrets.

NLT Pitt Minion Reference Bible, Blue Calf Split Leather, Red-letter Text, NL444:XR. ESV Pitt Minion Reference Bible, Brown Calfsplit Leather, Red Letter Text ES444:XR. NKJV Wide Margin Reference Bible, Black Edge-Lined Goatskin Leather, Red Letter Text NK746:XRME.

it measures less than seven inches by five. in combination with thin India paper, a spine-width of well under an inch, this Bible at just 17 ounces (500gm) is half the weight of most. It also opens completely flat, a real boon in the pulpit or when reading at a table.

Life Application Study Bible-NLT by. The pages are Smyth-sewn, giving the books plenty of.

Like Cambridge's Pitt Minion Bibles in other translations, they are characterized by an elegant text design using a font that is compact, yet clear and easy to read. This Bible has red-letter text and includes cross-references, a concordance and maps. It features gilt-edged India paper and like all Cambridge Bibles is Smyth-sewn. It is bound in a deep burgundy French Morocco leather.

by Baker Publishing Group. Published January 1, 2008 by Cambridge.

Cambridge's original Pitt Minion Bibles were notable for their use of a compact typeface designed for Cambridge University Press and have now been a feature of the Cambridge list for over half a century. It uses the Lexicon typeface, carefully chosen for its economical use of space.

item 2 Pitt Minion Reference Bible-NLT by Baker Publishing Group (English) Leather Book -Pitt Minion Reference . An NLT Bible in the popular Pitt Minion style, bound in black goatskin leather.

item 2 Pitt Minion Reference Bible-NLT by Baker Publishing Group (English) Leather Book -Pitt Minion Reference Bible-NLT by Baker Publishing Group (English) Leather Book.

Note : The Font Size of this ISBN is 6 11/4 point Lexicon.An Accessible Translation in an Elegant BindingThe New Living Translation's motto is "the Truth made clear." It employs natural, conversational English accessible to people of all ages and a range of educational levels, making it particularly suitable for people new to the Bible and for public reading. The slimline Cambridge Pitt Minion format is widely admired for its compact but clear type and its elegant binding styles. In the NLT editions the words of Christ are printed in red and there are full cross-references, a dictionary/concordance, and maps. It is printed on very thin and light India paper, with gold edges. The pages are Smyth-sewn, giving the books plenty of support and allowing them to stay flat once open.

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Wow, I think I've found the perfect Bible for me. Last week, I ordered the Cambridge NLT Pitt Minion from Amazon, and received it the very next day.

I have to admit, I was slightly taken aback at first by the small print on the inside - but, within a day of reading and carrying the Bible around with me, my eyes had totally adjusted. In fact, now the print in my other Bibles seems to be too big!

Several things work together to make this the perfect Bible for me. First, I love the fact that, even though it's small, Cambridge placed two ribbon markers in it.

Also, it's the perfect size to be my "take everywhere" Bible. And, since I received the Bible, that's exactly what I've done.

The goatskin leather is very soft, yet still firm (for those of you well versed in Bible covers and binding, you'll know exactly what I mean). The leather has continued to soften since I received it, too.

The Smyth-sewn binding is extremely durable, and will last for a long, long time. This is a big plus for me, because I tend to wear out my "carry-everywhere" Bibles very quickly.

Also, because of the binding, this Bible opens flat right out of the box.

Once again, when you order the Bible, your first reaction to the small print (the Bible lists it as 6.75 font) might be to put it back in the box and return it. But please, listen up, give your eyes a few days to adjust. You'll be very glad that you did! I was actually able to take this Bible to the pulpit with me on Sunday and read from it. The font is very crisp and clear, and the paper is high-quality "India" paper. As long as you aren't in very dim lighting, the text in this Bible will be easier to read than even some 8+ font Bibles.

You can find more thoughts on this, and pictures, at: [...]
The Cambridge NLT Pitt Minion Bible in black goatskin leather is a treasure for any person who is fond of the great old Cambridge traditon. Let's start with the cover. This Bible is bound in genuine goatskin leather. There isn't a better leather out there for the price than goatskin. It is soft and thick, tough and yet very pliable. This Bible just feels great in your hands. When you hold it open in your hands you feel like you are holding a real Bible made in the old tradition. And it smells great!

The binding is smyth-sewn and opens flat right out of the box, which is really outstanding if you like to study at a desk or table. The page edges are art gilt, red under gold, a process that is more expensive for Bible makers but reflects a much higher quality Bible.

The paper is nice. Smooth, opaque, strong, and non-glare, so it doesn't tire the eyes. The print is quite small but readable if you have decent eyesight. This is a reference Bible with center column references, a concordance, and a nice section of maps. This is remarkable for such a small Bible.

The New Living Translation is one of the most readable translations available. Wonderful for devotional use as well as comparing with other translations when you are studying. The Pitt Minion is the 2007 NLT text.

If you appreciate traditional Cambridge quality, you will love this Bible. Designed to last a lifetime and pass down to your children or grandchildren, this Bible is worth every penny you spend.
This version of the Bible has to be the most lucid translation to date. The Word of God speaks in the same language I think. Not being brought up with the Word, it was difficult for me to comprehend the meaning, or understand the preaching from a much older version. This one is in today's language. Instead of being stilted by "word for word" translation, the "thought for thought" translation flows and communicates beautifully.
I teach from this version.
The size was quite a bit smaller than I expected, but it fits well in my hand and is easy to read.
The only thing I can say regarding the Bible I received is that the words of Christ in red are a little off. They look like they were printed separately and aren't located within the text as they should be. I would have returned it for another of the same, but it was inscribed before I noticed it.
Cambridge has come to represent quality in the bible binding world and this is no exception. The goat skin is supple yet firm enough that the pages lay flat in your hand. The bible is quite a bit smaller than other thinlines and reference editions so be sure to pay attention to the dimensions listed as the print is almost too small for me to read without magnification.
Beautiful. Well-crafted and well worth it. As a pastor I'm pretty hard on my Bibles, especially the Bibles I preach from each week. I'm hoping the investment will last for a long time to come.
The high quality leather cover, small size, and people-friendly New Living Translation make this a Bible to keep, read, and carry around in a coat pocket, glove compartment, suitcase, briefcase, backpack, or purse. The very small font might be hard on cataract-coated eyes, but otherwise, I found the dark ink readable in the text and also in the center-column cross-referencing.
I bought this bible because I wanted a well made version in the NLT translation and this particular one was on sale. I've also bought other Cambridge bibles over the years due to their beautiful leathers and sewn bindings and this one did not disappoint. It's made from fine goatskin leather in a dark brown color and it has the standard sewn binding which enables the book to lay flat when opened. This Pitt Minion version has the words of Christ in red and also has cross references and a dictionary with maps in the back of the bible. It's is a non catholic version in that it doesn't have the apocrypha included though there are Cambridge versions that do. I've very satisfied with all my Cambridge bibles due to how well made and beautiful they are and this one is no exception. I definitely would recommend this or any other Cambridge leather bible for any who wish to have a well made and long wearing bible.
NLT Pitt Minion Reference Black French Morocco NL443XR download epub
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