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by J. A. Motyer

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And it will take quite a while to digest this entire book

And it will take quite a while to digest this entire book. But you're willing to take your time and read this and follow along in the Bible, and do so in the Spirit, you will truly be blessed.

The Prophecy of Isaiah . Часто встречающиеся слова и выражения.

The Prophecy of Isaiah book. Alec Motyer sees the book of Isaiah as a mosaic constructed.

Among Old Testament prophetic books no other equals Isaiah's brilliance of style and metaphor, its arresting vision of the Holy One of Israel and its kaleidoscopic vision of God's future restoration of Israel and the world.

Extolling Isaiah's brilliance of style and metaphor, his arresting understanding of God's holiness . 544 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

Utilizing the NIV, he explores the grammatical, historical, literary, and theological dimensions of the text.

P. cm. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN O-8308-1424-8 (alk. paper) I. Bible. With the absurd unrealism of the very young, I planned (long ago) to include everything! I was then, and for many subsequent years, privileged to lecture on the Hebrew text of Isaiah to classes in Clifton Theologi-cal College, Tyndale Hall and Dalton House - subsequently, to the praise of God, Trinity College, Bristol.

The prophecy of. Isaiah. An Introduction entary

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The book of Isaiah is perhaps the most compelling of all Old Testament prophecy. No other prophet rivals Isaiah's brilliance of style, powerful imagery and clear vision of the messianic hope.

The book of Isaiah is perhaps the most compelling of all Old Testament prophecy. The book of Isaiah is perhaps the most compelling of all Old Testament prophecy. Isaiah's prophetic ministry begins with his temple vision and calling: "I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send?'"

The Prophecy of Isaiah .

Excellent book for Holy Advent. The Prophecy of Isaiah . Common terms and phrases.

The Prophecy of Isaiah (1993). John Alexander Motyer (1924–2016), known as J. Alec Motyer, was an Irish biblical scholar. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press. ISBN 978-0-830-81593-7. The Story of the Old Testament: Men with a Message. ISBN 978-0-801-01230-3. The Message of Exodus: The Days of Our Pilgrimage.

Presenting a wealth of comment and perspective on Isaiah, J. Alec Motyer pays particular attention to three recurring themes: the messianic hope, the motif of the city, and the theology of the Holy One of Israel.

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This is the perfect Bible study tool for one of the most important books in the Bible...the Book Of Isaiah. If you've ever listened to Alec Motyer speak, you know how passionate he is towards God's Word. If you've read the Book of Isaiah you know that it can be a daunting task to fully understand it. You can't do it in just one reading, it takes multiple readings along with being led by the Holy Spirit to understand the subject matter. I highly recommend the Bible study DVD Book by Book- The Book Of Isaiah as a great companion to this book. It features Alec Motyer as a guest teacher. The Book by Book Bible studies are some of the best I've had the pleasure of watching. [...]

It's been said that the Book of Isaiah could be called the 5th Gospel. Except for the Psalms, Jesus quoted from Isaiah more than any other Old Testament book. And in my opinion you can never fully understand the Gospels until you've read Isaiah and have a good understanding of this and all of the Old Testament books. Because Jesus is the Word...and the Word was with God....and the Word was God.

This is a very in depth commentary and study guide to the book of Isaiah. And it will take quite a while to digest this entire book. But you're willing to take your time and read this and follow along in the Bible, and do so in the Spirit, you will truly be blessed.
As you read this you'll be amazed at how things are made so clear...things you may have missed in the past will simply jump out at you. It will make you sit back and go "wow, how did I not see that!".

If you're a serious Bible student, teacher, or pastor, the I highly recommend you purchase this book as an invaluable addition to your Biblical library.

Dr. Motyer ( pronounced Mo-te'ah) was one of the most renowned Old Testament scholars in the world. He spent most of his life studying and researching the book of Isaiah.
Sadly, for this world, Dr. Motyer went home to be with the Lord on August 26, 2016. But he left behind an abundance of works that is truly a gift from God!
I have been using this as a basis for my Bible class on Isaiah. His exegesis of the passages are wonderful, and his use of the Hebrew to help bring things to light in the passages is spot on. I also appreciate his work on the structure of the book. Many times authors will emphasize the passages and forget about the literary value. Motyer goes into the poetic structure that the book and passages are written in and helps to find more meaning not only in the words and verses but in the overall way the book is put together. I cannot recommend this book enough. It is, however, not a "quick" read. It is meant to be used to help study, and as such can be difficult at times if one is not concentrating on it.
As I work through Isaiah, I have come to appreciate this work more and more. Motyer observes and explains literary artistic value in the text with a minimum of words. He also gives bits on textual criticism, but I find they are sometimes harder for me to grasp what he is referring to unless I have dug into the textual problem already.

But the heart of this commentary is not about literary design or textual criticism. The heart of this commentary is about explaining in a well reasoned way the basic exegetical idea paragraph after paragraph with references to related issues sprinkled throughout the commentary.

One negative is that the format of the text is condensed in my view and therefore a little less comfortable to read than say the NICOT or NIVAC formats.

This past Sunday I worked on Isaiah 38-39. Motyer sees that as the beginning of a new section that ends in Isaiah 55. His outline is interesting and his explanations defending his outline are good. In Isaiah 38-39 he deals with Hezekiah's predicatment and outlines the passage with a Chiastic structure that points to Hezekiah's deeper challenge that seems to underlie the text. I found that in this passage at least, Motyer's comments were more illuminating than even the excellently written NIVAC by Oswalt or the NICOT by Oswalt. Motyer sees the Chiasm in Isaiah 38-39 as pointing to Hezekiah's difficulty in obeying the point of the law where Judah is not to make alliances with foreign nations.

The poetic structure with an emphasis on the dedication of Hezekiah in 38:8-22 and the defection of Hezekiah in 39:1-2 is a fresh and preaching alliterated point that I actually ended up using in my sermon on Hezekiah.

My respect for this author has been on the rise the more I look into his work. He packs a lot into every page. Excellent book, well worth the shekels.
The Prophecy of Isaiah: An Introduction & Commentary download epub
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Author: J. A. Motyer
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