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Jesus in Context: Power, People, and Perfomance download epub

by Richard A. Horsley

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Jesus in Context: Power, People, and Performance by Richard A. Horsley (Sep 1, 2008) ISBN 0800663128. Covenant Economics: A Biblical Vision of Justice for All by Richard A. Horsley (Jun 29, 2009) ISBN 0664233953.

Jesus in Context: Power, People, and Performance by Richard A. Galilee by Richard A. Horsley (Nov 1, 1995) ISBN 1563381338.

256 pages, softcover. Jesus in Context: Power, People, and Performance (9780800663124) by Richard A. Horsley. How the powerful and powerless within an empire have profoundly different worldviews and approaches to their problems. 256 pages, softcover. ▲. Title: Jesus in Context: Power, People, and Performance By: Richard A. Horsley Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 256 Vendor: Fortress Press Publication Date: 2008.

Jesus in Context book.

This book presents a new picture of Jesus in the light of recent approaches that alter how we understand the social context in which Jesus lived. Jesus in context : power, people, & performance, Richard A. Horsley, Richard A author. Publication Information. Minneapolis : Fortress Press.

Jesus and the Powers: Conflict, Covenant, And The Hope Of The Poor. The crucifixion of Jesus in the historical context is considered in connection with Jesus’s mission of renewal of the people in opposition to the rulers. 0. Alastair Ian Haines. Readers will find the assumptions, approach, analysis, and discourse in this volume to be different in many ways from what has been standard in investigation of the historical Jesus.

Building on his earlier studies of Jesus, Galilee, and the social upheavals in Roman Palestine, Horsley focuses his attention on how Jesus' proclamation of the kingdom of God relates to Roman and Herodian power politics. In addition he examines how modern ideologies relate to Jesus' proclamation.

Jesus in Context: Power,. has been added to your Cart. Richard A. Horsley is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Liberal Arts and the Study of Religion at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Jesus in Context: Power, People, and Performance. Minneapolis: Fortress. Wisdom and Spiritual at Corinth: Studies in First Corinthians. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books. Society of Biblical Literature Semeia Studies 60. Atlanta: SBL, 2006. Recently added by. RickRigutto, DawnRundman, jmar198013, zoecarnate, MatthewCoomber, JDHomrighausen, ronjawdi, ohclibrary, OSLCTopeka. Library descriptions. No library descriptions found. LibraryThing members' description. In this stimulating work Richard Horsley engages the rich tradition of scholarship questing for the historical Jesus. Jesus in Context: Power, People, and Performance. Author: Richard A. Horsley (Author). He finds notions of strata and criteria — based in print culture — anachronistic and inadequate. Instead he utilizes an array of quite different approaches — oral performance, limited literacy, social memory, public and hidden transcripts, great and little traditions, people's history, imperial context — to understand Jesus and the early Jesus movement in their first-century world.

What difference did empire make for Jesus and his disciples? What difference did empire make for the broader social currents of which he and they were a part? What social roles did Jesus perform, what "little tradition" did he embody against the "great tradition" of Roman culture? What difference does it make for our understanding of Jesus if we attend to new kinds of evidence regarding popular movements, the dynamics of oral tradition, and reading history "from below"? Richard A. Horsley addresses all these questions and sketches a dramatic new picture of Jessus in light of recent approaches.

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Really thought-provoking! Shakes up much of what I've been taught about the Gospels. Outstanding synthesis of multi-disciplinary research to illuminate Jesus's world and theorize about his mission.
I was indoctrinated as a child to believe a lot of superstitious lies. The truth is better, it's liberating. Understanding this will be the beginning of a deeper, more open spirituality. Don't be afraid of a scientific, multi-disciplinary analysis of the roots of Christianity. We all need to know the historical, cultural, linguistic, and literary context to the stories about Jesus. After all, so much of Western civilization and our culture is based on Christianity.
Jesus in Context: Power, People, and Perfomance download epub
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Author: Richard A. Horsley
ISBN: 0800663128
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Subcategory: Bible Study & Reference
Language: English
Publisher: Fortress Press (July 31, 2008)
Pages: 256 pages