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by Kris Koscheski,Watchman Nee

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These messages from the great Chinese pastor and teacher, Watchman Nee, on the subject of the overcoming Christian life were delivered at a conference in Shanghai, China in 1935.

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Excellent dealing with freedom in Christ and walking in the abiding life of Christ that overcomes all sin (1 John 5:3-5). This is a seminal work on the subject and extremely well supported and thought out as far as the order of messages by brother W. Nee. These are transcribed from the notes taken while these messages were given in China by those who were sitting in on the messages and able to record them by rigorous note-taking and/or short-hand.
This is one of the best books I have ever read of up want to grow in your walk and get the meat of God and grow start here after the Bible. It has helped me grow so much spiritually. I keep it along side my Bible. It is one of the best books I know other than the Bible to give a believer!
I first read this book 10 years ago. I remember at the time feeling surprised that someone had really thought about the Christian's struggle with sin in such a succinct manner. Upon reading it again, I realized what a treasure this book really is. It goes way beyond 'the victorious Christian life' and talks about our identity in Christ, how the battle over sin and sins are won...among several other topics. This book is good for Christians who know they are saved by grace but have been frustrated feeling that they have to now 'do the best they can' until heaven... the lessons in this book can guide you to freedom from that 'works based' mentality. Your motivation for good works may totally change after reading this book. At any rate, it is a great book for Christians who are struggling, or just curious about how to 'live the Christian life'. Highly recommended!
I don’t know if there is another Christian book like this one. It is on my all time best book of how to live the Christian life. He lived this way and was a great instrument in the revival going on in China. I have read many Christian books, this one will make you rethink the life of Christ in every Christian today. The Lord has made it instrumental in my life.
In typical Nee style, the writing itself is disarmingly simple. But the book is also typically Nee in that it packs a lot into its plain box. The first quarter or so is not for the faint of heart. If you can make it through the eight types of sin to be addressed without giving up in discouragement, you will be rewarded with simply described and profound answers.

Nee was never given to drawn-out exegesis, so theology students and word study aficionados will likely be disappointed, but the basis for his points is quite solid, I think. He works like an experienced attorney writing a brief: he doesn't meander and assumes you already know the basis of his points. Some of his illustrations are perhaps a bit less clever than modern readers would like, but only some. On the other hand, there are no "clever" turns of phrase or [cheesy?] cliches, either.

Jaded "Word of Faith" folks might shut down during his section on faith. But if you've worked through the first two-thirds of the book, you have just fresh enough of an approach to take the tarnish off the "faith teaching." And it helps to remember that he wrote this in the late 1930's--if anything, the faith folks were reading him and not vice-versus.

A worthy read and a valuable resource, especially for those who have no illusions of their own faults and still can't get away from the idea that faith is, after all, still important.
The message of this book is simple and, really, nothing more than the gospel of Christ Jesus. However, the gospel extends far beyond the experience of salvation. Watchman Nee biblically expounds on just how Christians may obtain victory in this life--a teaching that is sorely needed in the Church today.
Wow, this seemed repetitive at first but I realize that is exactly what is needed. It is easy to forget that this was written be a Chinese guy in the 1930s but even more amazing to thank about him spending the last twenty years spent in a prison for his faith. This truly gives me the faith that I can declare victory daily. Praise the Lord for His peace and guidance throughout His word.
This book will be required reading for all chaplains we send into the mission field. It will be the one book that will be given to each new believer along with a Bible. This is the GOSPEL in fullness and application of living a life like Christ.
Renee Bingham
President God Speed Ministry
The Life That Wins download epub
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