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by Rachel Ann Nunes

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You think its never going to happen to you. I know because thats how I wasuntouchable. Bad things only happen to someone else. Or if something bad actually did happen, it was always something the doctor could fix with fiberglass or a pill.

Thats the way it was with my familyat least until the year I turned thirteen.

When their young daughter, Kristin, is kidnapped, Gary and Angie Marshall struggle to make sense of the unthinkable. Who could do such a thing? And why Kristin? As more time passes in their desperate search for their daughter, their hopes slowly dwindle. They are left with "if onlys" and a glaring uncertainty that damages their marriage and their relationships with their other children, especially their oldest daughter, Meghan.

Meanwhile, Kristin is having new experiences of her own. Her first assignment in her new "life" is to heal the hearts of her family. But doing so turns out to be more of a challenge than she ever expected. How can she get them to let her go so they can all find happiness? Or can there ever be healing after such a devastating trial?

Looming above them all is the questionwho is responsible for Kristins disappearance? Is it their beloved uncle? Their neighbor Dale Loveridge, who once dated Angie Marshall? Or is it Jay, the young man with a colorful past? Or perhaps someone else entirely?

Time is running out. As she blames herself for Kristins disappearance, Meghan turns down a road that can only lead to more unhappiness. Kristin must find a way to help her sister find healingand perhaps love.

Rachel Ann Nunes has taken a difficult subject and woven intrigue, romance, and joy to create a story with realistic characters who will live in your mind for years to come.

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I have read several of the authors books and when looking for a good read while my husband was out of town, I bought the book without reading anything about it. I'm quite a chicken to stay home alone and I have to admit that the start up was quite upsetting to me. But as I got into the book I felt a calm. I don't know what goes on after death but if I had to imagine, I'd hope it happens just like the author writes. I am so happy that I bought the book!!! I have a different outlook now about family and friends that have passed on. I have always known that they could be permitted to be with us but now I have much stronger feelings that this is so. I have tried to tell others about this sweet book. I have tried to share my feelings but even to my own ears it sounds so sad with the start up. As a reader, seeing that death was only the start, the book brings such comfort. I don't know anyone that has had a tragic end, I hope I never do. But any reader that has experienced that sadness needs this book. It was inspired. Any reader that, like me, has not lost someone tragically needs this book to know that life is real and so is after life. Thank you Rachel Ann Nunes for your inspiration.
Remember the book "The Lovely Bones"? So in all honesty, I struggled to finish that book. It was disturbing and, as a mother, terrifying. "A Heartbeat Away" is similar in the fact that it involves an abduction of a teenager. But, in my opinion, that is where the similarities end. Rachel has taken a very difficult subject and somehow infused hope into the darkest hours of a family. I will say that after completing the book, I didn't feel the heavy weight that I did with "The Lovely Bones"...I guess that is because the focus of the book isn't on the tragedy itself (so there isn't a descriptive scene with the predator) but rather, the story focuses on the healing of a family...and what may happen on the other side. I can't recommend this book enough.
This is a heart-gripping novel which wrenches of heartaches, disillusions, disappointments, love and resolutions. The descriptive horror that entwines this novel is believable and frightening. I loved this bok1
Amazing novel told from a unique perspective. I could not help crying throughout the book as I felt the story take place. Rachel has a wonderful gift of telling a story that makes you think and feel from the characters perspective and explains gospel principles in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. I would recommend this book to everyone.
I absolutely couldn't put this book down. Rachel wrote this book in such a way that it was sensitive to the victim, and suspenseful enough that it kept me guessing. There is definitely life after death, and this book nailed what Latter-Day Saints believe the after-life to be. Rachel is a gifted author, and I love every book I've ever read of hers.
Wonderfully written! I truly enjoyed reading this book. I recommend it to all those who want to not only be entertained but spiritually fed. Rachel Nunes is a very gifted writer.
I'm a Russian Occupant
I recommend this book highly. This is one of my very favorites of Rachel Nunes' books. I enjoyed the storyline with its mystery but I also liked how she takes us to where Kristin is after she dies. Read this book. It will touch your life and uplift you.
Possibly has some merit but quickly became tedious & simplistic.
A Heartbeat Away download epub
Literature & Fiction
Author: Rachel Ann Nunes
ISBN: 1555176887
Category: Christian Books & Bibles
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Bonneville (April 1, 2003)
Pages: 212 pages