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by Ruth C. Ellinger

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Wild Rose of Lancaster didn't even come close. My biggest complaint is the main character.

Wild Rose of Lancaster didn't even come close. She's supposed to be strong and independent, but to me she comes across as downright whiny! Even after her emancipation from her family's controlling ways, she sounds more like a spoiled child than ever. I finally reached the point where I quit reading the book, which I rarely do (always wanting to give the author the benefit of the doubt and the chance to redeem him or herself).

3 primary works, 3 total works. Book 1. The Wild Rose of Lancaster. by Ruth Carmichael Ellinger.

More in Wild Rose Series. Forced to return to Wildrose, the family-owned farm situated in the picturesque Ohio Valley, Elizabeth defies social proprieties and seeks employment. Ambassador International, 2013, ePub. Born with the fiery blood of her Scottish father and grandfather, sons of clan Davidson, Elizabeth vows to succeed without the aid of God or family. Bitter toward God over the untimely death of her husband, Elizabeth refuses help from her affluent father, the controlling and powerful Isaac James Davidson. Isaac is angered when Elizabeth takes a job as a nurse for a local doctor and his invalid wife.

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Book 3 of 3 in the Wild Rose Series. CAROLE GIFT PAGE, award-winning author of 48 books, including Becoming a Woman of Passion, The House on Honeysuckle Lane, and Hawaiian Dreams, 8/2010. In her latest historical novel, Sword of the Wild Rose, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger not only tells an endearing story, but also accurately portrays the character and spirit of Daniel Morgan, a real life revolutionary war general in America s War of Independence .

Titles in the series: Book 1: The Wild Rose of Lancaster, Book 2: The Wild Rose of Promise, Book 3: Sword of the Wild Rose. Ruth Carmichael EllingerVideosThe Wildrose Inspirational Series - Book Trailer.

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The Wildrose Trilogy. During the misty and cloudy days of the dark ages, light begins to break through the spiritual obscurity.

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Found this book very boring!!
Went Tyu
Written by Ruth Carmichael Ellinger, President of Brandon Christian Writers, "The Wild Rose of Lancaster" is a fantastic story of human and divine love. Ellinger drops you right smack into the 18th century and into the life of Elizabeth Cameron, a distressed young widow who begins by crazily hurling her belongings through the glass of a second story window. As her possessions crash like dreams on the ground below, God begins working a divine plan for her safe return to Him. In her brilliant but subtle way, the author beautifully contrasts God's stubborn and determined presence in our lives with the main character's stubborn and persistent rejection of her faith in Him. Readers won't be able to resist coming along to watch, as Elizabeth goes kicking and screaming back home to her earthly father and ultimately back to a loving relationship with her Heavenly Father. You'll be inspired as you watch God save Elizabeth's father, heal her mother, restore her faith and bring a new loving man into her life. By page 388, you'll be dancing on top of a mountain singing, "Savior let me walk beside Thee, Let me feel my hand in Thine; Let me know the joy of walking, In Thy strength and not in mine." This is a must read.
This was a beautifully told story of how anyone can begin again with God by their side. The characters take you back to a time of beautiful horses, romance, chivalry, and the independence of one young widow who had the courage to forge a new life for herself and son. It was a book that kept me turning the pages to find out how each conflict would end. It also has a soothing message that will make you reflect on the state of your own heart.
What a wonderful book this is. Mrs. Ellinger has created characters that immediately seem like old friends, and your heart is quickly drawn into the ebb and flow of their lives. The story is positive and uplifting, and leaves you wanting more (thankfully, there is a sequel in "The Wild Rose of Promise"). I couldn't put the book down.
I decided to read this after seeing the blurb on the back because I'm a descendant of Clan Davidson and it's rare to have this small Scottish clan figure prominently in a work of fiction. Aside from that initial interest, I found it to be a very well-written book with believable and likeable characters. I'll be looking for more from Ruth Carmichael Ellinger.
Wild Rose of Promise by Ruth Carmichael Ellinger. This book is sooooo good. Reminded me a bit of Gone With the Wind.

Even more interesting is that the author is blind...but you would never know it. I just ordered another of her books...Wish she would write more.

Such a good story by a wonderful author
A wholesome, interesting story. I think it could have used a lot of pruning and it definitely needed a proofreader, with all the errors in punctuation and grammar.
After reading all three of the books in Ruth C. Ellingers, The Wild Rose series, I still want more. The characters are like friends you care about with real lives, real hurts, and real dreams. They are presented in a way that makes you want to turn the page, but not get to the end. Uplifting and believable, I wish for more.
The Wild Rose of Lancaster (The Wild Rose Series, Book 1) download epub
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Author: Ruth C. Ellinger
ISBN: 1932307389
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Language: English
Publisher: Ambassador-Emerald International; 1st edition (October 28, 2005)
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