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by Dwan Abrams

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Divorcing the Devil (The Devil is a Liar Book 1) and millions . Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages. This is the 1st book I have read by Dwan Abrams.

Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages. I am not sure why is was titled, "Divorcing The Devil," as I saw no correlation between the title the and subject matter of the book.

Great Urban Christian Fiction. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 10 years ago. Loved this book. I really enjoyed reading this book. Ms. Abrams captures your attention at the beginning of the book and keeps your attention until the end. The ending is a surprise. It's great to read about urban christian fiction that's truly relatable. I was very glad to see that a professional such as Sky not afraid to pray in her profession. I could go on and on but i'd rather let you read the book and judge for yourself. I encourage everyone to read this book. Every body attracts a devil sometime. com User, 11 years ago.

Dwan Abrams is a full-time novelist. She's the award-winning, best-selling author of When the Fairytale Ends (Book in the Married Series), Married Strangers (Book in the Married Series), Divorcing the Devil, My Mother's Child (the sequel to Divorcing the Devil), Only True Love Waits, The Scream Within, and For the Sake of Love. She's the founder/facilitator of the Just Write!

Author Dwan Abram's & Mother's Child', does just that! It's a good read and has all the qualities of believable characters, a setting to corroborate them, and a riveting back story to allow the denouement to justify an ending worth the time spent reading it without regret. If you've read & the Devil', the precursor to this book, you've already met Lyric Stokes. But sequel or not, My Mother's Child stands on its own merit with a decided, if not better sequence of events.

Divorcing the Devil (Urban Christian). Dwan Abrams is the award-winning author of Divorcing the Devil, Only True Love Waits (winner of the 2007 Pen of the Writer POWER Award), The Scream Within and Favor (short story appearing in The Midnight Clear anthology). 1601629605 (ISBN13: 9781601629609). Her fourth novel, Married Strangers, will be released in December 2008.

Sometimes its hard not getting drawn into her patients personal lives filled with adultery, abuse and turmoil. Yet, she remains steadfast in providing them with the best in Christian counseling. Комментарии к этому видео отключены.

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For Skyler Little, it’s not easy being a psychoanalyst and a Christian. Sometimes it’s hard not getting drawn into her patients' personal lives filled with adultery, abuse and turmoil. She even counsels her friend, Gabriella, who has just learned that her husband is cheating on her. More.

Skyler, a happily married psychoanalyst and a Christian, comes to the aid of her friend, Gabriella, who has just discovered that her husband is cheating on her, not knowing that the mistress of Gabriella's husband is one of her patients until it's too late. Original.

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If you are someone you know has a controling boyfriend. Are husband, you can relate to this book. It give you insite on a very confussed relationship. Get on while you can. Just pick it up. You wont be disappointed.
I really enjoyed reading this book and I also read the sequel to it (My Mother's Child). Both books held my attention and that's a good thing.
Good book for young high school reader
This was a great read as it inspires people to fight for their marriages, learn to forgive, and accept responsibilities for their actions. This book not only discussed issues about marriage but also single relationships, self love, and child molestation. Great Book
Little Devil
This book kept me thinking about it even when I was not reading it. The characters seemed so real. If you like Christian fiction, you will love Divorcing the Devil
This book was 291 pages of a wasted tree!!!

This is the 1st book I have read by Dwan Abrams. The reviews had me hopeful, so I bought the book and read it. The book is not the absolute worst I have read but it comes a short second. I am not sure why is was titled, "Divorcing The Devil," as I saw no correlation between the title the and subject matter of the book. I am hoping that this literary disaster is due to the fact that Abrams in a new author. Thus I hope that Abrams will see the 'constructive criticism' in this review.

"NO SPOILER ALERT" (This review will not ruin it for others!)

In gist, the book was a long, intricately detailed novel about people that, upon reaching the end of the book, I really didn't know or care for. The book was way, way, waayyyyyy, too descriptive. While it is important to share enough details about an environment to allows readers to see a picture in their minds as they read, it is not as effective to describe every single detail about every single thing (i.e., I walked into the red brick house, and put the key in the doorknob and turned the key to unlock the door. I walked in across my cherry, hardwood floors and grabbed the stainless steel door on the refrigator to put the groceries.....). I was overwhelmed with unnecessary details about things that did not matter. I have yet to see the plot. Also, whereas Abrams gave an in-depth description of mostly everything irrelevant, I could not form a picture in my mind about anyone, but Monday (a character in the book). Moreso, the characters on the front of the book didn't seem have a place in the novel.

Finally, the ending was horrible and pointless. I could've ended in a myriad of ways better than it did. The bookclub I'm in just did not get it. It appears as though the author couldn't think of an ending, thus through something together to fulfill her contract requirements to the publisher.

Recommendation: DO NOT GET THIS BOOK!!!

There is a sequel, "My Mother's Child." However, I do not believe I will be reading that book, at this time. I may try Dwan Abrams at a later time, but right now, I need to give this particular author a break.

1.5 Stars At Best!!
What a wonderfully written book! To God be the Glory! The main reason I loved this book is the author was able to use the Word of God as the only source WITHOUT being over-bearing. I love God. Make no mistake. But the fact that the author was able to apply the principles of God with results, nothing lacking, nothing needed, was outstanding! I will definately purchase more of Dwan Abrams' books. I am a major fan! Be Blessed!!!
Ok I was all excited to read this book. Totally not what I expected. I actually read Married Strangers first and that was pretty ok. This book honestly didn't like it. Everybody was connected in some way, to much detail on stuff that didn't matter, and not enough on the story itself. The twist at the end was stupid, was that just to through in the title because it meant nothing to the WHOLE BOOK. Honestly I would not recommend this to anybody..sorry. However, I WOULD RECOMMEND MARRIED STRANGERS. Which is funny cause it got lower ratings than this.
Divorcing the Devil (Urban Christian) download epub
Literature & Fiction
Author: Dwan Abrams
ISBN: 1601629605
Category: Christian Books & Bibles
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Urban Christian (May 1, 2008)
Pages: 291 pages