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by Lynn Austin

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LYNN AUSTIN has authored several works of fiction, including Eve’s Daughters,winner of the Silver Angel Award, and the CHRONICLES OF THE KING series.

Cover design by Lookout Design, Inc. All rights reserved. LYNN AUSTIN has authored several works of fiction, including Eve’s Daughters,winner of the Silver Angel Award, and the CHRONICLES OF THE KING series. In addition to writing, Lynn is a popular speaker at conferences, retreats, and various church and school events. She and her husband have three children and make their home in Illinois there is a place, remote and islanded, and given to endless regret.

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Hidden Places is an odd title for this book. I'm sure there's more significance in it than I care to delve into, but not enough to make me remember the title. But I will never forget this story.

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Her love of books without Lynn Austin's historical fiction has, so far, never failed to please me. With strong, complex everyday characters, a strong faith element, and a good plot line, her stories draw me in and make me feel like I am living right along side of them in their small town, rural setting.

Sunlight streamed through my bedroom window like it was noon. I leaped out of bed when I realized why-I’d overslept!How could I have done such a stupid thing? I got dressed as fast as I could. kids to tend to, chores to do. I raced past the other bedrooms and saw that my kids were already up and gone. Who knew what mischief they were into by now?I hurried downstairs, then stopped short in the kitchen doorway. Aunt Batty stood at the stove singing ‘‘Amazing Grace’’ and flipping pancakes. She wore a homemade yellow sweater that was nearly as bright as the sunshine outside.

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Hidden Places by Lynn Austin.

Hidden Places by Lynn Austin - Good book with a lot of unexpected little plot twists! . Page 4. Here are many books that I've enjoyed but by no means are they all of the books that I've enjoyed.

Hidden Places by Lynn Austin - Good book with a lot of unexpected little plot twists! Hidden Places - Lynn Austin. Read it. Books I've Enjoyed. How Many Have You Read? - Page 4. The list mostly includes Christian. Lynn Austin Christian Movies Christian Fiction Books I Love Books Great Books Books To Read Amazing Books Book Authors Love Reading.

Title: Hidden Places By: Lynn Austin Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 432 Vendor: Bethany House Publication Date: 2001. Dimensions: . 7 X . X . 8 (inches) Weight: 16 ounces ISBN: 0764221973 ISBN-13: 9780764221972 Stock No: WW21970. Lynn Austin has authored several works of fiction, including Candle in the Darkness and Hidden Places, both winners of Christy Awards. She and her husband have three children and make their home in Illinois.

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What an incredible read! Lynn's portrayal of the human heart is spot on in every instance!

Hidden Places delved into the hidden places within - healing me in places, challenging me in others, and leaving question for me to answer about myself.

I love Aunt Batty! What an amazing and accurate perspective she has of God. I want to be just like her when I grow up!

Eliza is the woman we so often find ourselves to be - hurt, confused, afraid... Gabe, the wounded hero, is incredible in spite of his misguided ways stemming from his own pain.

I love Matthew. I hurt for Matthew. I wanted Gabe to be Matthew... and yet I didn't.

I found myself wanting to love Sam for the simple fact that he lived so completely unloved.

As to old Mr. Wyatt... how sad to think of the many souls out there just like him... lost, angry, unable to do anything other than hurt those he should love the most.

Poor Lydia. How many women allow themselves to believe they are irredeemable? How many women believe they deserve the ill treatment they receive? How many women take their punishment rather than turn to Christ for cleansing and freedom from their sins?

And Mr. Gibson? He's the greatest hero in the story! If only there were more men like him in the world! And more Aunt Batty's, too!

As to the writing? I can't help but give a writing critique. If a writer is going to write from first person point of view, THIS is the way to do it! I am NOT a fan of first person POV for the simple reason that too many times the author has way too many information dumps and rabbit trails that only frustrate me and make me want to either put the book down or throw it across the room.

But this book? Hidden Places is one to go on my reread shelf. As soon as I get my own copy! Thank you, Lynn, for this incredible story and the incredible way in which you told it!
Review These days I don't seem to read many 5-star books. This one changed that track record.

Hidden Places is an odd title for this book. I'm sure there's more significance in it than I care to delve into, but not enough to make me remember the title. But I will never forget this story. All anyone has to do is mention Aunt Batty and it will all come flooding back.
This is a different book from typical Historical Romances. The writing is much more like it's written by a seasoned writer with a unique ability... a true ability to put a story together in a memorable way. Oh, Ms. Austin can write.

Another thing different about this book for me is the main character, Eliza was not a favorite for me. In fact I kept thinking I'm not sure I'd like her if I knew her. She often got mad and flew off at the handle. She often didn't seem capable of being calm and finding out how to view something without anger.
But as the story goes on, you will see why.

Seems everyone is this story had huge hurdles to get over. Eliza for the way she was raised... twice... once by her mother and later by her father. A very odd childhood I don't want to give away.

Gabe, her love interest also had a childhood that was sad.

Aunt Batty (hands down the best character) had an overbearing father who decided for her what she should do. But ended up having the richest life of them all because of circumstances that God brought into her life. Wise and fun. That's Aunt Batty.

Lydia was Batty's sister, who she loved unconditionally. Lydia made one of the most unexpected sacrifices Batty (then Betsy) could ever believe.

We get background during conversations, but the real background of each character is when each one's story is told, like mini separate books... but it always comes back to the main story after a while. All are fascinating... all endear you to them.

Eliza wants to be loved, and find a home and be normal. She finds it in a little town she drops herself into. She needs to keep her past to herself and just be normal. But with this normal life comes father-in-law from hell (Frank). One of the most miserable people you will ever care to know. We never really know why he's so miserable... but we sure do get the stories of all the people he affected in this miserable life. Some survive and come out better, some don't fair so well.

But anyone who gets to know Batty (Frank's sister-in-law)is better for having known her...except Frank who hated everyone. Sweet woman who enters Eliza's life just when she needed her.

Then along comes Gabe, a hobo who needed a wound tended. Eliza helps him to heal and he stays on at her orchard to pay her back.

The rest is history.

Great book I can unreservedly recommend.
grand star
HIDDEN PLACES is a story about how secrets, anger, and hate can only be healed with the help of God’s power and love. Set during the Great Depression, a young woman finds herself alone raising three children and attempting to manage an apple orchard after her husband and father-in-law both died. But through it all, Eliza discovers there is more in hidden places than what appears to the naked eye.

This is a story of God’s love and forgiveness and how to apply His Word in our lives no matter how bad it gets. This story shows how good people can sin as well as bad people. There is a big misconception that good people don’t sin. Good people can and do sin through lies, omission, deception, lack of showing love and gossip. They believe they are doing the right thing but don’t realize they are relying on others or themselves and not on God, which in itself is a sin. But let us not forget about forgiveness. It is not always easy. The truth is, forgiveness can be hard and painful. It is like opening a severely infected wound and cleaning it out. It has to be done to heal but it can be the worst pain ever felt.

With the telling of each persons personal story I found my eyes filling with tears. The pain that each one had to endure, some of which was "ordained" by verses from the Bible, is heartbreaking. It makes you wonder how they could go on after such heartache. I would ask myself "How could anyone who believed so strongly in the Bible not be able to show love?" Especially when our sins were forgiven at the Cross.

As good as the book is, for me, some of the chapters were so very long that it felt like they would never end. I prefer short, to the point, chapters. Also be aware that this is a first person book and depending on the section, you must keep in mind who the "first" person is, which some people cannot abide but to me is insignificant. That being said I still give the book 5 stars for its wonderful storyline and wish I was able to give it more.
Hidden Places download epub
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Author: Lynn Austin
ISBN: 073941965X
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Language: English
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers; Book Club edition (2001)
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