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by Tetsuya Koshiba,Seimaru Amagi

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Seimaru Amagi (Author), Tetsuya Koshiba (Author). Book 6 of 10 in the Remote Series. Ships from and sold by bkseller.

Seimaru Amagi (Author), Tetsuya Koshiba (Author). Ships from and sold by Choice Deals.

Seimaru Amagi (Author), Tetsuya Koshiba (Artist). Book 9 of 10 in the Remote Series. Ships from and sold by the book community. Ships from and sold by DIG Marketplace.

Seimaru Amagi, Tetsuya Koshiba. 1595320334 (ISBN13: 9781595320339).

Remote vol. 6 By Seimaru Amagi,Tetsuya Koshiba.

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Authors/Artists: Amagi seimaru, Koshiba tetsuya Status:Completed. Genres: Seinen, Ecchi, Action, Comedy, Mystery, Romance.

Remote is published by TokyoPop. Remote, vol. 9: 01 Jun 2006. 10: 01 Nov 2006. Scheduled for 10 volumes. Inspector Kozaburo Himuro - The reclusive head of Special Unit A. Never leaves his house; he directs the unit via remote. Detective Kurumi Ayaki - Himuro's eyes and ears in the field. Intuitive and emotional.

Books & Magazines. Remote Vo. Tetsuya Koshiba Amagi Seimaru Release Date: 2003-12-11. 30. Tetsuya Koshiba Amagi Seimaru Release Date: 2003-11-20.

Authors: Amagi seimaru, Koshiba tetsuya. Vo. 6 C. 57 : Miscalculation. Genres: Manga, Seinen, Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Mystery, Romance. 2 years ago. 56 : Kurumi Captured. 55 : Faceless Woman. 54 : Show and Tell. 53 : Secret Chocolate. 52 : Stage Names.

Remote Graphic Novels. Availability : Discontinued and Out of Print - Limited to Stock on Hand. From the creative minds of Seimaru Amagi and Tetsuya Koshiba comes this wildly compelling and ultra-violent manga that inspired a top TV drama in Japan. Kurumi Ayaki is a recently-retired police officer with a record of excellence on the force and the guts and guile to back it up.

Seimaru Amagi, Tetsuya Koshiba Remote 3. Price for Eshop: 150 Kč (€ . ). Condition: Very Good. Availability: In stock, ships in 24 hours. Locations: U Lužického semináře 10, Malá Strana. Publisher: Tokyopop Press Inc.

Officer Ayaki reporting. Mission successful: my fiancé was cleared of any crime. My next assignment might be the worst of my increasingly bizarre stint at Special Unit A. Inspector Himuro is sending me to the seedy underbelly of the city to work undercover at a peep show. Dirty hallways, filthy men, and sticky floors--you get the picture. But this "lovely" setting is the scene of a brutal crime. A "faceless" woman is cutting off the heads of all the pretty young girls--a vicious crime, and with this crowd, there are no lack of suspects. On top of it all, the whole scene is beginning to hit close to home, and I may have to perform in a peep show of my own. One thing's for sure: everyone better keep their stinking hands to themselves!
Remote vol. 6 download epub
Author: Tetsuya Koshiba,Seimaru Amagi
ISBN: 1595320334
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Subcategory: Manga
Language: English
Publisher: TokyoPop; paperback / softback edition (July 12, 2005)
Pages: 216 pages