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by Michael Gregg

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CISSP For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)). In addition to his experience with performing security audits and assessments, Gregg has authored or coauthored more than 15 books, including Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Prep (Que), CISSP Exam Cram 2 (Que), and Security Administrator Street Smarts (Sybex). He is a site expert for TechTarget.

CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide. Covers all 8 CISSP® domains:,Security and risk management,Asse. 77 MB·1,307 Downloads. the past he worked as content development team leader on a variety of PMI DoDAF . Department CISSP All-in-On.

The CISSP Certification Exam. Assessing Exam Readiness. Year: 2003 Pages: 204. Authors: Michael Gregg.

Learn what you need to know to master the CISSP security technology and the certification exam with the CISSP Exam Cram 2. A perfect compliment to larger study guides, the CISSP Exam Cram 2 is a great way to find out exactly what will be expected of you during the real exam. The book includes: Exam topic-focused chapters. Practice questions at the end of each chapter. Exam Alerts that highlight key terms and areas. Two full-length practice exams. An electronic test engine provided by MeasureUp on CD-ROM with additional practice exams.

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The CISSP certification exam is one of the most difficult exams to pass because of the expansive knowledge base it covers. With more than 500 practice questions, the detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers included in CISSP Practice Questions Exam Cram 2 will ensure that you have a full understanding of the information covered in the exam.

Michael Gregg is an American computer security specialist and businessman. Gregg is the President and CEO of security assessment firm Superior Solutions Inc. and author/coauthor of several books, including as Build Your Own Network Security Lab and Inside Network Security Assessment  .

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Updated for 2009

Covers the critical information you’ll need to know to score higher on your CISSP exam!

Build and manage an effective, integrated security architecture Systematically protect your physical facilities and the IT resources they contain Implement and administer access control Use cryptography to help guarantee data integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity Secure networks, Internet connections, and communications Make effective business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and execute them successfully Address today’s essential legal, regulatory, and compliance issues Master the basics of security forensics Develop more secure applications and systems from the ground up Use security best practices ranging from risk management to operations and auditing Understand and perform the crucial non-technical tasks associated with IT security

CD Features Test Engine Powered by MeasureUp!

Detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers Multiple test modes Random questions and order of answers Coverage of each CISSP exam domain

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Mr. Gregg seems to have a sweet spot wit his style and format. this book covers the topics extremely well, this is not an easy book to write or an easy exam for which to prepare; the subjects range from the technical to the more subjective topics of BCP and DRP. I read four books cover to cover and this one is by far the best. It is well written, I do not expect technical books to be written as a literary masterpiece, but I do require them to have a semblace of being written with care and edited. This book achieves the daunting task of presenting the broad material succinctly. The sample questions and corresponding explanatory answers augment the reader's comprehension. I also bought Gregg's book for the CEH Cram, and based on this book, also decided to buy the CISSP one. I will be keeping both of them for future reference. And yes, I passed both the CEH and CISSP on the first attempt, and this book was critical to my success.
Required text for masters level course in data security. Some old info, could stand some updates, especially in light of massive expansion of cloud computing. Practice questions are especially helpful. Not sure well this will actually prepare one for the CISSP exam though as the question bank is just over 500 questions
This book is a no-nonsense read. It's down and dirty; no fluff. I used this and one larger, more detailed book to study. I used this book to study during the day on my lunch hour, then I'd go home at the end of the day and expand upon that study with the larger text. The included CD-based flash cards and practice exams were great. I recommend this text!
The author breaks things down well, even has some humor in it. It's good if your stuck at a hard section. Would still recommend it be used with other materials.
i have bought this book after my experience with exam cram in CISA, which helped me alot with the CISA Exam as i did not study from any book except the exam cram. Now i am preparing for my CISSP Exam and i thought that exam cram for CISSP should be as powerfull as the one of CISA, but i have gone through the physical security module and i am willing to start on the access control system and methodolgy module now, but i feel it is not enough. he is giving a very brief information, and i really do not know would this be enough to go through the exam or not.
Arrived in "new" condition, just as advertised.
Please note that Informit is out with an updated edition. The edition I'm reviewing is the 2nd edition, 591 pages as compared with the 3rd edition that has 640 pages. My passing of the test a week ago cannot be attributed to this book as you'll see.

The book is a good starting point as it contains the formulas and base equations. The writer goes into detail on historical facts. Memorizing facts will not earn you a passing score on the test. You need reasoning and understanding of solutions to figure out the best answer.

The strength of this book lies in the tables and charts that allow you to visualize the material. From there, you can figure out the correct answer. The exam alerts on are target in the book. While the chapter on was way off course.
When I obtained the book, it had a Pearson test review with the book (not the same as the standard one on the inside flap). This is only good if you receive this book in a course.

My overall recommendation is do not use this as your main study material. Use it as a supplemental review.
I have many years of first had experience with IT security and thought that studying for and taking the CISSP would take little effort. CISSP is a mile wide and an inch deep as far as how it covers material. A key is to get over how to read the question and give them exactly what they are looking for because there may be more than two correct answers; one is just more correct.

It is a great book that has questions in the style as they are asked on the CISSP. I answered a lot of questions, on material I knew very well, incorrectly. I was answering as a technician, not a manager. This book taught me how to "READ" the question and give them the "BEST" answer from a manager perspective. For the material, I used using two other books, the Shon Harris, and the Sybex CISSP guides, and passed the CISSP on my first attempt.

A few individuals gave this book low reviews because it lacked content. This book isn't meant to teach the material.

Taking an unknown test such as the CISSP can be intimidating, but if you want to get an idea of how the questions are worded on the test, this is the book. If you just use this book without any other study material or knowledge, you will fail.
CISSP Exam Cram (2nd Edition) download epub
Author: Michael Gregg
ISBN: 0789738066
Category: Computers & Technology
Subcategory: Certification
Language: English
Publisher: Pearson IT Certification; 2 edition (March 20, 2009)
Pages: 624 pages