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by David Hucaby,Stephen McQuerry

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Configure and use Cisco Catalyst hardware for Layer 3 switching and redundancy.

Configure and use Cisco Catalyst hardware for Layer 3 switching and redundancy. Discover how Cisco Catalyst switches handle multicast traffic and interact with multicast routers.

Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration. This book is part of the Cisco Press Networking Technologies Series, which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.

fm Page i Friday, September 6, 2002 3:16 PM Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration Dave Hucaby, CCIE No. 4594 Steve McQuerry, CCIE No. 6108 Cisco Press Cisco Press 201 West 103rd Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 USA fmatter. Prior to his current position, David was a senior network consultant, where he provided design and implementation consulting, focusing on Cisco-based VPN and IP Telephony solutions.

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Authors: David Hucaby, Stephen McQuerry. Cisco Field Manual: Router Configuration. Cisco LAN Switching (CCIE Professional Development series). Cisco OSPF Command and Configuration Handbook (paperback). Database Modeling with MicrosoftВ® Visio for Enterprise Architects (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems). CompTIA Project+ Study Guide: Exam PK0-003.

David Hucaby, Stephen McQuerry. Cisco Field Manual: Router Configuration is the ultimate command reference that shows readers how to configure routers and switches with Cisco IOS software. Complete with shaded tab sections for different IOS software feature families for easy reference. Each section provides a succinct background of the group, configuration information and example components. With information on the most recent IOS releases as well as on previous releases in simple to read tables, Cisco Field Manual: Router Configuration is designed to be an invaluable workplace tool.

Автор: David Hucaby Название: Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch . ThIS book presents implementation advice for families of Cisco Catalyst features.

Описание: Provides a tool that helps you perform popular deployment tasks. ISBN: 1587050439; Издательство: Pearson Education

David Hucaby, Stephen McQuerry. ISBN: 1587050439; Издательство: Pearson Education.

Author: David Hucaby Stephen McQuerry. fm Page i Friday, September 6, 2002 3:16 PM Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration Dave Hucaby, CCIE. Cisco - Catalyst 8500 Configuration Guidelines 1106.

by Stephen McQuerry and David Hucaby. Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13: 9781587050435.

A complete, concise reference for implementing the most important features of the Cisco Catalyst family of switches

Review detailed and comparative configuration steps for features of the COS and Cisco IOS Software operating systems Understand basic system and operating system management Configure Ethernet, EtherChannel, Token Ring, and ATM LANE interfaces Deploy VLANs, private VLANs, trunking, VTP, and dynamic port membership Understand STP operation, configuration, and tuning Configure and use Cisco Catalyst hardware for Layer 3 switching and redundancy Discover how Cisco Catalyst switches handle multicast traffic and interact with multicast routers Implement broadcast suppression, protocol filtering, user authentication, port security, and VLAN access lists Set up switches for logging, SNMP and RMON management, and port analysis Configure voice gateway modules, inline power, and QoS features needed to transport voice traffic

Cisco Catalyst switches, a common ingredient in many campus, metropolitan, enterprise, and service provider networks, are complex devices that require many configuration steps for proper operation. Not only are the required commands difficult to remember, but locating reference material on them also requires extensive research that is both time- consuming and difficult to complete in the field. Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration is a quick and portable reference guide to the most commonly used features that can be configured on Cisco Catalyst switches.

Derived from the authors' notes about how to configure a variety of Cisco Catalyst features during the course of their preparation for the CCIE(r) exam, Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration is an indispensable tool that helps you perform the most popular deployment tasks. From the first page, the authors zero in on quick facts, configuration steps, and explanations of configuration options in each Cisco Catalyst feature. The different variations of the Cisco Catalyst operating systems (COS and Cisco IOS(r) Software) are shown together for side-by-side comparison, making it easy to move from one Cisco Catalyst platform to another.

The book presents concise implementation advice for families of Cisco Catalyst features, including configuration fundamentals, Layer 2 interface configuration, Layer 3 interface configuration, VLANs and trunking, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Layer 3 switching, multicast, server load balancing, access control, switch management, quality of service (QoS), and voice. Additional appendixes provide you with critical details on well-known ports and addresses, specialized switch modules, VLAN extension, and a cabling guide. The quick reference format allows you to easily locate just the information you need without searching through thousands of pages of documentation, saving you time and helping you to get the devices up and running quickly and smoothly.

Whether you are looking for a handy, portable reference to more easily configure Cisco Catalyst switches in the field, or you are preparing for CCNA(r), CCNP(r), or CCIE certification, you will find Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration to be an essential resource that will save you hours of research time.

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This is a not a book to read from front to back, but it does have a lot of config examples in it.
Thank you for the fast service and I love the Book!
Early Waffle
This manual has easy to follow steps and explanations for programming of Catalyst switches. It covers commands for both CatOS and IOS.
CiscoPress's "Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration" by Hucaby and McQuerry is a very strong attempt at documenting the configuration implementations of Cisco switches. Any Cisco Switching book is going to need to make a decision as soon as the first page - and that is how best to document the two separate and totally different versions of Cisco Catalyst operating systems - COS and OS. This book takes a different tact - and one that I think works very well. Instead of splitting up the two OS domains and describing each in their own respective sections - the authors have decided to show how to implement both types of commands at the same time. This little difference is profound in the way it helps demonstrate the use of each command and eliminates redundancy found in other all-in-one switching books.

It is important to note that this is not a Switching-101 book. You definitely need a decent understanding of the various subjects - Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP), Virtual-Trunking Protocol (VTP), etc... The book does a good job at discussing the different implementations of Vlans and Trunking (Chapter 6).

One reassuring item to note is that I did not find any typos in the book. I have used this book while studying for my CCIE R&S lab (I think a lot of CCIE candidates forget that the `S' in R&S stands for Switching). I have also used this book for real-world implantations. I feel the utilitarian value of this book is much higher than Hucaby and McQuerry's similar book on Router configuration.

I give this book 4 pings out of 5:
This book covers 2900 Series up to 6000 Series Catalyst Switches including Catlayst 3500XL and 2900MXL Series. This book is not for CCNA wannabe's, cause it doesn't include Catalyst 1900 Series. Besides, you should know Cisco Switching before attempting to read this book. This book is more help on your day to day Cisco Catalyst administration job.
This book beats Cisco LAN Switching (CCIE Professional Development). It covers those topics that Cisco LAN Switching lacks - from Switch Functionality, SE Configuration, creating VLANs & Trunking, STP, Multilayer Switching, to QOS. More examples than LAN Switching.
This book, together with the Cisco Routers for IP Routing Little Black Book (by: Innokenty Rudenko) and Remote Access for Cisco Networks (by: William Burton and Bill Burton), your daily administration of Cisco devices will be easy as you have never imagined. Of course you need at least a CCNA Advanced Level or a CCNP level to use these three books.
I'm a CCNP/CCDA supporting Internet Data Centre / Internet Service Provider Core Routers/Distribution Switches/Access Switches and I found that this book is valuable to my daily administration tasks. I highly recommend this book for Cisco Catalyst administrators.
In becoming a CCNA and CCDA I had to study switches and switching techniques, both of which are covered very well in most study guides. What seems to be missing is coverage, extensive coverage, of switch configuration and management, that's why this book is so important.

The authors take a specific subject, the Catalyst Switch, and break it down to the lowest level. They give extremely detailed information about the switches, from the 2950 series to the 600 series, from configuration for both layer 2 and 3, to VLANs, VTP, STP, multicasting and access control.

Leaving virtually no stone unturned the authors have taken area of Cisco certification and made it the focus of study. What I found most impressive was the real world examples, coupled with coding screen shots, so you can see what things look like rather than have to guess.

Overall this book can work for the CCNA, CCDA and CCNP Switching exams. Cisco Press needs to add this to the Preparation and Certification libraries for the exams as well.
The author has put together a very clear and concise book which is essential for engineers. Whether using it as a reference or to read it cover to cover it is well worth the purchase. A+
Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration download epub
Author: David Hucaby,Stephen McQuerry
ISBN: 1587050439
Category: Computers & Technology
Subcategory: Certification
Language: English
Publisher: Cisco Press (October 18, 2002)
Pages: 560 pages