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by Cary N. Prague,Jennifer Reardon,Michael R. Irwin

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by Jennifer Reardon, Cary N. Prague, Michael R. Irwin.

by Jennifer Reardon, Cary N.

Michael R. Groh, Joseph C. Stockman, Gavin Powell, Cary N. Irwin, Jennifer Reardon. Категория: computer windows. Cary N.

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Book Binding:Paperback. Book Condition:VERYGOOD. World of Books Ltd was founded in 2005, recycling books sold to us through charities either directly or indirectly. Read full description. Pre-owned: lowest price.

by Michael R. Irwin, Cary N. Prague, Jennifer Reardon. Published November 2001 by Wiley Subjects. Published November 2001 by Wiley. Before you begin to use a software product, it is important to understand its capabilities and the types of tasks that it's designed to perform.

Personal Name: Irwin, Michael R. Rubrics: Database management

Personal Name: Irwin, Michael R. Rubrics: Database management. Download PDF book format. Download DOC book format.

Databases can be complex. That’s why you need the expert guidance in this comprehensive reference manual to help you harness their power with a solid understanding of database purpose, construction, and application.

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Jennifer Reardon is considered a leading developer of custom database applications. She has over ten years’ experience developing client/server and PC-based applications.

Take charge of your data and run your business or organization both more efficiently and more successfully with the Access 2002 Bible, Gold Edition. Receive top-notch advice from Access experts, Cary N. Prague and Michael R. Irwin, which will help you to quickly master Access's premier database management capabilities and its hot new Web features. The Access 2002 Bible offers step-by-step instructions and practical examples and advice that equips you with everything you need to know to organize, present, analyze, and share data on a network or over the Web. Find comprehensive coverage of all new features and capabilities, including vastly improved Data Access Pages which gives users additional ways to provide information over the Web. Access 2002 carries several performance improvements and an enhanced new file format and every bit of that is addressed between the covers of the Access 2002 Bible, Gold Edition and the accompanying CD-ROM.

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I needed a decent book for teaching myself MS Access 2002. (Yes, an old version of software, and therefore difficult to obtain useful resources.) I struggled on with "Access For Dummies" but finally had enough of the stupid, inane tone and frantic ideology of attempting a funny one-liner somewhere in each line. I needed information that was concise, sensible and actually useable. Access Bible delivers learning that builds competency, showing clearly the development of a database using a single example (the Animal Hospital). As a reference, it is also eminently navigable, which is a huge relief in comparison with many other texts.

My only complaint is that the starter version of the example database file--Mountain Animal Start.mdb--which should contain only unrelated tables (making it suitable for building relationships from scratch) was mistakenly more developed that it should have been; not a completed database, just containing more than simply tables. It was annoying to have to pore through it to dismantle things back to bare tables, but overall, the journey to develop the Animal Hospital database still makes this book an excellent reference. Partnered with a good design book--eg, "Beginning Database Design" from Wrox--this book can get you up to speed on writing database applications that do what you need them to.
I noticed that used copies are in great condition. After the first 30 pages, the reader tends to become disengaged.
Nice quality, quick delivery.
...or your time if you're an intermediate to advanced Access user. Basically this book just reiterates what's in the help section - and we all know how good MS has made their help sections - of the program. I can't get answers to any of my questions... you'd have better luck going to the MS online forums and asking your questions there. But hey, if you're new to Access or not real computer savy, this book may be helpful. Beats learning/perfecting the art of obtaining help from MS "help". One last note, Access Inside/Out is the same thing, so if you do get one of them, only buy ONE.
The authors, editor(s) and publisher(s) should be ashamed of themselves.
They have managed to create a 1500 page book that is equally useless for beginners (including total newbies), intertmediate and advanced users.
Beginners: You'll pick up alot more just playing around with Access and reading the built-in or online help. (even if you have never used a database before).
Intermediate-Advanced users: You'll never find an answer to any of your questions.
I own over 30 computer books, both of a scientific and how-to nature. I have a degree in computer science. In other words, I am not new to computer books. This one though is simply horrible (I'd even say the worst I've ever read, and I've read "Computer Systems Design And Architecture" by Vincent Heuring)
The book is simply a BAD copy of the built-in help.
It has no substance.
It has no personality.
It has no structure.
It explains in too much detail the things that are obvious, and just mentions by name the things that are important.
It's main focus is how to make your datatabes look pretty on the screen.
All the authors accomplish in the 1500+ pages that is book offers, is prove that they are [not] experts on the subject.
Don't buy it.
As a professional Access programmer in a corporate environment, I was quite surprised to find that this otherwise excellent book has absolutely nothing on security. The book will certainly help you understand how to build tables, queries, forms, etc., and it does have a lot of excellent examples; but a critical part of deploying any Access application in a multi-user environment is to make sure that proper security has been applied, and this book simply ignores the subject.
Too many errors mar an otherwise very good book. Spelling mistakes are normal for a book of this size, but errors in descriptions of Expression syntax cannot be justified. The omission of characters as seemingly minor as quotations marks surrounding text is very important for a program as stringent as Access.
Get this book if you want a decent understanding from the ground up, but don't rely on this book by itself. Purchase another source of information, but beware of the Que book by Roger Jennings. His style of writing is reminiscent of rambling discourse.
Access 2002 Bible download epub
Databases & Big Data
Author: Cary N. Prague,Jennifer Reardon,Michael R. Irwin
ISBN: 0764535730
Category: Computers & Technology
Subcategory: Databases & Big Data
Language: English
Publisher: Wiley (November 15, 2001)
Pages: 1664 pages