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by Mark Grand

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Mark Grand (mgrandspring. com) is a Java consultant, speaker, and instructor.

Mark Grand (mgrandspring. He teaches classes on Java, develops Java-based software, and advises companies on how to best use Java-related technology with databases, networks, and electronic commerce.

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The goal is to help you understand all of the subtle nuances of Java. The bestselling Java book is now better.

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It fully describes the new features added in Java SE 8, including lambda expressions, method references, default methods, type annotations, and repeating annotations. Java (Addison-Wesley). Pearson Technology Group, Addison-Wesley Professional.

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The Java™ Tutorial: Object-Oriented Programming for the Internet Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath ISBN 0-201-63454-6. The Java™ Class Libraries: An Annotated Reference Patrick Chan and Rosanna Lee ISBN 0-201-63458-9. Guy Steele Gilad Bracha. An imprint of Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. Reading, Massachusetts q Harlow, England q Menlo Park, California.

The second edition of the Java Language Reference is an invaluable tool for Java programmers, especially those who have migrated to Java 1.1. The book goes into great detail about every aspect of the Java programming language, from the definition of data types to the syntax of expressions and control structures. The features in Version 1.1 of the Java language are covered in the same detail as all of the features in the first edition of the book. As always, the goal is to help you understand all of the subtle nuances of Java, so you can ensure that your programs run exactly as expected.The Java Language Reference uses railroad diagrams to describe the syntax of the Java language. These diagrams have been updated to include the syntax for all of the new features in Java 1.1, including the syntax for the various kinds of inner classes. The book also uses numerous examples to illustrate various fine points of the language.The second edition covers Version 1.1 of the Java language. It includes all of the material from the first edition, as well as updated information on the following features of Java 1.1:

The syntax of inner classes, including nested top-level classes and interfaces, member classes, local classes, and anonymous classesThe definition of final local variables, method parameters, and catch parametersThe declaration and initialization of anonymous arraysThe syntax for class literalsThe definition of instance initializersNew classes in java.lang, as well as new methods and variables in existing classesThe Java Language Reference, in conjunction with the Java Fundamental Classes Reference and Java AWT Reference, provide a complete set of reference material on the Java language and the Java Core API. These manuals compose the definitive set of Java documentation that you need to do serious programming with Java 1.1.

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There are several places in the language description (for example, the rules on static method overriding and inner classes) where this book is either vague, misleading, or occasionally flat-out wrong. "Java Language Reference" might provide a nice introduction to the language's syntax, but it does not make a good Java language reference.
I'm a little surprised by the other reviews. I have found over the last year this to be an authorative source for the Java Language Specification. I go to other books when I want to know about the various Java packages but this is the one I got to when I want to know about the Java langauge semantics and syntax.
Java Language Reference (Java (Addison-Wesley)) download epub
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