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by David Vitter

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The Designing Visual Basic. NET Applications book is a desktop reference that helps the Visual Basic developer get up to speed o. ET as fast as possible, while avoiding topics experienced developers are already familiar with.

The Designing Visual Basic. NET framework concepts and real-world examples of their use. It includes The Designing Visual Basic.

Designing Visual Basic. Net Applications book. Net Applications by David Vitter. Designing Visual Basic. Details (if other): Cancel. NET Applications is a desktop reference that helps the Visual Basic developer get up to speed o.

Learn how to put the power of Visual Basic . NET to work to design and implement enterprise applications!Most books about Visual Basic. This book provides the detailed guidance you need to make the right choices as you design and build enterprise-level applications with Visual Basic.

This book teaches Visual Basic programming with a focus on the programming techniques required most in the industry. Students are taught theory within the context of building specific applications, making learning more effective and arming them with a portfolio of skills they can easily apply in the business world. The authors provide this hands-on experience by structuring each chapter to cover the theory, then build applications and explain the theory in detail through the applications. Автор: Bai Название: Practical Database Programming with Visual Basic

Dave Vitter, Technical Lead Developer and author of Designing Visual Basic. I though Ted Pattison's Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic.

Dave Vitter, Technical Lead Developer and author of Designing Visual Basic. NET Applications (Coriolis, 2001). The definitive Microsoft Visual Basic. NET reference-authored by Visual Basic. NET’s lead architect. If you want to leverage all of V. ET’s immense power, get this book. NET was probably the best VB book I had read (although there are a lot of contenders for that title) but Vick, plain and simply, is the man. The whole book is about 410 pages with Indexs, TOC etc.

David Vitter's scientific contributions. Publications (4). NET Applications, D. Vitter. The information contained herein is for the personal use of the reader and may not be incorporated in any commercial programs, other books, databases, or any kind of software without written consent of the publisher.

Find nearly any book by David Vitter. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Net Applications: Designing Visual Basic. NET Applications: ISBN 9781588801289 (978-1-58880-128-9) Softcover, Coriolis Group, 2001. Net Applications: ISBN 9781932111125 (978-1-932111-12-5) Softcover, Paraglyph Press, 2002. Net Framework Black Book. by Julian Templeman, David Vitter. ISBN 9781576109953 (978-1-576195-3) Softcover, Coriolis Group, 2002.

NET, the successor to Visual Basic 6, is a powerful, fully object-oriented programming tool that allows you to create rich desktop applications for Windows and Web applications. Gefen and Govindarajulu's Advanced Visual Basic®. NET presents complex topics in Visual Basic. NET, and other advanced topics of V. ET programming.

Designing Visual Basic.NET Applications is a desktop reference that helps the Visual Basic developer get up to speed on .NET as fast as possible, while avoiding topics experienced developers are already familiar with. It encompasses all language enhancements to Visual Basic and explains the .NET framework concepts and real-world examples of their use.

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I am a VB 6.0 developer for quite a few years now and when the .NET framework kicked off I was a bit confused about the new way of developing .NET applications. I have read a few tutorials about the new technology and the new programing architecture but was still confused.
I found this book on the net and read the reviews, two positive two negative, still decided to buy it and I don't regreat it. It is worth the money.
It is true that the book has the minimum code needed for a programming book, but remember the title doesn't say "CODING VISUAL BASIC.NET APPLICATIONS". The title on the cover of this book is "DESIGNING VISUAL BASIC.NET APPLICATIONS". If you are an experienced programmer on any of the other languages you will now that the first step to creating a succesfull application is the designing stage. Then you go to coding. If you are one of those people that want to do the coding before the design then this is the wrong book.
If you are looking for a book that does both, designing and coding, then this book is not for you, then you have to look for a book that has at least 2500 pages, a CD-ROM included and of-course will cost like eight times this book.
But if you are looking for enough information to desing .NET applications and start thinking on the new way of developing for .NET then this is the right book for you.Autor goes deep on explaining the theory behind the .NET architecture, the need for migrating to .NET and gives you more then enough information about the new beast out there called .NET.
It helped me clear out a lot of things there were mixed on my head, being used to develop on VB 6.0.
If you are a serious developer and you read and learn, to learn and know then this book is one of the books that need to be in you bookshelf. Othervise by one of the books that say ".... VB.NET COMPLETE" read about all the possibilities of the new language but never learn any of them.
Offcourse this is not the book that will teach you everything. You need to buy some more books to learn the coding technologies. There is a lot of good books out there on coding like BIBLE series (Good for beginners), quite a few on the reusable objects and components, and at the very end you have the UNLEASHED series for the most serious developers. You will never find a book that references all the ends of programming. You have to buy a couple to get where you want and I think this is one of them.
Coriolis and Dave Vitter, thanks for this this title. Great Job.
Captain America
Here is a novel concept for a book: let's teach someone how to program in a language without code. Can it be done?
The answer, of course, is yes ... if you rely on the Visual Studio .NET IDE, which this book does. More than a book on coding, this book is a step by step on how to create code with the Visual Studio .NET IDE, without actually writing code.
This is not all bad, of course, as you can write some decent applications using this technique. However, it would have been nicer, if this was their intention, to include some screen shots. This book does not.
On the plus side, there is an awful lot of theory in this book. This alone may make this a useful addition to your library. If you want to really learn to code Visual Basic .NET, go elsewhere.
This book is about design and technique. There are lots of examples of how to do the right thing but the book doesn't deluge you with page after page of code samples. Instead they cut to the chase and show you just the portion of the code that makes a difference. This is a great book for anyone from beginner to moderately experienced VB program who is moving over to VB.Net and wants to learn how best to do it. I highly recommend this book.
I really dislike programming books that don't give me lots of good code samples but I can't recall one with as little code as this book. I am going to return it as a result.
Designing Visual Basic.Net Applications download epub
Author: David Vitter
ISBN: 1932111123
Category: Computers & Technology
Subcategory: Programming
Language: English
Publisher: Paraglyph Press (July 1, 2002)
Pages: 544 pages