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His credentials include:, The 'SQL Server 2000 Failover Clustering" white paper posted to Microsoft.

His credentials include:, The 'SQL Server 2000 Failover Clustering" white paper posted to Microsoft. com, Authoring part of the courseware for the SQL Server High Availability Event in Redmond, WA (June 2001), Leading SQL Server 2000 High Availability Post-Training at MGB, 2001, Authoring the customer-ready version of the High Availability Event material (both the one-day and the three-day), Wrote

PUBLISHED BY Microsoft Press A Division of Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, Washington .

PUBLISHED BY Microsoft Press A Division of Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, Washington 98052-6399. No part of the contents of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of the publisher. p. cm. Includes index. ISBN 0-7356-1920-4 1. SQL server.

Learn about the Azure SQL Database service high availability capabilities and features. The high availability solution is designed to ensure that committed data is never lost due to failures, that maintenance operations do not affect your workload, and that the database will not be a single point of failure in your software architecture. There are no maintenance windows or downtimes that should require you to stop the workload while the database is upgraded or maintained. There are two high-availability architectural models that are used in Azure SQL Database: Standard availability model that is based on a separation of compute and storage.

Availability is not just a SQL Server issue, either†it is applicable to every aspect of a computing environment. There are two main aspects to consider when thinking about high availability, prevention and disaster recovery, both of which have many more facets than just technology. Prevention is anything†including people, processes, and technology†that, when put in place, is designed to reduce the risk of a catastrophic occurrence.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 gives you greatly improved tools to overcome these .

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 gives you greatly improved tools to overcome these barriers − ..

PUBLISHED BY Microsoft Press A Division of Microsoft Corporation One . High Availability-What It Is and How to Get It Prevention Disaster Recovery. Agreeing on a Solution The Project Team Guiding Principles for High Availability Making Trade-Offs Identifying Risks Next Steps.

Microsoft SQL Server High AvailabilityAbout the Author. Current Microsoft capabilities and options allowing you to achieve high availability systems will be highlighted. com) a database consulting firm with offices in the United States and Paris, France. These include, among others, Microsoft Cluster Services, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SQL Clustering, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Data Replication, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Log Shipping, and Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator capabilities.

Tag: SQL Server High Availability. The possible causes of this problem include the following: SSRS has not been configured correctl. ay 27, 2013.

Get the definitive reference to maximizing the availability of your critical, SQL Server 2000-based business systems. Developed by Microsoft field consultants who create and support high availability solutions every day, this practical guide explains how to plan, design, implement, and support highly available SQL Server 2000-based systems for both 32-bit and 64-bit environments. You get in-depth, end-to-end guidance—from evaluating availability requirements and capacity planning to implementing failover clustering, log shipping, replication, system backup and restore, system recovery, and other technologies and processes. Real-world scenarios illustrate the book’s best practices in action. You also get a CD featuring evaluation software, planning worksheets, scripts, and other on-the-job resources.

Discover how to:

Evaluate technical, staffing, and budget requirements Plan and configure disk subsystems for performance and availability Configure Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to optimize SQL Server 2000 availability Plan, implement, and maintain a base server cluster and Network Load Balancing Plan and configure failover clustering Use built-in log shipping features or code your own Create comprehensive backup and restore plans Choose replication methods for high availability—and expose replication architecture Develop prevention and disaster recovery strategies; sample runbook and scripts included on CD Minimize downtime for server upgrades and service pack installations Baseline performance and use availability-monitoring tools and techniques

CDs feature:

120-day evaluation version of SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition Scripts for custom log shipping, backup and restoration, system monitoring, and other administrative tasks Sample disaster-recovery runbook Worksheets, checklists, and templates Fully searchable eBook

For customers who purchase an ebook version of this title, instructions for downloading the CD files can be found in the ebook.

Comments: (7)

This book is the fast track way to gain confidence in deploying a Microsoft SQL 2000 or 2003 Virtual Server.
Even if you have deployed SQL clusters, this book will probably have a few gems that you haven't seen.
The references to the 2003 Operating System are excellent.
The chapters on disk configuration, deployment and Service Packs are valuable in the real World.
The Authors have given you a complete process for rolling out a successfule SQL deployment. The fact is that planning and process are the key to a rollout and this book has that and the technical stuff we all love.
If you only buy one book on SQL and high availability deployment, this is the one.
Wooden Purple Romeo
I liked some things about this book:
cluster chapter
hardware coverage
Windows Server 2003 tidbits
I didn't like other things:
replication coverage - way to short to be useful. Doesn't tell much about high availability in relation to replicaton.
bad advice - several things they recommend even I know better than to do. I got to the point where I started ingoring the recommendations and just hunted for facts to help me form my own conclusions.
performance stuff -- its to weak and not discussed as much as it should be. I think you need to really go into performance issues when you talk about high availability because poor performance makes a system less available.
I guess the final word is that this is a decent book that you might want to get if SQL SERVER high availability is something you need to know about. Just don't expect a great book.
The Sphinx of Driz
This book collates the experience of installing 'Real World' SQL virtual servers on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.
Even if you have already deployed a SQL2000 clustered instance, there will be tips in this book for you.
There are numerous chapters including Disk configuration, Installation and Service Pack management.
As with any major undertaking, the book underpins the need for planning and research without forgetting the detailed technical stuff we all love.
The Knowledgebase articles referenced in the book make it that little bit easier to be confident that you are following Best Practise.
This book is great. It's loaded with recommendations that I have not seen in other SQL books and I've read at least a dozen of them. Even the backup modules cover more information than anything I've seen. Every DBA should read this and stop complaining about this or that not being covered. If you looking for replication than find a replication book. It's impossible to cover everything about availability in one shot and this one comes close.
Great stuff!!!
Has to be the worst Sql book I've wasted my money on. Absolutely horrible. Practically every chapter has some over generalization or plain bad advice. You get the impression that the authors haven't really ever deployed any of these systems they talk about so much. It appears they have very little time "in the trenches." On top of that, the writing is just awful. I had a real tough time just reading through it. If you want to find good info on Sql's high availability features, read the Books Online and *don't* waste your money on this book.
I just got this one and I found that while it has some good points its not really all I had hoped. A much better book is Inside SQL 2000. It covers much more about SQL which you need to know for keeping a system up and running 24-by-7.
I got this one to help me with setting up a HA replication arch. To be nice about it the repl info in the book is anemic. Next to nothing about it. I'm not sure how I will use the book and Im pretty disappointed iwth it.
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 High Availability download epub
Author: Microsoft Corporation
ISBN: 0735619204
Category: Computers & Technology
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Language: English
Publisher: Microsoft Press (July 19, 2003)
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