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by David Sklar

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This book is for programmers who need to solve problems with PHP. If you don’t know any PHP, make this your .

This book is for programmers who need to solve problems with PHP. If you don’t know any PHP, make this your second PHP book. The first should be Learning PHP 5, also from O’Reilly. If you’re already familiar with PHP, this book helps you overcome a specific problem and get on with your life (or at least your programming activities).

David Sklar is a Distinguished Engineer at Ning, part of Glam Media. Excellent PHP book for those that are experienced programmers. Good solutions that are explained thoroughly with examples and as a bonus you can download all the code

David Sklar is a Distinguished Engineer at Ning, part of Glam Media. David lives in New York City and has adegree in Computer Science from Yale University. Good solutions that are explained thoroughly with examples and as a bonus you can download all the code. Helped me find a number of ways to do new things or to make some things better.

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When I received the books in the mail and began reading, the PHP Cookbook damaged by brain, so it was placed on the self to collect dust and I dug into PHP and MySQL Web Development to begin experimenting. It didn't take too long to decide to use the Object Oriented PHP paradigm for implementation. Once that decision was made and I had programmed a few pieces of the puzzle, I dusted off the PHP Cookbook and took another look at it. I found the Cookbook to be a truly amazing piece of work

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David Sklar is an independent consultant specializing in software development, strategic planning, and technical training. He was a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of Student. At both companies, David oversaw the architecture and development of varied systems to deliver personalized dynamic content to users around the world. com/), which enables PHP users to exchange programs.

The PHP book also covers form creation, working with images, PHP tips, and security considerations. PHP Cookbook: Solutions & Examples For PHP Programmers by Adam Trachtenberg and David Sklar. PHP & MySQL Novice to Ninja. PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice by Matt Zandstra. PHP Object-Oriented Solutions by David Powers. PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy by David Powers. Survive the Deep End: PHP Security by Padraic Brady (Free). Practical PHP Testing by Giorgio Sironi (Free).

Want to understand a certain PHP programming technique? Or learn how to accomplish a particular task?

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PHP is a simple yet powerful open source scripting language that has become a big player in web development. Over a million web sites, from large corporate sites to small personal sites, are using PHP to serve dynamic web content. PHP's broad feature set, approachable syntax, and support for different operating systems and web servers make it an ideal language for rapid web development.The PHP Cookbook is a collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples for PHP programmers. The book contains a unique and extensive collection of best practices for everyday PHP programming dilemmas. For every problem addressed in the book, there's a worked-out solution or "recipe" -- short, focused pieces of code that you can insert directly into your applications. But this book offers more than cut-and-paste code. You also get explanations of how and why the code works, so you can learn to adapt the problem-solving techniques to similar situations.The recipes in the PHP Cookbook range from simple tasks, such as sending a database query and fetching URLs, to entire programs that demonstrate complex tasks, such as printing HTML tables and generating bar charts. This book contains over 250 recipes on the following topics:

Working with basic data types, including strings, numbers, dates and times, and arraysPHP building blocks, such as variables, functions, classes, and objectsWeb programming, including forms, database access, and XMLUseful features like regular expressions, encryption and security, graphics, internationalization and localization, and Internet servicesWorking with files and directoriesCommand-line PHP and PHP-GTKPEAR, the PHP Extension and Application RepositoryThis book contains an impressive collection of useful code for PHP programmers, from novices to advanced practitioners. Instead of poking around mailing lists, online documentation, and other sources, you can rely on the PHP Cookbook to provide quick solutions to common problems, so you can spend your time on those out-of-the-ordinary problems specific to your application.

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Уou ll never walk alone
I have never written a review before, but I felt that I needed to put my 5-star vote in as my small token of thanks to the authors. So here it goes:

I have dabbled in PHP for a few months now, but am developing a php/mysql app for the first time. I refer to this book every single day. It's my favorite Oracle. I ask, it answers:

"How do I $MyDailyQuestion?"

"See page $MyDailyAnswer."

Sure puts a smile on my face!

This book does not make me read through pages and pages of code and explanation. Just enough code snippets and the most insightful reminders to help me solve my daily how-do-I's. It also tells you where to look up further info for each function/feature on-line.

I think you would love this book as much as I do if:

- you are somewhere between PHP super-newbie and super-master

- you have a pretty solid background in some other language

- you are using PHP now and have problems to solve everyday

- you learn well from small examples

- your vision starts to blur when presented with long chapters

My thanks to authors Sklar and Trachtenberg! Happy hunting.
one life
Well written and easy to understand as is typical of the Sklar books
I have been programming PHP for a couple of years, and have lots of books on the subject. IMHO, I felt like this book serves the role of a "cookbook" very nicely. The contents are organized by language function via chapters (i.e. strings, numbers, arrays, regex, forms, classes, db, security, XML, etc...) which makes it convenient to find what you are looking for. Within each chapter, are very specific "Problem" and "Solutions" which contain simple code snippets (like 10 lines or less) and a description of what it does. Most problems are solved within one page. It is really concise and to the point. The index is comprehensive so it is straightforward to lookup the issue you are having, find the problem / solution and get on with your coding. You don't have to read thru lots of code or descriptions of why somebody setup a display template or complicated object. Look up your problem, read a quick solution, and BOOM, you're done and back to implementing it in your code.
I have read some other reviews for this book here that recommend the Wrox book, stating this one is too simple. I don't agree with this. The Wrox book appears to me to be another "... let's show you a bunch of full blown application examples ..." book to me, similar to the classic Welling and Thomson SAMS published text. The "cookbook" will not teach you the language, nor is that its intent; it assumes you know what you are doing.
This book is exactly what it says it is, a cookbook. If you need a quick solution to specific coding problems, at a fairly advanced level, it is a really good reference.
The main preoccupation of this book is finding solutions to common PHP programming problems. It contains a series of instructions on how best, programmers and/or web designers, who monitor dynamic web contents could apply scripting language. This book would arouse the interest of anyone who already knows the fundamentals of PHP.
Its main drawback is that it is overtly abridged. Fledging PHP followers may criticize it for lacking the type of depth and practical application that non-advanced learners would want. Still, it is not a bad book to spend your wad on.
You need a solution to a problem? This book will give you the answer. This is a great reference book that helped me a lot and I think that every PHP programmer should own. This book is the next best thing to searching Google for PHP answers where you can find a wealth of information. The examples are very useful and the flow of the book is perfect. When I bought this book it was expensive but it was worth every single penny.

You need to know the basics of PHP coding before this book is useful. But if you know at least the basics you are going to find this book to be your best PHP teacher.
Most books cover commands and functions as though they were disembodied topics and don't relate them to the real world.
PHP Cookbook must be written by a "real developer" because he addresses actual everyday issues and illustrates practical solutions that you can use in your own applications.
I highly recommend this book.
- Hank Castello
If you are completely new to PHP, just forget about this book!
If you are looking for complete programming solutions, do so as well!
However, if you have some basic experience with PHP and MySQL this book is just great.
This book deserves the word "cookbook" as it contains over 600 pages of receipts (do not expect big explanations, but just snippets of code), which will help you to solve many problems. And the best of this book - in my personal opinion - is, that by reading it, you will find a lot of problems/solutions/ideas you have not thought about before.
Be warned: This book is not a real "help" for anybody who looks for the easy solution, but it will definitely help YOU to develop your site and develop yourself.
Just buy it - it's well worth the money and if this book won't pay out, none will!
PHP Cookbook download epub
Web Development & Design
Author: David Sklar
ISBN: 1565926811
Category: Computers & Technology
Subcategory: Web Development & Design
Language: English
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (November 30, 2002)
Pages: 640 pages