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The New Tiffany Table Settings download epub

by John Loring

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All of the Tiffany Table books that I've seen have been excellent. This book is no exception. It is a beautiful book and the shipping was prompt.
My only complaint is that the book is warped. I have it placed under a cushion of a chair that I use, in hope of pressing out the warp. The warp is not to the extent that it interferes with the enjoyment of the book itself.
Having a passion for beautiful table settings including china, crystal, cloth etc., it was very disappointing, when this book arrived, to see that it appeared the lighting was poor, and the pictures look dark. The table settings are not to my taste, not breathtaking by any means. Sorry to have purchased!
This book contains a cloy ploy: Dozens of "celebrities" -- many now long faded from public consciousness -- supposedly presented their personal tabletops. For the most part, these people had little or nothing to do with the faked-up conglomerations posed in their names. Only a handful seem to be actual dining rooms; most are tiny photo booth set-ups. And as far as "personal" items are concerned, very little shown wasn't spanking new and readily available from any Tiffany & Co. store of the times. All over-staged, the absolute glut of stuff, stuff, stuff shown made consuming a meal physically impossible. Perhaps this serves best as a period piece illustrating a now dismissed concept of what once constituted "luxury" -- gross excess.
The New Tiffany Table Settings was written by John Loring and edited by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis at Doubleday. A hilarious sidelight is that Henry Platt, then vice chair at Tiffany, decided to muscle his way onto the cover as an author. We learn in Reading Jackie by William Kuhn, how she handled this self-important dufus (and quite publicly, too) during a Doubleday meeting that she orchestrated to expose him as an interloper. While Platt's name did finally appear on the cover, he was not included in any of the Tiffany sequels that Loring and Jackie produced together.
Just received this book and I looove it!! I own quite a bit of books on table settings and this one didn't dissapoint me!
The New Tiffany Table Settings download epub
Entertaining & Holidays
Author: John Loring
ISBN: 0385239505
Category: Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Subcategory: Entertaining & Holidays
Language: English
Publisher: Doubleday (September 17, 1986)