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by Jeffrey Alford

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Seductions Of Rice book.

Seductions Of Rice book. To say that Alford and Duguid, authors of the award-winning Flatbreads and Flavors, de Chinese stir-frys, Spanish paellas, Japanese sushi, Indian thorans, Thai salads, Turkish pilafs, Italian risottos, Senegalese yassas, American gumbos: if rice isn't the heart and soul of all these diverse dishes, rice can be found piled right there at the side of the plate, or in a. bowl. To say that Alford and Duguid, authors of the award-winning Flatbreads and Flavors, deliver the world of rice is much too simple an understatement.

Seductions of Rice is the glorious result: two hundred easy-to-prepare dishes from . Seductions of Rice - Jeffrey Alford. way. Beginning with Rice.

Seductions of Rice is the glorious result: two hundred easy-to-prepare dishes from the world's great rice cuisines, illuminated by stories, insights, and more than two hundred photographs of people, places, and wonderful food. A cookbook designed to ease anxiety, a new set of guidelines to help prevent food waste and an Eastern tradition making big waves in the West.

Seductions of Rice will change the way we eat . Jeffrey Alford is a writer and photographer based primarily in northeast Thailand and Cambodia.

Seductions of Rice will change the way we eat, the way we prepare and appreciate our food. His earlier books, all co-written with Naomi Duguid, are Flatbreads and Flavors;HomeBaking; Seductions of Rice; Hot Sour Salty Sweet; Mangoes and Curry Leaves; and Beyond the Great Wall.

Seductions of Rice: A Cookbook. It's as easy as putting a pot of rice on to cook! To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Somphit Janprung and I also wrote a cookbook/culinary narrative about her village, called "Chicken in the Mango Tree: Food and Life in a Thai Khmer Village. I like it where we live, but sometimes it gets really hot.

Jeffrey Alford is an American-born Canadian food writer, best known for cookbooks co-written with his ex-wife Naomi Duguid. Alford was from Laramie, Wyoming and he graduated from high school there in 1972. He earned a master's degree in creative writing at the University of Wyoming. After leaving Wyoming, he lived in Ireland and traveled the world. He met Duguid on a bike trip in Tibet in 1985 and they were married in early 1986. They had two sons, and lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. by Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford. New York: Artisan, 1998. Alford, Jeffrey, and Duguid, Naomi. Seductions Of Rice: A Cookbook.

of rice Jeffrey Alford & Naomi Duguid For us it will always be our Joy of Cooking, a collection of recipes that best represents what we cook for ourselves (and for our friends) at home.

of rice Jeffrey Alford & Naomi Duguid. For us it will always be our Joy of Cooking, a collection of recipes that best represents what we cook for ourselves (and for our friends) at home. These recipes from Thailand, China, India, Japan, and from other places all around the world, are for all the foods we most like to eat.

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I read this book and it is a very information, fun and educational read. I am always on the lookout for a new kind of rice to try and the colors are an added bonus. I especially love the rice dictionary which list more varieties of rice than I believed existed still, I realized that it is not conclusive as I have a few varieties not even listed like the Madagascar pink rice and Bamboo rice, among others...who knew rice was so complex? I also love the many fun recipes list that are made from or to accompany rice. My only complaint is that there are no pictures of the recipes (every cookbook should include pictures of the recipes) and I don't care much for the black and white pictures used in most of the text as it does not clearly display the various colors of rice(s) as well as it could have. Still, it is a very useful and fun book for any rice lover who is interested in learning more about it.
If you are interested in and love to eat rice, you should seriously consider this book. The authors have written several cook books--almost travelogues--about the food found in the Far East. I've not confirmed it, but I think this was their first. I somehow missed seeing this when it was new, and I now consider it an oversight on my part. While it is an older book, it still has a lot of pertinent information in it.

It focuses mainly on the countries in the Far East, but there are chapters on rice in the U.S. and Europe. It does a lousy job of covering rice in the U.S. and Europe and that is why I knocked my rating down a star. On the other hand, the recipes in the other chapters are very nice and you will easily find some "keepers".

You may need to visit an Asian market to find some of the ingredients, but, hey, if you really like to eat rice, you really need to get acquainted with an Asian market in your area. Asian greens and aisles of condiments will turn you into a rice fanatic, and you'll soon be growing Asian greens in your garden.

I highly recommend this book. It is less a travelogue than their other books and the authors incorporate their family life and practices into the narrative, which makes it very personable besides informative. Check out the availability of used copies--you can't go wrong with this book.
Thank heavens there are cookbook authors like Duguid and Alford out there who know how to present a topic like rice in the most enticing way possible. Growing up in a mixed Chinese background, I'm very familiar with the traditional Chinese methods of cooking rice. This book, however, travels the world of rice, taking you not only to China, but to Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, India, Africa and more. The stories of how rice is grown and prepared in other parts of the world is fascinating and the photos, as always, are beautiful. A lot of the photos brought back beautiful memories of the rice paddies I saw in Bali and the beautiful people of Bali. With this book, I was able to see other parts of the world, as it relates to rice. There are a wide variety of recipes in the book, right from how to cook the basic rice (and how it's done in each country represented) to recipes for dishes that are best accompanied by rice. The recipes start with traditional background, but have been modified for modern ingredients and tastes in some cases. I found as I turned the pages, each recipe would have me saying "i have to try that!" in particular a simple dish that I had grown up with but had completely forgotten about.

I started my Alford and Duguid collection with Beyond the Great Wall, which was probably even more amazing. I will be getting other books from these authors which cross the boundaries between culinary delights and world travel.
I'm fairly new to cooking rice other than Uncle Ben's in a pot on the stove. Recently I invested in a quality rice cooker, and decided to get a bit more serious. This book has been a tremendous help to me the novice, not only did I learn the basics of cooking rice well, but I also learned that I didn't know much about rice at all. I never realized that there were so many different kinds of rice, or basic things like the difference between long-grain, medium-grain, and short-grain, or how to recognize high-quality rice, or the idea of washing rice. Then there was information on how to find different kinds of rice (I discovered that locally here in Raleigh I can find dozens of kinds easily, cheaply, and wow, Uncle Ben's now has a lot of new cousins on my shelf!).
Then the recipes in this book are plentiful, and the pictures are great. The authors did a fantastic job, and if you like rice, or would like to learn to love rice and all of its varieties, GET THIS BOOK! It's really opened up a new 'rice' world for us! ;-)
However, I wouldn't recommend that it reside on the coffee table. While beautiful to look at, there is too much information and to many wonderful recipes not to have a prominent place in your kitchen. I discovered this book at my local library, but promptly bought a copy for my personal cookbook library. I had not realized there are so many different types of rice and now I visit my local natural food store to obtain many different varieties. The recipes are easy and tasty. Reading about how this staple is used in almost every culture in the world is fascinating. It is definitely a book that provides a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.
I love this cookbook. It is so informative — as much a travel book as a cookbook. The photographs, the design and the production quality are excellent.
This book is AMAZING! Gosh, I knew it would be good...but, wow! I love the stories and GREAT, GREAT recipes! Excellent writing and layout...good quality paper and binding!....
What a great book
Seductions of Rice: a cookbook download epub
Author: Jeffrey Alford
ISBN: 067931251X
Category: Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Language: English
Publisher: Random House Canada; 1st edition (2003)
Pages: 456 pages