by Lorenza De Medici

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Lorenza de Medici has published more than 30 cookbooks. She has appeared in a 13-part series on Italian cooking for public television and conducts a cooking school at Badia a Coltibuono, an 11th-century estate and winery near the Chianti region of Tuscany. She divides her time between Milan and Badia a Coltibuono. Books by Lorenza de'Medici

by Lorenza De'Medici (Author). An older publication but a must for anyone seriously interested in Italian cuisine.

by Lorenza De'Medici (Author). Her love of the traditions and culture of Italy shine through.

I attended a Vegetarian Cooking course at CUCINA Lorenzo de' Medici and had a wonderful time. Giovanna Iorio and Teresa Brancaccio were wonderful teachers - from the instant we arrived, we received more than a cooking experience, an insight into the real Italian culture. We were warmly welcomed with a tour in the 2nd floor of the beautiful Mercato Centrale which helped us to have a better understanding of the high-quality fresh local products. I highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting Florence and wants to learn the secrets of Italian cooking, in a wonderful atmospheric kitchen

Note: these are all the books on Goodreads for this author.

Note: these are all the books on Goodreads for this author.

An illustrated cookbook of Italian culinary history with over 150 authentic recipes gathered from historic menus, old diaries, ancient traditions and classic cookbooks. The recipes are tested for use in the kitchen today and include hints on using modern equipment.

CUCINA Lorenzo de’ Medici. the first cooking school at the Mercato Centrale. Give a cooking class as a gift! CUCINA Lorenzo de’ Medici offers the opportunity to give as a gift a Cooking class or a Lunch and dinner with the chef, customizing your gift card. Please contact the InfoPoint and ask for more information. Hands-on cooking classes. December in the kitchen! Tagliatelle, gnocchi, malloreddus, scialatielli, strozzapret. asta has a long tradition in Italian culture. Did you know that there are more than 120 different kinds of pasta?

Books & Magazines. Lavishly illustrated with color pictures ISBN: 0394588762 (Italian Cookery).

Books & Magazines. The Heritage Of Italian Cooking.

This old-world cookery, gathered from every region of Italy, i. .This book brings back memories of my wonderful experiences in Italy. The author does a nice job explaining the history of food and cooking in Italy. At the beginning of each chapter she explains each course or section (antipasti, fish, vegetables, et. and the role that food plays in the Italian culture. The food that one can prepare from this book rivals the food you get in Italy. As Americans we seem to think that Italian American food is Italian food, which of course it is not. But since it is what we grew up eating, it is what we expect. This cookbook is the authentic article.

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Author: Lorenza De Medici
ISBN: 0091781817
Category: Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Subcategory: Regional & International
Language: English
Publisher: Limited Editions (1993)