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Betty Crocker's New Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook (Betty Crocker Home Library) download epub

by Betty Crocker Editors

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Let Betty Crocker be the trusted cook alongside you in the kitchen! Mouth-watering, fully-tested recipes, helpful cooking hints and step-by-step . Betty Crocker Cookbooks-Inspiring America to Cook At Home™.

Let Betty Crocker be the trusted cook alongside you in the kitchen! Mouth-watering, fully-tested recipes, helpful cooking hints and step-by-step techniques from America’s most-trusted kitchens ensure what you make always turns out deliciously! . Betty Crocker inspires you to cook at home by providing easy-to-follow recipes, helpful how-to cooking information and all the tips and tricks you need to make cooking fun and enjoyable.

Although this book was written in 1990 I think the charts are a bit off as to the limits of intake as that has changed over the years. What was once a good number for total cholesterol is now considered to be high. 185 recipes from many different categories.

3. Description this book This bestselling classic has been completely updated, modernized and redesigned to be the one-stop kitchen reference for today s cook. space/?book 0028603885 if you want to download this book OR. Recommended.

The Betty Crocker Cookbook is a cookbook written by staff at General Mills, the holders of the Betty Crocker trademark

The Betty Crocker Cookbook is a cookbook written by staff at General Mills, the holders of the Betty Crocker trademark. The persona of Betty Crocker was invented by the Washburn-Crosby Company (which would later become General Mills) as a feminine "face" for the company's public relations.

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Betty Crocker's New Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook (Betty .

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A revised edition of the best-selling cookbook presents 185 healthful recipes, ranging from appetizers to desserts, along with complete nutritional breakdowns, specific recipes for individual dietary needs, low-fat menus, light versions of favorite dishes, and tips on reducing fat and cholesterol.

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This recipe book has some good information on health facts from calories to a food pyramid, talks about dietary guidelines and nutrition facts which I like. It also has menus in here that can help you with diets for Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Each recipe tells you the nutrition information and calories and at the back of the book it has the calorie, fat and cholesterol content of selected food and a substitution chart and more. All that I liked.
The recipes are not written that well they list out the ingredients you add and some writing on the side that really does not step you through how to add the ingredient. I made the Campfire Mesquite Beef & Bean recipe which I think it required too much water to be added, the taste was really good but it was just not as thick as I felt it should be so next time I will be reducing the water to add and see if it turns out better.
I would say if your a good cook and just need some recipes to help you make dishes to help you reduce fat and lower your cholesterol and you don't need a lot of direction this book would work. If you need step by step instructions along with pictures this book is not for you. It only has some pictures, but it does have some good information.
I'm a vegetarian and my boyfriend is a meat eater with high cholesterol and we both love this cookbook. Our favorites are the mac n' cheese, pesto, and the chicken casserole with cornbread stuffing. (The worst thing we tried was something that was even bad -- just boring.) We haven't tried the desserts yet, but I bet they'll be yummy too!
The recipes we've tried are all pretty easy (I'm no chef!) and the ingredients are normal stuff you can buy at a regular grocery store. Everything we've tried tastes good in its own right -- not like, this is good for being lowfat. It's actually good.
Most important, it's great that we can literally trying anything in this cookbook and know that it's heart healthy and might even help us lose weight.

UPDATE: I made the chocolate cake, which is good for being low fat, but definitely not as good as the real deal. The pumpkin pie is quite good. It tastes just like regular pumpkin pie, just w/o a crust.
I was recently diagnosed with the "lower it or we're putting you on medicine" type of cholesterol so along with internet research, I bought this book. I'm a big fan of cooking and this has a TON of great ideas for cooking. I was surprised that things I thought were on the "no no" list were listed in several of the recipes as partial ingredients. I was very excited to learn I could still have cheese (in moderation!)

The book categorizes all of the recipes with "low calorie" "low fat" and "low cholesterol." While not every recipe is all three there is enough variety that if you're in the mood for a little cholesterol, there's a recipe that's low cal and low fat to satisfy you (and vice-versa). It also gives you pictuers for things you're not exactly sure about -- like just how peaked the egg whites need to be when making meringue.
I needed to find a low cholesterol cookbook so that I could start amending my diet. I thought that this would be a nice start because it is a Betty Crocker cookbook. I would say that about half of the recipes I have tried so far are tasty. The other half are downright awful. The reference section is thorough and helpful. The pictures are large and colorful, a good guide to what the end results should be. We have had the most success with the breakfast section, and the least success with anything that includes pasta. Since my family already loves wheat pasta, this section should not have been such a problem. Overall, the cookbook will stay in the collection, but from now on I will be very picky about which recipes I choose from for family dinners.
There wasn't a single recipe in this book that looked the least bit appealing to me or my husband. Which is really saying something. We enjoy simple, but tasty recipes, that are easy to prepare and not overly complicated. I didn't find that in this book. So, it could be that the book just didn't fit in with my cooking style and our likes. I just wanted to be honest, that I didn't make a single one of these recipes. I gave the book 2 stars instead of 1 because it does have nice charts in the beginning that give suggestions about what foods to limit, and what foods to increase to lower cholesterol, which was the only part of the book I actually found useful.
This is a great cookbook! It is certainly up to the standards of other cookbooks put out by Betty Crocker. Having the calories, fat, and cholesterol numbers with the recipes just makes it better. The recipes are clear and easy to follow and the color illustrations are mouthwatering. Since my doctor told me I could no longer make (and eat) my home-made ice creams, I have been looking for a good substitute - I think I have found one in this book: Creamy Peach Freeze on page 208. My friends and I always loved the ginger peach ice cream I used to make - this recipe (with the addition of a little ginger) could be our new favorite!
My husband and I have both recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol and could both lose some weight. I purchased this cookbook from Amazon.com and have been trying each of the recipes. I have been very highly surprised, thinking that if it was low-fat or low-cholesterol, I would have to saccrifice taste in my cooking. Not so. This cookbook offers wonderfully, easy recipes which are so delicious. It offers nutrition info on each recipe, as well as the time it will take to cook the meal (most under 30 minutes). Every recipe we've tried (and we're going to try them all) has been great. My husband doesn't even notice that it's healthy! The recipes are also very simple to make. I go through the book and make my shopping list from the ingredients of the recipes I want to put on my menu for the week. Some of our favorites have been: The Cajun Mustard Pork Chops, Hearty Beef and Veggies, and Lemon Dill Shrimp. You'll be happy if you get this recipe book.
Betty Crocker's New Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook (Betty Crocker Home Library) download epub
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Author: Betty Crocker Editors
ISBN: 0028603885
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Language: English
Publisher: Betty Crocker; 1 edition (December 25, 1995)
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