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by David R. Sear

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337 down to the death of the Eastern Emperor Zeno a century and a half later

GREEK IMPERIAL COINS AND THEIR VALUES by David R. Sear. Byzantine Coins and their Values by David R.

GREEK IMPERIAL COINS AND THEIR VALUES by David R. This catalogue is unique in providing the collector with the only comprehensive and authoritative guide devoted specifically to the local coinages of the Roman Empire, undoubtedly the most neglected series in the whole of ancient classical numismatics. The Byzantine Empire lasted for almost a thousand years after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West. The period covered by this catalogue is from the reign of Anastasius I (491-518) until the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453.

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Roman Coins and Their Values. Roman Silver Coins V. Carausius to Romulus Augustus. David R. Sear, C. E. King, H. A. Seaby. Volume I. The Republic and The Twelve Caesars 280 BC - AD 96. Download (PDF). Читать. Roman Coins and Their Values.

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The only one-volume price guide to the coinage of Republican and Imperial Rome. It is an indispensable listing of all major types of gold, silver and bronze, issued over some seven hundred and fifty years by the greatest militaristic state the world has ever known. Over 4,300 coins are included with detailed description and valuations and all major and minor personalities are listed by means of their portrait coins.

David Sear's book is, without doubt, the most compact and comprehensive guide to the vast series of Roman coins

David Sear's book is, without doubt, the most compact and comprehensive guide to the vast series of Roman coins. The catalogue proper is preceded by sections on denominations, reverse types, countermarks, the Roman mints from Augustus to the reform of Diocletian, mints and mint-marks, and dating. The section on the coins of the Republic lists the principal pieces met with and all major types are listed under the individual emperors of the Imperial period, which closes with Anastasius I in .

Mr David Sear is a well known and knowleageable individual in ancient coins. David Sear Must be Roman, This Old Ancient Roman Coin Book is Good if you Have the Time and Intrest. This book is remarkable and I'm very happy with it. However, it would have been nicer if the prices given were in US dollars. One person found this helpful.

Book by Sear, David R.

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I have used David Sear's ancient coin authentification service as well use his books for reference. This reference is exactly what is needed for ancient Roman coins during this time period. I focus on Roman Republicans in which his Vol I covers extremely well. However, I am expanding into coins in the Early Empire period, which This Vol II covers. As I catalog my coins I use Sear's numbers to reference, although he cites all the other references with each of the listings. Excellent reference book. Period.
This is the 4th volume of David Sear's 5 volume set on Roman Coins. This set is the new standard for Roman coinage from its beginnings in the 3rd Century B.C. through the 5th Century A.D. This set should be in the library of anyone who collects Roman coins. The 4th volume specifically deals with the coinage from 284 through 337 A.D., from emperor Diocletian through Constantine, a period when Roman coinage changed significantly.
Fantastic for collectors of ancient coins because it has loads of photos of coins with descriptions. I found it very hard to find such a book as this, and the price won't break your bank..
Good reference book. Classic format - good illustrations.
Excellent, Sear is superb.
If you are interested in Roman coins, you know that the books by Sear are one of the few great resources out there to help you identify coins from this era. If you are not interested in Roman coins, this book is a paperweight. It's sort of an all or nothing thing.
I use this as a numismatist of ancient coins and this book is my bible along with other books by this author. The research is thorough and comprehensive and you learn pots of Roman history. It will be a book always to be found on my shelf, if not on my desk or beside. This is my second copy and both are used like one uses a dictionary.
It is a great book for beginners or "casual collectors" of roman coins. I feel that this is a bit incomplete for a bit more serious and advance collectors.
Roman Coins and Their Values download epub
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