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The authors convey how horses, cats and dogs perceive human habitats and foibles. Wisdom of the Animals is unique for another reason. The readers see the process of learning to communicate with animals mirrored in the authors themselves. Elizabeth Morrison is much newer at it than Raphaela Pope.

Raphaela Pope, Elizabeth Morrison. This unique collection of conversations will amaze and inspire anyone who love animals. The reader will deepen their relationship with animals and learn to communicate with them. Wisdom of the Animals is an entertaining and provocative look inside the lives of animal and their relationship with human beings.

This unique collection of stories will amaze and inspire anyone who loves animals - as the animals themselves speak about death, creativity, and humans. You'll deepen your relationship with animals - and learn to communicate with them yourself - as Raphaela explains the art of animal communication. You'll develop your own telepathic ability as you learn to connect directly with the heart and mind of your own animals.

Communication Between Animals and the People Who Love Them. by Raphaela Pope, Rapheala Pope, Elizabeth Morrison. Published April 2001 by Adams Media Corporation. Extrasensory perception in animals, Internet Archive Wishlist, Human-animal communication, Telepathy, Domestic animals & pets, Body, Mind & Spirit, Animals, Spirituality - General, Science/Mathematics, Essays, Life Sciences - Zoology - General, Animals, Pets, Extrasensory perception in ani.

In her new book, The Book of Beasties she invites you to discover why certain animals show up in your life and what . The format of wisdom, guidance and love in each beastie is so powerful and insightful- I want all of the animals to my guides (which of course they can be!).

The format of wisdom, guidance and love in each beastie is so powerful and insightful- I want all of the animals to my guides (which of course they can be!). Sarah's unique magic and insight is on each page-- with such careful and beautiful energy of each animal represented here.

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An animal communicator shares her dialogues with her friends in the animal kingdom as they speak in their own voices about death, creativity, and humans to offer a provocative look inside the lives of animals and thier relationships with human beings.

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I was moved to tears as well as smiles by the stories in this wonderful book. I couldn't put it down until I read the very last page. Anyone who appreciates animals, anyone who has ever felt a connection to a favorite pet, will find a wealth of wisdom in this book. You'll never be able to look at animals in the same way, and you'll gain new insights into their behavior -- as well as your own! I highly recommend this book.
If I had only one book to choose for the rest of my life, it is this one! Raphaela Pope is an incredible teacher as are our non human friends who inhabit this planet. This book is the best book I have ever read in my life!
Raphaela Pope, a well-known animal communicator and teacher, and Elizabeth Morrison, one of her animal communication students, have written a wonderful collection of stories about their interactions with a wide array of animals. There is a chapter each on cats, dogs, horses, birds, whales, dolphins and wolves. The authors gradually expand their focus from smaller-scale stories of domestic animal companions to wide-ranging interviews with animals living in the natural world.
The early chapters include the story of a lost cat who turns out to be teaching her person a much-needed lesson in responsibility; and one of a horse who gives his person valuable advice on his breeding program--advice which his person then follows with excellent results. Many of these stories are told in the animals' own words and from their point of view.
The bird chapter begins with stories of African greys, Macaws and Caiques living with humans, and moves on to an interview with a group of wild California condors who are having an unusual impact on a small town in the Sierras. The dolphin and whale chapters describe encounters with these animals in the wild, and also present an inside account of the way a group of animal communicators mobilized themselves to warn migrating Grey whales of the dangers they were facing from Makah hunters in Neah Bay. The wolf chapter is a series of interviews with a family of captive-bred Mexican wolves who were released into the Gila Mountain Wilderness in Arizona. When Raphaela describes facing the wolf known as M-131 in a remote mountain clearing, and trying with him to regain a lost spiritual relationship, it is a profound example of the kind of insight and connection which is impossible without telepathic animal communication.
The last chapter is a brief introduction to the art of talking to animals, written for readers who want to try animal communication themselves. And of course, nothing could be more natural. In the dog chapter, Raphaela informs a client that her German shepherd dog, Helga, has just said that she hurt her ear on a piece of barbed wire. The client thinks, "This is ridiculous! If Raphaela can talk to my dog, I can talk to my dog!" So she turns to Helga and says, "Okay, where is this barbed wire?" Helga, delighted to be included in the communication at last, trots outside to show her person what she's been trying to tell her all along. The client, and the reader, will never look at a dog in the same way again.
When a book helps its readers grow in appreciation of the wisdom, intelligence, compassion and beauty of animals, we can all be happy, for this is exactly what every one of us is trying to achieve. And it is what this book, along with many other recent books on animal communication and wisdom, provides.
This book describes a number of instances of human-animal communication by the authors, with everything from household pets to whales and wolves. It is charmingly written, with thought-provoking details from the perspective of the animal. One such description, of the rescue of a lost cat by getting it to send a telepathaic description of its location, is truly amazing. For me, it opened up a whole new world-the last section of the book contains detailed instructions on how to go about communicating with Fido or the parrot which I found to be suprisingly effective. I would recommend this book for anyone.
I loved this book! If you already know how wise, intelligent, funny, poignant and indvidual animals are, you will want to read this book for the sheer pleasure of getting to know some very remarkable animals through the conversations they had with the the authors. If you don't already have a deep reverence for animals, you NEED to read this book. It could open your eyes to a whole new way to look at the world. Raphaela Pope is a professional Telepathic Animal Communicator, who converses with a wide range of animals and tells some of their individual stories in this book. Some of these stories brought tears to my eyes, some were funny, and all of them gave me a rare opportunity to know the inner thoughts and feelings of other species. She communicates with dogs, cats, horses, birds, wolves, dolphins, and whales, just to name a few. A book like this is sorely needed in the jaded, cynical, bottom-line driven world we live in. Sometimes we need to step outside our ordinary world view and open our hearts to the wisdom of animals. I've read other books written by animal communicators, and I must confess I love them all. This one is my favorite. The quirks and personality of the animals and the authors really shine through. And it has the best description I've seen yet of how to learn to communicate telepathically with animals yourself. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!
Wisdom of the Animals is among the first to go beyond demonstrating the validity of animal communication and recounting consultations for kitty potty problems and the like. For this book, the authors seek out wolves, whales, dolphins, and wild birds to learn about their lives and the impact of humans on them and the planet. They speak with domesticated animals too. The authors convey how horses, cats and dogs perceive human habitats and foibles.
Wisdom of the Animals is unique for another reason. The readers see the process of learning to communicate with animals mirrored in the authors themselves. Elizabeth Morrison is much newer at it than Raphaela Pope. She shares her process of building confidence, learning techniques, and receiving clearer and clearer information. Animal communicators in-training will benefit from reading what Elizabeth and Raphaela receive from the same telepathic conversation.
Best of all, this book is a heart-opening and heart-warming read. It was a treat to spend 240 pages in the company of two such wonderful people!
Wisdom Of The Animals download epub
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Author: Rapheala Pope
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Publisher: Adams Media (March 1, 2001)
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