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The Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 2012: Students on Campus Tell You What You Really Want to Know, 38th Edition (Insider's Guide to the Colleges: Students on Campus) download epub

by Yale Daily News Staff

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The Insider's Guide to the Colleges has been, for 38 years, the most relied-upon resource for high school students looking for honest reports on colleges from their fellow students.

Having interviewed hundreds of their peers on more than 330 campuses and by getting the inside scoop on everything from the nightlife and professors to the newest dorms and wildest student organizations, the reporters at the Yale Daily News have created the most candid college guide available. In addition to the well-rounded profiles, this edition has been updated to include:

* Essential statistics for every school, from acceptance rates to popular majors* A "College Finder" to help students zero in on the perfect school* FYI sections with student opinions and outrageous off-the-cuff advice

The Insider's Guide to the Colleges cuts through the college brochures to uncover the things that matter most to students, and by staying on top of trends, it gives both students and parents the straightforward information they need to choose the school that's right for them.

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I know everyone's experience in college is unique and publishing a book about what each college is really like is tough, but even taking this into account I found this book disappointing. I remember a similar book about colleges when I was looking at schools (a loooong time ago) that I thought was quite helpful and candid. This book feels written by committee, with an eye to the legal consequences of saying anything at all critical or even straightforward. The result feels like a bland recitation of each school's well-known hackneyed reputation. I don't feel like I really learned much from it. Although dated and covering fewer schools, I found "Student's Guide to Colleges" far more enlightening.
This book is a great supplement for more nuts and bolts guides that focus on more of "just the facts." This is a subjective review book, based on interviews/feedback from students, but based on my knowledge of many of the schools from experience or from people I know, it is usually pretty consistent in providing at least a reasonable perspective as to the "culture" of the school, to help a high school student narrow down or identify other schools he or she may not have thought of previously. I think it is worth purchasing, and when combined with the great online resources available and something like the Princeton Top Colleges guide, your student has a nice base for college search resources.
Tells it like it is from the mouths of those who actually go there. Not trying to sell the school, rather gives a realistic picture!
Purchased as a gift for a younger relative. It has been perfect for her pre-college questions and process. I bought this as a part of a group of books for this purpose.
Great book for my son who is "thinking" about certain schools, I have not looked at the book but my son has and said it had some very helpful information
"The Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 2012" (943 pages) is a curious book. It brings an assessment of about 300 colleges and universities, but it never really explains how these places are actually selected from the 2000+ of colleges and universities out there, otehr than some general statements in the introduction. I am most familiar with colleges in DC (where my youngest is going, and where I went myself) and Ohio (where I live, and where my oldest attended college), and while I perused some of the other chapters (they are listed state by state), I read the DC and Ohio chapters very carefully. First the good: the assessment of the colleges in DC seem right on target. I asked my daughter about some of the statements made in here about her particular college, and she agreed with them (I attended the same place, 25+ years ago). As for the Ohio chapter, the listing of Antioch College, which closed its doors for undergraduate students due to financial problems in June, 2008, has FINALLY been deleted. The Ohio chapter lists 13 colleges, including such institutions as as Ohio U and Bowling Green State U. The review on the Ohio college my son attended seems on point. But inexplicably, Xavier University (a fine Jesuit college here in Cincinnati) is left out of the book. Wow.

The book prides itself on providing "insider" information from students, and from that perspective it seems to do well. It also gives you some very brief and basic statistical info on what ACT and SAT scores need for the school, and how many are accepted and then actually enter. Beware of the real numbers, though: the tuition and room and board numbers for the school where my youngest is going in DC seems AT LEAST 2 or 3 years old, if you can believe it. That said, this is not a book for HS students looking to start their college search (check out instead the recently released 2012 Fiske Guide to Colleges, or the soon to released Princeton Review's 2012 Complete Guide to Colleges). If anything, this book might be helpful AFTER they have narrowed down their choices and then looking for some further insight. An alternative college search/guidance book I would recommend in a heartbeat over this (or any other book, for that matter) would be the Princeton Review's 2012 edition of "376 Best Colleges" (just released).
The Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 2012: Students on Campus Tell You What You Really Want to Know, 38th Edition (Insider's Guide to the Colleges: Students on Campus) download epub
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